AR: Angel Beats – A Tragically Untragic End in a Seemingly Tragic Show

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Angel Beats, a popular anime released back in the early spring of 2010. It certainly grasped the anime community by storm. One part of the spectrum thought it to be one of the best anime yet while the other side said it to be a bad, overrated anime. 

I’m not on either side. I believe Angel beats was merely okay. It doesn’t go down as a classic in the anime of 2013, but it definitley isn’t as trashy as declared.

The Pros about Angel Beats

Angel beats is meant to be a comedy and does a damn well job at being a comedy. Every comedic moment it has had has been funny and doesn’t fall flat. It’s comedic timing is perfect and I especially like how they time the comedic moments with the ending theme song, gets me everytime. It matches perfectly with the scenario, even the slapstick. I found myself laughing audibly at times which I don’t do often with most anime. 

Angel beat’s music isn’t bad at all, in fact, it’s probably one of it’s best traits. The rock concerts during some episodes are toe-tapping music. There were even times I found myself searcing up the songs on youtube. The anime is also very clever with it’s priorites. Let me elaborate. As I said before, Angel Beats uses it’s comedic timing with the ending song and hilarious moments to a tee but that’s not all they did. On a certain episode, the opening was exclusively changed to match the theme of the episode (Opening was changed to rock). This took me by surprise as I have never seen something like that before. These little moments is what makes this anime stands out from others.

Most of Angel Beats dramatic moments don’t reach it’s fully potential but that’s only most. The two that stood out to me was Otanashi’s One liner to Naoi and of course, the final scene with Kanade. I didn’t shed tears but I did have the feeling of sadness afterwards which is what the author intended. The final scene wasn’t as cleanly cut as it could have been, but it wasn’t too awkward to where the audience can’t relate at all. I wasn’t really able to empathsize with Otanashi’s feeling because his feelings didn’t make logical sense. It felt as if he just had those feelings for no apparent reason.

The Cons about Angel Beats

Angel Beat’s characters are shallow. Sure, we get to see their flashbacks as to why they are this way and the such but they don’t progress far through the seires. The only character development we probably ever got was for Otonashi and Tachibana. Side characters especially are super duper shallow. The side characters are very forgettable and don’t play a major role at all. It’s hard to empathsize with these characters and feel what they feel since no work or development goes into them at all. They are just there to be there. Deep character development and complexity is definitley not present at all in this show so if you plan on going into this show seriously, don’t. Through the comedic aspect however, the simpleness of the characters and standard trops go well with the comedy of this seires.

I need to address this…The story’s reavealing is a little…what’s the word, weird. We go from watching episodes of seeing tidbits of information revealed about this mysterious world and uncovering tragic backstories to other episodes of watching the cast screw around half the time and getting almost no progress done. At first I was bothered by this immensly, but the comedic moments changed my opinion slowly.

Another consistently referenced problem I and the consensus have with this anime is the constant switch between Comedy to Melodramatic moments. The transition isn’t smooth and feels fragmented and unrealistc which ruins the dramatic moments. I appreciate the fact that they did attempt to mix in different emotions instead of sticking to just one throughout the entire seires, it just wasn’t executed nicely.

Overrall, this series was okay. It wasn’t decent, It wasn’t bad. It was a fun experience to have and even if the character and story had some issues, I still reccommend giving it a watch purely for it’s comedy!

TK is truly the pinnacle of best boy.

Rating: 7.5

This was my first post ever on this account! I hope you enjoyed reading it, please tell me your thoughts on it in the comments. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “AR: Angel Beats – A Tragically Untragic End in a Seemingly Tragic Show

    1. Thank you. I always found myself a bit surprised with reviews giving it a maximum score but to each their own. Besides, its fun seeing varying opinions all around.

      Also, thanks for taking the time to go all the way back to this post haha. Never thought anyone’d see it.

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      1. You’re welcome. I haven’t seen Angel Beats for the first time until this year when I reviewed it. I had a years-long anime hiatus, so I’m not super familiar with most things that came out this decade so far. There were a ton of good things said about it, but I didn’t believe some of the hype. It’s certainly interesting nonetheless.

        No problem. I enjoy checking out archived posts from different bloggers.

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