My Thoughts on Jojo’s References in Anime

Let’s talk about the infamous Jojo’s references we all hear about! If you’ve ever hung out with a group of Otakus be it online or physically, you may have heard the occassional Jojo’s reference. A few “Road Rollas” and “Kono Dio Da!” here and there thrown about casually but does it feel the same as when it’s thrown around in anime?

The idea of references is to give viewers that sense of satisfaction that they actually do get a reference others won’t get and Jojo’s references happen to be one of the most popular reference source of the anime community yet it doesn’t feel as if we lost the sense of satisfaction…yet.

I love Jojo’s and the references but sometimes they can get a bit overused. Let’s talk about Oreshura.

Oreshura, your typical rom-com harem anime nothing too big but this one is known for it’s large amount of Jojo’s references. When I was watching it at first I found the Jojo’s references funny but as I got on with it, the references started losing it’s touch it used to have. It kind of felt like the same joke being constantly repeated to you so I eventually dropped the anime. The references and JoJokes felt forced and unnatural. It’s like they just wanted to fit a JoJoke in the anime just for the sake of it. This an example of bad use of Jojo’s references.

Now, let’s take a look at No Game No Life, one of the most popular Isekai of all time that’s actually good. This was one of my first anime ever so naturally, I couldn’t get the references but as I re-watched it all the references stood out as clear as day. Granted, there were only four but those four felt incredibly satisfying and hilarious. They were vague enough to give you that feeling of success while also inducing a comedic effect. The fact that I noticed them the second time around was the most shocking and hilarious part in my circumstance haha. No Game No Life are Jojo references done right.

Image result for wryyy no game no life gif

I see you Madhouse, I see you

Image result for Jojo's reference in anime

It’s especially hilarious when Jojo references are implicated into anime that seem to look as if they’d have no chance to do the references but they do anyways. Let’s look at the recent season of Pokemon. I was watching the subbed version with my little brother and then all of a sudden they bring out of Jojo’s reference out of nowhere while still feeling in context and not out of place. It was so surprising and hilarious and it really made my day!

Image result for meowth jojo's reference

yes, he said Muda Muda

So, what are my thoughts on Jojo’s references in other literature? They can either be downright cringey or rolling on the floor hilarious. It all depends on the directing of the Jojo’s references. I had only seen a select few of anime that have mastered the art of Jojo’s reference but the experience of viewing those select view is a joy! When you have well-timed, in context, jojo’s references in anime, it’s something you’ll never forget about the anime.

Thank you! I just wanted to get this off my chest, I’ve been watching a few anime with a handful of Jojo’s references and they’ve been getting pretty out of hand to the point where I feel like expressing my thoughts on them. Hopefully Jojo references get better as time moves on.

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