Webtoon Review: Your Letter – A Short & Sweet Masterpiece

It was only 10 chapters long, yet those small 10 chapters conveyed emotions that 100 chapter long manhwas struggle to convey. I’m truly happy I came across this manhwa as I feel like a changed person.

This manhwa is centered around the young female protagonist who transfers school due to bully issues. At this new school, she finds a letter that helps her get accustomed to the school and learn more about the author of the letter. Who is the author and why did he write all of this?

Within this short 10 chapter journey, I have never felt so much emotions within a manhwa in a long time. Each character is so human, it’s indescrible. The situations they are placed in are so messy and realistic which forces the characters to react in a realistic manner. The femlae protagonist defends a victim to bullying but only ends up getting bullied more instead of the dream situation where others support her. Her emotions towards this were painfully realistic and were easy to relate to the audience. The author was able to create a steady character growth with her character within a small span of 10 episodes.

You may think, “That’s probably the extent of how good it can be”, but that’s where you are wrong. Our other main character, Eugene, also grows with each passing episode and we learn more about his personality and himself. No one in this manhwa acts incredibly douchey to the point where it feels unnatural or fake. Even the bully doesn’t feel like he was taken a step to far. He’s exactly how a bully should be depicted but taken up a few notches as all bullies all in manhwas to provide the “atagonist figure”.

The author of the letters is even given a personality while not being present. Us readers haven’t even met the author yet we have a general idea of his personality and morals to the point where if something bad did happen, we would feel sad even without having him be on-screen every panel. This single character we’ve never even seen in the manhwa was able to convey a deeper message than some longer running manhwa.

What really got me however was how the character’s actions affected others. Our main protagonist’s act of bravery in the begginning gave way for another act of bravery by the victim of bullying. If you’ve ever been able to change someone dramatically for a good cause, you would find this single scene incredibly emotional and touching. I know I did. From the wording choice to the protagonist’s reaction was realistic and relateable and yes, I cried a river.

How did this webtoon change me to be a better person?

Risky actions for someone you love is a common reappearing theme. Our characters jump in a river for someone they haven’t even met, our characters defend a victim to bullying only to have them be the target, our characters risk their health in a brawl. All of these actions are for people they haven’t even met or known personally which displays the true human kindness that is rarely present nowadays. This manhwa makes me want to become a better person like these characters to where even I can change someone and possibly speak out to them as this manhwa did. You may think that fictional characters can’t have this much as an impact on somebody, but these fictional characters are so well-done to where they don’t have the presence of an entirely fictional character.

The length of the manhwa may seem short, but it fit the story to a tee. I don’t care that the ending was happy because I already cried enough haha. Reading this surely won’t waste your time (literally, it’ll take like 30 minutes) and hopefully, you’ll feel like a better person as well after giving this a try.

Rating: 10

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve decided to start changing up my themes again. I’m basically giving this entire site a makeover. I love changing my themes around and I am open to suggestions! If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the new theme, feel free to tell me.

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