When Does Fan-Service get Too Extreme?

Hi, hi everyone! In case you didn’t know, I am a person who is fine with fan-service. I wouldn’t mind watching a show entirely focused on the fan service if I must but sometimes, there are points where the fan service can get a little too crazy.

Good Fanservice

I can’t believe i’m about to say this but sometimes fan service can benefit an anime while also appealing to its audience. Let’s take a look at Kill La Kill, an anime filled to the brim with fan service with every passing episode. Yet, that fan service has meaning to it. The fan service is what makes this anime what it is and actually serves as a point to help the character’s develop and the story to progress. Scary, right? This is one of those few cases where fan service is a factor to the anime being good.

Keijo was an anime entirely on fighting asses but it was somehow…interesting that way. This ecchi factor is what makes this anime what it is and because it’s just so weird it’s what was intially reeling about Keijo.

Now, i’m sure we all remember the classic girl-falls-down-exposing-panties-MC-looks-for-a-minute move that anime loves to pull on us? Look past the trope and just maybe this could tell us a little about the characters. The girl is a clumsy figure and the MC is obviously a useless pervert who would rather look at panties than help her up…or there’s no purpose in it and it’s just there to arouse the readers. If it is the former however, it’s a good move on establishing characters while also be visually “interesting” for those ecchi hunters out there. There are many other cases like this which i’m totally fine with.

Unnecessary Fanservice that take you out in the experience

Pretty long title but couldn’t describe it easier. Let’s use the accidental-boob-grab trope. Those are indeed unecessary and are just there to be there but sometimes the fan service can make a mundane show slightly more interesting. I’m a big fan of the Tsundere trope so when ever this happens in an anime it usually triggers some crazy Tsundere outrage for five minutes straight which I can’t help but enjoy. The fanservice is normally the catalyst to interesting character interactions. Sometimes these small moments can even save a presumably boring show coming from someone who doesn’t mind certain tropes. It depends for certain people.

Image result for tsundere boob grab anime

this is a good example of uneccesary fanservice that leads to interesting character interactions

Image result for accidental fall on boobs anime

Uncomfortable Fanservice

All the fanservice i’ve listed above is fanservice that is fun and entertaining to watch unfold. I’ll admit, the majority of the time fanservice does feel forced but I think the unnatural occurence of the fanservice can be saved by the fun interaction between the characters that follow. It may be tropey, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be entertaining!

Now, uncomfortable fanservice is when they show fanservice for the sake of showing fanservice. For example, say two characters are talking about a serious topic and for an odd reason, the camera zooms in for a panty shot. This doesn’t affect the characters nor the story. It’s simply there to appease the audience. This is the type of fanservice that would take you out of the experience. Watching this happen every now and then during a dramatic conversation is just so bad and cringey to the point where it’s hard to pay attention to the dialogue when you have the constant panty shots that take you out of the experience.

Boob Physics

This is a weird one haha. I’m fine with boob jiggles but sometimes anime may just milk it a bit much?

Image result for boob psychic anime gif

anime are you okay?

Image result for limbo boob psychis anime


I don’t know why I put this section…I just really wanted to use these GIFS with a purpose. I’m normally fine with the occassional weird physics but sometimes they can milk it too much to where it loses its quality.

Fanservice that Ruins Characters

This is the worst type of fanservice along with uncomfortable fanservice. Sometimes anime tries too hard to be visually arousing and with that, characters are completley ruined. Let’s talk about this relevant anime, Do you Like Your Mom and her Two-Hit Multi Attacks? Let’s focus on the special main character in this anime, dun dunnn…mom.

Image result for mom do you like your mom and her two hit multi

This is mom. She’s a cute lil’ bean of a mom and definitely isn’t a lifeless human husk of a mom as we’ve all seen in anime many times. She’s a wholesome bean.

And then, boom. Second episode comes along and they expose her in all the ways they could think of. They completley ruin our look on Mom and ruin her character entirely to where she’s beyond saving. They even make this innocent thing wear a thong just for the sake of trying to sexually please the audience. My entire outlook on this character is ruined and with the second episode, I see going on with it an entire waste of time as this has truly declared it has no potential with its characters.

What are my thoughts? Fanservice can either go one way or the other but recently it has been going downhill. This mom anime was only the begginning of the many other horrific anime out there. That was all. I just wanted to rant on the craziness of fanservice that i’ve seen this season. I suppose this mom Isekai was the last straw that drove me to write a blog on fanservice in total haha. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “When Does Fan-Service get Too Extreme?

  1. Generally fan service doesn’t bother me but it is too full on I tend to start getting put off, mostly because there’s usually less story going on if the time is being spent on fanservice. I dropped Do You Love Your Mom, mostly because I couldn’t stand the mom’s personality in general, the fanservice was just another reason that there was less appealing content to keep me watching.


  2. Nice post, it’s good to hear your thoughts. I’m assuming we’re talking about fanservice being too extreme for personal enjoyment— vs. too extreme for TV or whatever, and all the censoring battles. In terms of personal enjoyment when does fanservice go too far? For me, it depends entirely on the anime, and a variety of other factors like whether I’m sober, who the intended audience was, how my mood is, whether I’ve missed some important humor, whether it’s an act or kink I like, whether it makes me think of real life or not, and more. Sometimes, things that bothered me in one anime don’t bother me at all in another. It really just depends. Fanservice was part of why I couldn’t stand Highschool of the Dead. On the other hand, I absolutely fucking love Kill la Kill, and I’m so glad you mentioned it. Again, interesting post and thanks.

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    1. Haha, I should be the one thanking you. It’s nice hearing your thoughts on this topic. I totally agree with you on the way they handled certain fanservice delivery like, oh, I don’t know, cough, Highschool of the Dead, cough.

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