Keiki: The Most Annoying Character of Summer 2019 | Hensuki

In case you didn’t know, I watch Hensuki on the weekly. Out of all the anime i’ve fallen behind on this season, Hensuki isn’t one of them for only one reason. It’s a dumpster fire I want to see devolve into ash and after this eleventh episode, i’m surprised no one is talking about just how trash this anime.

Now i’m fine with watching good ol’ dumpster fires. Eromanga-sensei and Domestic Girlfriend were horrible concepts but managed to be interesting and high-grade trash however, Hensuki proves itself to be even worse than these types of trash. Hensuki is like the Berserk Adapatation of trash for all trash in anime. It’s just that bad to where I can’t even ironically enjoy it. I would like to make fun of it but it’s trashiness has exceeded planes to where it’s not even funny anymore. It’s just plain cringey and annoying. C’mon, if you’re gonna give me trash; at least give me high quality trash and now this low-level garbage. Yuck.

But, i’m not here to talk about every aspect of Hensuki that makes it bad. It’s a harem anime for gosh sake, of course it’s bad. I don’t think I need to write an entire post on why a harem anime is bad. What I am really here to talk about is not something people have been addressing commonly…drum roll please!

Keiki, or, as us intellectuals call him, Cakey.

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Introducing Cakey: The Mary Sue protagonist that leads around a masochistic dog slave, a sadistic loli, a stalker loli, a loli-con [Alot of lolis I know], a low-budget Rem reincarnated into another world as a smell fetish, a girl obessed with drawing BL hentai and an Imouto. Why are all these weirdo girls attracted to Cakey? It’s because he’s kind. Literally. They don’t go any deeper than, “Cakey is kind so I want him to be my slave/master/BL source/deodorant.” Their reasoning sounds illogical and unnatural right? Well, when you take a good look at Cakey’s decision-making and reasoning skils, these characters will seem as deep as the ocean.

Cakey is absurd. Not the funny, chaotic absurd but the absurd as in “Please just kill it with fire!” kind of absurd. Cakey doesn’t care who he ends up with romantically. All he wants is for someone — anyone — to romantically like him becauses he’s a pubescent hormonal teen. For example, I could bring in a cute mass murderer that genuinely loves Cakey and he wouldn’t give a sh*t. As long as he sees genuine, romantic love; Cakey is all in.

Normally, I would be fine with this in a comedic aspect but the anime makes out Cakey’s “standards” to be like a serious point you need to pay attention to. It doesn’t come off as a fun gag to mind-giggle at but directly comes off as a character point you should pay attention to for Cakey’s character which is what makes it so awkward and cringeworthy. Hensuki sends alot of mixed signals with it’s comedy so it’s hard to tell whether they want to be serious or want to be comedic.Tthe peak of confusion just so happens to be when Cakey is on stage.

That’s one meager part of Cakey’s extreme illogical reasoning but let’s cut to the thing that actually bothers me after this 11th episode.

A quick reminder for those who have/haven’t seen it: Basically, Cakey finds out who Cinderella [Mysterious love interest] is and explains how he found out like he solved out a Sherlock Holmes murder case and dun dun, Cinderella is his sister which we all totally didn’t know by the first episode.[I already had my bets placed on it in my TCNC so like…] Anyways, Cakey listens to his higschool sister’s romantic love confession and then proceeds to say the dumbest thing this entire season.

“A brother and a sister can’t love each other.” Yes, it’s wrong for you to romantically love your related-by-blood sibling but what Cakey here is saying is that he actually thinks his “sister”, who is in the exact same grade as him and has her birthday exactly 5 months apart from him, is related by blood with him.

Image result for what anime gif

Oh my gosh, this is so frustrating! I could expect a line like that from a sheltered third-grader but this coming from a character whose in his senior year of highschool and has lives alone is absolutely absurd. Again, if this was in a comedic light I wouldn’t be so pissed at whoever wrote this but the anime just absently decides to make it serious and portray it in a serious tone and setting only to end in shambles which is definitely something you don’t do; namely in harem anime.

You think that’s all? Nope! Ms. Imouto-chan tries adding some suspense by asking questions to Cakey to make the entire scene look dramatic and fill in episode run-time, yada yada. Ms. Imouto reminds Cakey she was born five months in an attempt to get him to come to the conclusion they are step-siblings but the big brain Cakey decides to reply with:

“If you were born five months after me, our parents must’ve been hard workers!”

Image result for facepalm gif anime

*face palm*

What this phrase lacks is a comedic touch. It comes off so seriously that I can’t tell if it’s actually serious or ironically serious as it’s just so eerrggg! Just imagine; the characters have a serious tone, the time and place doesn’t give off a scenet of comedy, and a character suddenly says this in the most mundane expression and voice. Is it a joke? Is it not? The delivery for Cakey’s lines is absolutely atrocious unless the anime seriously means to say a senior highschooler doesn’t know the basics of pregnancy and child birth. If I was his sister, I would’ve walked out on him completely and press UNSEND on my love letter. Cakey is the pinnacle of an illogical, unrealistic character and if you ever see someone resembling Cakey in anyway, stop them. Immediatley.

Cakey’s one sole good feature, kindness, is also taken a bit too far. This time around it’s not as seriously implied as the previous ones but the kindness aspect is taken far for the purpose of adding more content to display. It’s like an exchange that sacrifices his character completley in order to get some good ol’ plot fuel for an episode or two which results in a gain-&-lose situation and the anime basically goes nowhere and starts becoming a repetitive mess. When it comes to harem anime, variety is needed as it keeps the audience interested and engaged since characters and plot are standard and bland. Hensuki used to have that variety as each girl has a different personality and gimmick resulting in different interactions and episodes but as episodes go on, the interactions start blending together into one big idea and episodes start revolving around that single idea instead of varying as it used to. Eventually, all the girls with different personalities start conjoining into one personality with the only difference between them being their appearance and gimmicks.

I said previously that the girls all like Cakey for essentially one reason; He’s kind which supports the statement on how all of them mix together to be the same as the series goes on.

Andddd, there goes the topic of the post. This was supposed to be a Cakey Hate post, not an actual review darn it.

So, what’s the lesson learned here? If you’re going to make a harem anime, don’t take your characters seriously as it obviously doesn’t go well as Cakey as showed us. Thanks Cakey. This anime ended up being truly unironically disappointing solely because of Cakey’s annoying character. Highschool DxD was a more enjoyable harem than this low-quality sh*t and even if you are a harem/ecchi hunter, this won’t be for you.

Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “Keiki: The Most Annoying Character of Summer 2019 | Hensuki

  1. Ok, ok, I know I shouldn’t defend a show as trash as this and I am reluctant to reveal that I even watched it. But that scene just made me laugh like a maniac.

    Keiki’s spent the last 10 episodes Sherlocking out the identity of the “Cinderella.” But then he focused so much on finding the Cinderella — the person who would really love him — that he never considered what comes next. When he’s most smug in his victory, explaining in detail how he cracked the case, it really hits him: oh my god, it’s my sister. He tosses out an excuse that he thinks will protect him — siblings can’t date! But then she has a fatal riposte: oh no, we’re not *really* siblings.

    This is Keiki’s mental break. For all of his sleuthing, he missed that one little damned detail about birthdays. In the moment that he thought he would finally free himself from the bizarre curse of the harem assembled around him, his sister drags him back down the rabbit hole for one more episode. The reveal crushes the true love ideal that has kept him sane through the first ten episodes by creating an irresolvable conflict with another: you can’t date family. Or… can you?

    Oh, perfect, trashy irony!

    I can only hope that the accumulated mental stress makes Keiki goes full yandere in the last episode and leave us with a gorgeous bloodbath worthy of School Days.

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    1. Haha, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, it was a laugh-out-loud excerpt! I can’t help but be the tiniest bit interested in how Hensuki decides to do it’s last episode also despite my negative outlook on it. I see this show as a measurement for how bloody trashy it can get and so far, it’s been exceeding levels of trash never seen before and this next last episode could be the episode to cap it off officially as the dumpster fire of the season. I am ready for a bloodbath from both the community and the anime.


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