My Top 7 Anime of Summer 2019

The hot Summer season comes to an end and i’ll admit; it wasn’t the best season of all of 2019 but we had some fairly decent shows here and there. I’m pretty late to this Top 7 post as the Autmn anime are already starting to air…sigh, the consequences of having a spontaeneous schedule. Luckily, I was able to finish a handful of anime this season and here are the results for what I think was the best!

7. Sounan Desu Ka?

Sounan Desu ka?

After all the bad reputation I gave this anime, here I stand listing it at #7. Between 19 anime I have tested this season, this one–of all anime–is at #7. Normally you would expect me to put up a good argument with steady evidence on why it’s rated up here but I don’t really know what to say. I guess watching three idiots try to survive on an island with the main lead lesbian bossing them around was truly fun even if I hated it on the inside. I guess watching the selfish-ass Shion cry about getting her socks wet was partly annoying and partly…entertaining? Ugh, what am I saying. I liked watching this show okay. I liked it and maybe one day i’ll grow up and be able to say it without feeling ashamed. Do I reccommend it? Sigh, sure. Go give it a try and come back and tell me how you felt because maybe you’ll be like me and trash it but end up watching it all and actually wanting a second season by the end. They say an anime viewers tastes will get better as they age along with anime but I feel like my tastes and values are just getting worse by every passing season.

6. Dumbbell Nan Kiru Moteru?

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Dumbbell Nan Kiru Moteru? was a pretty decent show, a slice of life revolving around muscles. No, you did not read that wrong. Muscles. Surprisingly so, the anime is able to make this utter disaster of a synopsis into an entertaining moe show that you find yourself wanting to watch consistently. At times, it did get awfully repetitive with each episode and I found some certain episodes to be a pain to sit through but with that pain, you get rewarded a get prize such as a very different and random episode, a plethora of Jojo references and maybe some celebrity knock-offs you can’t help but laugh at. This anime has it’s highs and lows in terms of how much I enjoyed it but overall it was a fun anime to sit back and watch as my brain powers down in the middle of the night. If you want some cute anime girls to help unwind you, this is a great anime to go for and it’ll be over before you know it!

5. The Ones Within

Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]

I really don’t understand why this one isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Sure, the characters are basic and the alpaca is the most basic a talking animal could get and the story is literally Danganronpa and the main character is the most annoying mary sue ever and there’s a pink haired tsundere again and best boy is a hybrid between Sasuke and Bakugou archetypes and there’s a character that literally sleeps throughout the story because he couldn’t give two f*cks and deep breath…No, let’s stop here. My point is this anime has many flaws. Many upon many flaws. More than Dumbbell yet do I put it so high? Because it was damn well enjoyable that’s why. Despite how basic and familiar this seemed, I always found myself enjoying the character’s interactions even if they were the same typical anime interactions i’ve been watching for the past five years. There’s barely an episode that focuses entirely on characters or story or tries immensly hard to over-acheive only to make a fool out of itself. The Ones Within takes itself nice and easy and let’s things unravel naturally which is what I find so attractive about this. It may be the same sh*t we’ve all seen and gobbled up but in the end it’ll still be the same sh*t we all ended up loving for mysterious reasons (like all them Isekai).

By the way, edgy Sasuke Bakugou hybrid boy is by far the most pleasantly ruthless and ruthlessly caring character ever. I watch this everyday just to see my baby be himself…oh yeah! And the other characters and story, totally didn’t forget.

4. Tejina-Sempai


This anime is simple comedic slice-of-life of a girl obsessed with shi*ty magic tricks and her reluctant pervert assistant helping her with some mAhoU. Oh yeah…and there’s a few side characters but no one cares about them. More plot and by plot, I mean ecchi! I am completely fine with Ecchi in anime as long as it’s done correctly and when it comes to Ecchi in Tejina Sempai, it’s done almost flawlessly. Every Ecchi moment feels well-timed and even for a dumb, lame idea like this; it manages to squeeze in some personality for characters even if the anime was 6 episodes long. In the end, I found this very entertaining and even though the anime does the same thing every episode, it never ceases to get a good smile/laugh out of me and brighten up my day. If you want to look at it from a certain point, this is basically the exact same thing as Sounan Desu Ka? so it’s all in a matter of what you want to watch. I just have dumb preferences so of course a fan-service show about a magician with stage fright and a D+ cup size stands head and shoulders above a show about ‘educational’ island survival starring anime girls instead of Bear Grylls.

3. Kanata No Astra

Kanata no Astra

Of course…how could I not include the notorious Kanata No Astra? Kanata No Astra ended up surprising me greatly. What appears to be a simple shounen holds tons upon tons unpredictable, off-key plot twists, vast character developing, a profound amount of heart with every scene and action, and an actual, conclusive ending. That’s right, this series ends within 12 episode without it feeling rushed or prolonged. Kanata No Astra exceeds it’s standards by far however that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few small faults to address. Kanata No Astra switches between serious tones and light-hearted humurous tones often since one spectrum is needed for dramatic tension and character build-up while the other is used to make the show feel more attractive and entertaining which is a big jump in emotional range. I found this jump to be choppy and awkward. You’ll have two characters talking about their doomed future or some intrapersonal problem and then a second later someone will crack a joke and everyone will start laughing which ruins the flow completley. It’s like someone invites you into their home and right when you’re making yourself comfortable, they throw you out. I’d like to look at it another way in terms of character building on Kanata’s point (since he normally starts the drama to humor switch) but the transition was too choppy and odd to even think of it as an additional plus to the series. Kanata No Astra has it’s highs and (minimal) lows throughout the series but in the end, it was a clean show that deserves all the praise and attention it gets.

Rating: 8

2. Given


It was really hard to not put this at #1 but here I am, torturing myself like always. It makes me kind of sad that most people skipped out this anime mostly because of the “BL” tag. It’s like its ingrained in people’s mind that BL anime are always bad when it’s more of the vice versa. Given is an anime focused around tackling your problems head on and although it takes some time for the characters to find a solution, that time is spent building chemistry, side characters, the music factor, hidden sides to characters, and drama all to be released at the final point of the climax where Mafuyu has an intense battle…againist his emotions and guilt. Most anime are entirely focused on one goal to complete and then move onto the next however Given, although focuses on one goal, strengthens other valuable factors on the way to that end point like Uenoyama’s evergrowing love for Mafuyu and his fear of Mafuyu singing about his dead BF. Although Mafuyu’s problem solution was in the spotlight in the last episode, the anime also strengthens Uenoyama’s character decisions and solutions greatly in the shadows and although it’s not very noticeable, it is definitely there and boy, is it hugeeee development on Uenoyama’s part.When I say this anime knows how to kill two birds with one stone; it really does and Mafuyu and Uenoyama’s major character progression shows for it. In short, this is a steady anime not mainly about the romance between Uenoyama and Mafuyu, but those two characters solving their problems together which results in a beautiful spectacle of realizations, solutions and symbolism by the end in the form of Music whichs makes the emotion delivery even better. Especially if you liked the song (me, I listened to it on repeat). It was a great first season and i’m looking forward to the movie coming out!

Rating: 9.5 (Contemplating why I didn’t make an individual review for this gosh you dumb Inskidee)

1. O Maidens in Your Savage Season (Araburu)

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.

I won’t dive too much into this as I have an independant review pending but please know, this was amazing. From Mari Okada fame (Anohana, Anthem of the Heart, etc.) comes another anime about love triangles only…not? Like Given, love triangles are only a small fraction of what it’s actually about. Araburu is a bildungsroman focused around the girls growing from children to adults and their growth is done almost flawlessly. Love and sex are one of the top emotions for growing individuals and this anime takes those to the realistic next level developing clean dramas, confusion, and our favorite; problems. This season is just filled with problems isn’t it? Every character has grown into someone more mature than they were originally. Although the girls on the cover has grown considerably and not once did it ever feel choppy or like a baseline development. They are who they are because of their complex emotions, previous experiences, and sad realizations which i’ll dive into in my review. This is about all i’ll write for this anime but please, if you enjoy girls with problems, i’m sure you’ll enjoy Araburu!

Rating: Iz a surprise till the AR!

Geez, i’m tired. I apologize if some of these seem half-assed. Especially Given’s. I had no idea how to form my thoughts into words so my back-up was bringing out the problem card and making a whole damn paragraph on problems. Tsk tsk Inskidee. Thank you for reading this post and may you have a great October!

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