To Continue or Not Continue? #4: Houkago Saikoro Club

Ah, I love the beginning of anime seasons because almost every blogger is reviewing the same show and almost everyone has a different opinion. It’s nice seeing other people’s thoughts on these weird shows. Here I am, joining in on the countless more first episode reviews for: Houkago Saikoro Club!

And here we have the first especially disappointing first episode of the season.

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Even Kemono Michi was far more entertaining than this. Our first episode goes along the line of establishing a character relationship between an introvert and an extravert for a solid 10 minutes. Seriously. All we know about our two main characters is that one is an introvert and the other is an extravert with no outstanding qualities that make them unique characters in their own way. They are simply classified as a baseline introvert and a baseline extravert. Anyways, during that 10 minutes the Extravert wants to be extraverty so she takes the Introvert outside which is any introvert’s worse nightmare. Anyways, the Introvert has a breakdown in the middle of the forest because she’s afraid of getting lost and the Extravert solves the problem in the the most dullest and stupidest way possible. She doesn’t offer emotional support, we don’t get to see how she reacts in this griping situation and we can’t analyze her thoughts on Introvert’s breakdown because all she says in a monotone expression is: “We can’t get lost because we don’t have a destination!”

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did you just-

C’mon Anime! That was your perfect chance to establish her character more besides your Baseline Extravert/Introvert jail you set up and you answer with this dumb answer? What are you thinking?! What’s even worse is the Introvert just stops crying and becomes completely cheered up like those words were god’s gift. Apparently that dumb moment had some type of emotional impact on the Introvert’s character to encourage her to enjoy life…I don’t know if it’s just me but that sounds hella overexaggerated to the point where it’s funny, like stupid-funny kind of funny. I feel like this episode should’ve been the last episode for her character. Things for the Introvert are going by way too fast and it’s hard to get emotionally attached to her troubles and situation when it all zooms by like 1-2-3. Is this a new take on comedy? Making a purposefully bad anime that’s secretly a comedy in disguise?

Anyways, The Introvert and Extravert have a fun time but then they see Class President and get spooked because she’s out past 6PM so they stalk her like any reasonable anime character and end up in a boardgame club. Like the Introvert and Extravert; the Class President is established to be the Righteous, Strict Class President with a Soft Side like any other Class President in anime ever. What seems like an anime that could host a lot of variety with it’s different take on the genre (Boardgames) goes down the most generic route ever when it clearly has potential. The Class President urges them to go home since it’s past curfew but then Manager steps in and is like “Let’s play a game kids!” so they all play a game except Class Prez because she’s righteous.

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aha nice try, they’re anime girls they never listen

Here’s where things start to get even more dull and boring than they previously were. With an anime centered around board games, making it entertaining is a tough feat since there are only a handful of actual fun boardgames. That certain anime would have to be extremely unique with it’s characters and story to stay interesting and sadly, despite the potential this could have it nose-dived into eternal doom at this moment where I thought it could redeem itself. The characters choose to play the most boring game ever to where I found myself lulling myself to sleep. Literally. I watched this is the morning and I almost went back to sleep. To top it all off, when the Introvert finds herself trapped in a corner because of the manager’s great strategic skills she starts bawlling her eyes out. Honey, you are in highschool and you’re crying about losing a boardgame? Umm…Is that supposed to be the unique trait? Being especially annoying? Righteous Class Prez takes sympathy on the Introvert and helps her, beating the poor Manager who was using purely wits and strategy without extra help. Those cheaters!

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the beefy guy is manager and he deserves more love and attention ❤

Oh yeah…there’s also the Extravert in that little boardgame battle but she barely does anything; let’s focus on Class Prez and the annoying Introvert for the final 10 minutes, who cares about that other main character amirite?

There are many ways you could make a dull sounding idea like this interesting but this first episode has showed us that it obviously won’t do that and has decided to traverse doing a dull and basic route to get an anime equivalent to a lullaby only there’s no singing and you’re just falling asleep to the sound of the Introvert crying like a toddler who didn’t get the candy they wanted in a store.

This anime comes off as an anime i’m supposed to take seriously but also enjoy small comedic moments and this first episode has utterly failed at both enjoyment and character variety, likability, and basically everything else. However, i’d like to hold onto the hope that the next episode might pull a How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? moment and surprise us all with characters, fetishes, and a unique take on boardgames as Dumbbell did with weight-lifting.

Priority: Low-

Thank you for reading!

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