Sunshine Blogger Award


ahhh, i’m so nervous how do I do these haha

So there I was, scrolling around Reddit like the productive individual I am when I get a notification that I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the amazing ThatRandomEditor in which I definitely suggest you go check out their blog. No really, it’ll be worth your time (Psst! My personal favorite from them is their Summer 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up. Even though it’s not incredibly long; it’s a short and sweet post that sums up the major anime of Summer 2019 very nicely. Much better than I could ever word this season haha). I know it probably doesn’t look like it but I am secretly fangirling so hard rn undernenath these professional, lowercase letters we call words. Thank you for thinking my posts are somewhat commendable ThatRandomEditor! This is my first award ever on the site so I apologize if it seems a bit unorganized and spontaeneous. I’ll do my best to follow ThatRandomEditor’s lead and hopefully I won’t trip and fall along the way.

Rules of The Award

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you and link back to your site [Oh please, i’m way ahead of you rules].
  2. Answer the eleven questions the Blogger asked you [Okay, shouldn’t be too hard…i’m not profoundly sweating I swear].
  3. Nominate eleven new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven questions [Only eleven?!]
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Answers to ThatRandomEditor’s Questions!

What was the first anime you watched?

It’s time for a little storytime! In grade school, I spent most of my time downstairs in my room on my computer doing who knows what and the only time I ever went upstairs was to eat otherwise my room was basically the only room I needed. I was hardcore Introvert Inskidee (and still am..). One day, I went upstairs to get a snack when I saw my mom watching a naked giant eating a poor struggling mother like a Mickey D hamburger. That’s right-you guessed it-Attack on Titan was my fated first anime. Instead of running away like any normal child, I fully enveloped myself into what was going on and before I knew it I had finished the entire first season with my mom. There goes my innocence, right down the drain. After having my first experience with a good anime, I ended up binging almost every anime on Netflix and here I am now! I don’t know if that’s something to brag about though…

What was the first manga you’ve read?

Ahh, this is a harder one. I remember first starting reading manga on a site called MangaMeow(?) which is now shut down and my first manga was either Fairytail, Beelzebub, Food Wars, or Naruto although i’m leaning more towards either Fairytail or Food Wars. For Fairytail, I started reading the manga simply because I was growing impatient for newer seasons to come out and somehow, I never grew tired of that same repetitve sequence Fairytail had. To me, it was like a gift from god and i’m really disappointed having to say that. For Food Wars, I started reading it simply because the cover looked nice and I was bored so what better way to spend my time than to read an anime about fanservice food?

What was the first light novel you’ve read?

It was definitely Highschool DxD. I don’t know why I decided to continue on with it past the many seasons it had but I did. I read Highschool DxD a long while back so it’s hard for me to recall anything besides remembering myself specifically enjoying it for odd reasons I will never remember. Currently, I barely ever read light novels and books in general unless required. Reading literature has never really been my thing.

Do you know Fire Emblem? Or at least played any video game?

Ahhh, I recall Fire Emblem. I’ve never played Fire Emblem but I do remember the kids in my primary school classes constantly talking about it to no end. Fire Emblem replaced the Pokemon craze other schools had; it was insane. In general, i’m not that big on Video Games. Ever so rarely do I decide to play a Video game but once i’m over with it’s narrative, I rarely ever get back on that game unless you count rhythm games which i’m constantly on at every chance I get. Especially Osu, can’t forget that infamous rhythm game!

Which anime database do you prefer (MAL, AniList, Anime Planet, etc.) do you prefer and why?

I don’t have much of an in-depth answer for this one. I use MAL on a weekly basis but I don’t really have a specific reason as to why. MAL was the only anime database I was familiar with and knew at the time so once I decided that I needed to keep track of my anime watching, MAL was the most convienient one. I wouldn’t mind switching over to a different, more reliable database now that I see how MAL is really like but I fear having to move all my anime over to that database and my endless PTW list that will never be empty. Responsibilites hurt, huh?

What is your preferred Demographic in anime? Shoujo, Shounen, Kodomomuke, Seinen or Josei?

Choosing between Seinen and Josei is tough but in the end, I always find myself confidently coming back to the Seinen genre. Almost all my favorites land in the Seinen genre such as Monster, Ping Pong the Animation, Berserk, Vinland Saga and so much more you have no idea. My all-time favorite manga ever, Oyasumi Pun-Pun, is a major contender for the Seinen genre and also the manga I blame for my biased likeness towards the Seinen genre. I’m currently re-reading Pun-Pun if that supports my fangirliness for the Seinen genre anymore than it does.

What is your favorite blog post that you’ve produced?

Ohooo~, pleasant question! My favorite would without a doubt be My Top 14 Webtoons you Should be Reading Right Now! post. I don’t traverse upon webtoons and manhwa as much as I do with anime so when I finally got the opportunity to share my favorites on Line Webtoon; I found myself writing away at that blog post for a time that felt so short but in reality, stretched for hours. It was fun to break away from my anime-only stuff and look at my other favorite hobby, manhwas! I hope to write more fun lists like that in the future. Even if no attention was given to that post, I would’ve been happy at least knowing I finished it thoroughly and confidently and didn’t leave my work unfinished like I always do!

Do you take Seasonal breaks from time to time?

I’ve been at this blog for four months but so far, nope. I haven’t taken a break longer than a week but I do plan on taking May off since May is when CASPs and evaluation tests start becoming a big deal at my school.

What part of blogging do you find the most challenging?

I find consistency the main issue with my blog. I want to be able to create a blog that doesn’t feel unnatural or choppy; a blog where you can just slide in and slide out with no big deal but my frequent inconsistent posts and late schelduled posts ruin that flow i’m aiming for completely. Even I find myself annoyed at my own work so imagine how other people reading this feel? Now that a new season has begun, getting out my TCNCs have made my blog more inconsistent than it’s ever been where one day i’d release three posts and another i’d release one and then another there’d be a two day gap before I release a cluster all at once. It’s infuriating and very upsetting. I hope to become more consistent with my blog in the near future and hopefully make it more pleasing for anyone who reads my posts including myself.

Do knowing spoilers beforehand actually ruin the experience?

This is a very nice question and I personally think, yes. They do. For example, of someone tells you exactly how the first episode of The Promised Neverland goes it’ll take alot out of the shock, thrill, utter surprise and despair you’ll feel when going in blind. For example, if someone exposes Itachi’s true identity to a viewer who’s only on the first season of Naruto, that’ll prevent them from growing hatred towards him and stunt all attachment and fiery hate you’re supposed to have towards him. Spoilers definitely ruin your experience on some level no matter how small it may be. Imagine watching Erased and someone spoils who the murderer is by the second episode. Imagine how boring of a viewing that would be. Spoilers are definitely a big no-no.

If you weren’t blogging, where would you be?

Hmmm…I don’t know, watching anime and then reccommending it to a few friends and leaving it at that? I started blogging so I could get my thoughts out into the open instead of keeping them all enclosed in my head so without blogging, I wouldn’t have as much insight into anime and literature as I have now. Getting your thoughts into the open and hearing feedback on it is a strong and valuable thing and I most likely wouldn’t look at anime as seriously and deeply as I do now.

11 Nominations!

Phew, I finished those, now to move onto the next hardest thing; Nominations!

I’m sure tons of these nominees have probably been through this same procedure many amounts of time but I just couldn’t help it…y’all are too cool to not pass up for this award…plus, I have questions I am dying to ask hehe.

Mah Questions!

  • Why did you start blogging?
  • What is your favorite anime genre and favorite anime in that genre?
  • Do you find Blog Posts in general hard to write?
  • What horror movie sterotype would you be and why?
  • What is your guilty pleasure anime?
  • What was the hardest thing for you to do during your time blogging?
  • What’s your personality type? [Random question but i’ve always been obsessed with people’s personality type; they say alot. Mine is ISFP even though you didn’t ask].
  • What’s your story on how you got into anime?
  • What is your most commonly reoccuring emotion whilst blogging be it making blogs, reading other’s blogs, collaborating with other bloggers, projects, etc.
  • If you could reccommend the entire world one anime to watch, (Side Note: They’re not allowed to not watch it) which one would it be?
  • Oh no…i’m out of questions…uh…How done are you with Isekai at this point?

And Um…I think that’s all for this award? I didn’t miss anything? Thank you for your time and may you have a good day!

12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Read through all of your answers and it shows that you had fun doing this. Some of your sidetracking even made me laugh. You have a nice sense of humor. I never actually expected that Fire Emblem would be more popular in your area since video games are a thing in my country. Except I don’t play any rhythm games… Anyway, it’s really nice getting to know you more. Posts like this gets me more engaged in the community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you! Doing this was a really fun experience. I’ve always been a huge sucker for Q&A type things so I became super engaged in this and even found myself going off-topic at times as you noticed (´ε`;).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I never received a notification for this. No idea why. But I’ll do my best to get something published as soon as I can.

    P.S. IF you ever get the desire to switch anime DB sites, it’s not SUPER difficult. MAL will let you export everything you have (anime and manga) and sites like AniList let you upload that export. Takes hardly any time at all. I only know this because I recently migrated from MAL to AniList (I couldn’t resist all the beautiful stats AniList gives you).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hmm…thats odd, maybe I did something wrong with the links. I’ll have to look into it. Also, it’s great knowing about the export option, AniList is also slowly dragging me towards them with their in-depth stats. It makes transfering a WHOLE lot easier.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t find the right words to express how honored I am that you’ve nominated me. Thank you so much! I’m almost done with my post in response. It should be going live by some time on Sunday, so I’m excited 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I should be thanking you! I’m grateful to be getting the opportunity to read every one of my Nominees blogs definitely including your’s. I think your blog needs more attention brought to it as it’s just such a blast to be reading your posts! I’m excited to see your answers to the questions!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, shucks, you’re way too kind! Thank you. I genuinely believe your blog should have a lot more exposure, as well, because your posts are so entertaining from the ones I’ve read so far.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Inski! I figured I will just answer your questions here for now, since I recently did a separate sunshine blogger post!

    1. I had a monstrously long analysis of the series Shin Sekai Yori on my computer, and I wanted to create a space online where I could share parts or all of it. ) That’s why I started.

    2. Probably, my favorite genre overall is psychological. I don’t think I have a #1 favorite, but my top picks include Shin Sekai Yori, Parasyte, Psycho-Pass, and others.

    3. It depends on my mood. On some days, it’s difficult to form coherent sentences. On others, it’s easy to write 3 pages, lol!

    4. This is a boring answer, but I’ve seen so few horror movies that I don’t know enough to say.

    5. Oh, dear. I have many “guilty pleasure” anime. For the most part, I’d say, mainly, yaoi OVAs.

    6. Right now is the hardest time for me, so far, in blogging. Staying committed is tough.

    7. I keep scoring as an INTP when I take MBTI tests online. It’s mostly accurate, except that I have a very developed F (feeling) function. I’m glad to meet an ISFP!

    8. Oh, man. It would be a long story. Let’s see. To make it very brief, I always wanted to get into anime as a kid but wasn’t allowed, so in college I started watching anime.

    9. I couldn’t say. My emotions are quote variable. All over the place.

    10. Ooh… I would recommend Shin Sekai Yori. The animation may be crap but the story is… one of the best stories ever told in any form, imo.

    11. How done are you with Isekai at this point? I don’t watch the ones I’m not interested in, so I’m still ok with the ones that *do* interest me, like Reincarnated As A Slime, for example.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your answers! They were fun to read. I can definitely get behind the Yaoi OVA guilty pleasures…the secret is out.

      Also, it’s nice to meet an INTP/INFP! I don’t think i’ve ever met one that I know of so I consider this a valuable experience haha.

      It’s nice to see you’re back and it was lovely learning more about you! Take care and good luck sorting things out in life 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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