To Continue or Not Continue? #20 (Finale): Ahiru No Sora

And here we are at the finale of my TCNC posts for this season. It was a bit exhausting to go through all 20 of em’ and not drop half of them like I did last season but somehow…I made it! Now time to TCNC a show I actually wanted to avoid all season! The reason is more of a personal art bias than a reason delaing with the story and characters so yeah, you’re boutta read some unfairness…

The Art

Now, there are beautiful parts of Ahiru No Sora like the well-drawn floor. I’ve always had a thing for wood in anime and wood wallpapers (explains my wallpaper for my blog well haha).

Image result for ahiru no sora

rawr dat wood

This anime is most definitely trying with it’s background art and shading. It’s more than adequate however my problem with the art lies with two major points on character facial features. The Eyes and Lips.

Some of you reading may know of my large interest towards eyes. If an eye ever encaptures me, there’d be a full gallery of that eye. Everytime Kyoto Animation has an eye zoom-in, snap! Another to add to my eye album. If you read my TCNC on Noukin, the eyes encaptured me on extraterrestrial levels and i’ll continue on with that anime simply because of the eye design. Sadly, I hate how the eyes look here.

Image result for ahiru no sora

really, really, hate.

I’ve seen eyes like these before and have been fine with them but the eyes here just bother me sooo much. Maybe it’s the fact those mile-long lips are included or maybe it’s because characters have 50% more chin than they normally should? I can’t tell. All I confidently know is I findthe eyes painful to look at and no eye zoom could save these eyes. Granted, they aren’t bad looking and it doesn’t look like the animators decided to not try on them, the character designs just aren’t in my favor personally. Of course, I won’t drop this show solely becuase of the art. That’d be too high of a level of unfair however my priority rating has been lowered considerably just for this small factor. Petty, I know…

Moving On…

Hmmm, where to start? I suppose a good starting point would be to address the similiarity this debut had with alot of other Sports debuts such as — You know, a movitvated [Insert Sport] enthusiast wants to join a sports team only everyone else is unmotivated, the plethora of bird metaphors, the spiky hair, the short protagonist…Kind of reminds me of a certain Haikyuu!! that I may have seen…hmmm…

Wow! I didn’t know Karasuno shifted over to Basketball!

So yeah, it’s that typical sports procedure all over again. Especially with the protagonist’s height disadvantage and frequent bird metaphors that i’m so done with in Sports Anime. Like Stars Align, this was also a highly predictable episode only Stars Align had slightly more originality accompanying it for it being a tennis anime and having the main protagonist be the one unmotivated instead of the vice-versa. On the other hand, Ahiru No Sora doesn’t do much different from most sports.

But despite the common similarites Ahiru No Sora had with other sports, like all Sports, it managed to be entertaining. No, i’m not talking about the underdog bullying and meaningless minutes spent on Sora being trapped in a locker room. I’m addressing the one-mintue basketball match at the end. If there’s one thing I always look for in sports, it’s to see what analytical tactics team members will do to prevail against the other and although this minute match didn’t rely much on analysis, there was plenty of tactics used to get through the towering statues of bullies to the hoop. I found it the best part of the episode and the most enjoyable part.

…Erm, I feel like i’ll get flamed for saying this but most other events in this first episode felt unnecessary. I understand that the first half was aimed to strengthen Sora as a character but half of that first half was focused on getting laughs out of the audience through poor attempts at comedy slapstick rather than useful character strengthening which Sports anime desperately need. The amount of character strengthening done in this first episode could’ve been fulfilled with five-minute symbolism like how Stars Align conveyed alot with it’s main protagonist running up the stairs everyday and the main protagonist not defending himself when his father had punched him. We haven’t learned anything deeper other than Sora is motivated and persistent to play Basketball like any other Sports Protagonist and his lil’ buddy Chiaki is lazy. Our characters are off to a rocky start which makes me a bit skeptical on how future episodes will play out.

Other than that, this episode was alrighttt. I’m not eager for the next episode and i’d glady drop this one to get lighten the load i’m carrying however, i’d like to not cross over to that unfair level just yet. I’ll give this anime a few more tries and drop it when it seems appropiate to. I don’t have much of a high tolerance so I project this’ll probably be gone when the fourth episode comes out. Please note, it’s not that the first episode is bad. It’s simply okay. It’s just i’m unmotivated to add another anime to my watchlist when I know it’s just going to be the same thing i’ve seen for the bajillionth time. Give this a try and tell me how you feel. Are you motivated to continue it? Are you gonna back out of it like me? I look forward to your comments.

Priority: Low

Thanks for reading. My next post will be a second episode review on Kandagawa Jet Girls and the follow-up will be a second episode review on Beastars. Also, I got a lil’ surprise challenge treat incoming Saturday! For once, I have my week planned out for blogging and i’ve never been prouder hehe.

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