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Real Neat Return Blog Tag

Can you believe it? I’ve somehow got nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award! If it wasn’t for the sake of staying professional, this entire paragraph would be in all CAPS. In fact, can I have a small moment of a bit of fangirliness if you don’t mind?


…cough, thank you. I’ve gotten all the crazies out now and i’ll be able to proceed on through this post cleanly and thoroughly. I’d like to start off with a large thanks to the fantastic writer who nominated me, Lynn from The Otaku Author! He’s a great guy and his blog posts never dip in quality. Especially his writing style which I envy heavily. It’s a clean, organized style and not only that, his posts never come off monotone/boring even with a structure which I could never manage.

Lynn has a review on BLACKFOX that I found very intriguing and fun even if I had never seen BLACKFOX at the time. Actually, his review encouraged me to pick up BLACKFOX and do a review of my own so if you’re reading this, thanks Lynn! If you haven’t checked him out, I highly suggest you do. You won’t regret it!

Rules of the Award

  • Display the logo (got that!)
  • Thank the blogger for the award (Oh please. I would’ve done it nonetheless).
  • Answer the questions from the one who nominated you. (Sounds Good!)
  • Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

Lettuce begin!

You will need three anime roommates? Who are they?

Well, Yuno Gasai from Future Diary. Duh.

Image result for yuno gasai murdering people gif

Just kidding, the last thing I would want is a psycho Yandere in my vinicity let alone my memory. If I had to choose three anime roommates, my first choice would definitely be Tohru from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I mean c’mon, shes an energetic, bright maid who can lift anyone’s day. Ever feel down? Just inject a little “Tohru” in your life in you’ll be up again! I’ve been pretty stressed out from school these past few weeks so I think Tohru’s energetic personality is just what i’d need to pump me up. In fact, I think Tohru is the maid everyone needs in their life once in a while.

I’m gonna cheat a little and choose another character from Kobayashi’s and choose Kanna. For almost the same reason as choosing Tohru, Kanna would also be a character that could lift a sad day. Not really because of her Kuudere personality but just because she’s so goddamn adorable and just pure cute! I could’ve chosen a different cute Kuudere such as Senko [Senko-san] or Tachibana [Angel Beats!] but my large Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid bias is telling me not to…Besides, who doesn’t love Kanna?

As for the final member of the chaotic apartment, i’d choose Machio from a more recent seasonal favorites, Dumbbell no Nan Kiru? As someone who never gets up off my ass and goes excersise, I’d much prefer Machio’s muscle obsession personality to whip me into shape. One year with Machio and i’d be fit as heck whereas five years with myself and i’d lose like, 10 pounds. While the other roommates are mental help, Machio is physical health. I’d say its a great balance!

You can have one anime pet. What will it be?

Image result for ekubo mob

Y’know, I really like Ekubo from Mob Psycho 100. He has such a snarky, sarcastic personality to him that I am somehow attracted to. Granted, he has tried to possess Mob multiple times but please, we all know he loves Mob secretly shown through the various time he has helped him out. He’s a fun Tsundere that way. I’m all for the Tsundere trope no matter how overused it is so if I had a little Ekubo following me around as a pet, i’d be perfectly fine with ito r even more.

You can have an anime vehicle to get around with. Which one?

I’m not really big on vehicles. As long as it can move, its alright but if I did have to choose a vehicle, i’d go with utility instead of fashion and that’d vehicle’d be…

Image result for Isekai truck

This is simply one of the more recent appearances of Truck-kun but really, any anime where the main gets transported to another world by a truck slam is my dream car. After running over all those Isekai protagonists, you’d expect Truck-kun to be absolutely abolished wouldn’t you? Nope! Truck-kun remains in great physical form except for a few scartches and the such. Even in this anime [Zombieland Saga] Truck-kun speeds off without faltering even after head on smacking that girl. What durability!

Plus, trucks are large. Imagine how much you could carry in them. Granted, that does slow down your truck considerably but in anime terms, Truck-kun is a speedy-ass car despite his mass. Have you seen how fast he rams into Isekai protagonist? He’s there and then he’s gone! I’d definitely have a truck-kun in my life. No doubt. He’d be a great car for Hit-n-runs [Jk, don’t hit people on the road, they’re not going to transport to another world except the underworld].

You will receive an anime robot to help you around the house. Who is it?

Aha, i’m not really in favor for this question since i’m not big on Mecha anime…hmmm…looking at my small arsenal of Mecha anime i’ve seen [like, four] i’d have to go with Lagann from Gurren Lagann.

Image result for lagann

I’ve always thought Lagann was an adorable little robot. He’s literally a walking robot head, how cute can that get? I’m lazy so if I had Lagann, i’d be in him constantly; kicking off my shoes, laying back, scrolling on reddit. Just relaxing. Also, he’s one of the smallest robots I know and I don’t think my house could fit an EVA 001.

You will receive a new wardrobe. Which anime character would you dress up as?

Image result for juuzou inui

That’s a hard one since the one thing I happen to never pay attention to in anime is wardrobe.

I’ll choose a seasonal and go with Juzo Inui in No Guns Life. Juzo rocks that trench coat and the dark, noire look. He hs a heavy atmosphere to him that gives off a Don’t-F*ck-With-Me atmosphere which is an atmosphere I love when it comes to fictional characters and even people. I like the look alot but if I wore it, i’d probably look like a Try-Hard edge queen who doesn’t know what year it is…

For protection, you can select any anime weapon or ability. Which one?

I think Leonardo Watches’ ability, All Seeing Eye, would come in handy.

Image result for leonardo watches eyes

For those of you who haven’t seen Kekkai Sensen, I have taken a description from because even i’ve forgotten over the course of 3 years. “Holders of the ‘All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods’ are able to see the ‘The Truth’ of the world. Possession of the eyes gives their wielders numerous abilities including heightened visual senses, allowing them to see fast movements normally impossible for human eyes to follow, or minute details with great clarity, and allows them to gaze into both the past and the future…Eye holders are capable of altering and controlling the vision of those around them, such as switching two people’s field of vision, inducing nauseating hallucinations, projecting what the holder sees into the minds of others, and the power over visual illusions in general. The eyes also allow the holder to see through another individual’s eyes and observe past events that they have witnessed” (

I like it. Not only can they help with things like prvent murder or crimes, the can even use the eyes to learn more about people and possibly manipulate them if you need to. I’m toxic so i’d probably do all three options. The only downside is alot of people would be out hunting for my eyes and they look ugly heck. There is no off-button to them so they always have that blue gleam that looks like a a windmill which I dislike. I suppose I could just close my eyes all the time like Leonardo?

You can have your house/apartment in any anime world. Which one?

Most definitely The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Idk why but gosh, it’s such a fantastical world! The Ancient Magus Bride is an anime that brings light to the world of Isekai by alot. Normally, despite how good a story may be in an Isekai, its always the same setting containing large-ass town surrounded by a circle/square/hexagon of walls, the same furry NPCS walking around, the same cat/elf/magical waifu, The same markets, the same houses, the same fu*cking guilds. It’s all the same and it barely differentiates. Seeing this anime have characters transported to truly mystique, etheral places that puts the “Isekai” in Isekai is beautiful and stunning and honestly makes me interested for some world-building in Isekai for once.

Sorry, I went off-topic and ended up praising the anime instead of answering the question. If I had the ability, I would murder Elias and steal his cottage and live in that beautiful setting.C’mon, who wouldn’t want to live in a world with fantastical fairies, beautiful praries, endless skies, and countless stars surrounded by a flourishing forest? Plus, it’s bloody England. I’ve always wanted to go to England since I was 11 even if the anime looks nothing like England (still a visually perfect anime though).

Image result for the ancient magus bride landscape
The cottage I will forcefully take from Elias

That’s about all for questions. I’d say I did pretty alright. It doesn’t look too crazy or off-ley and hopefully it’s readable to you. Now it’s time for nominations!

My Nominees!

Alrighty, now it’s time for my questions mwhaha.

My Questions to you!

  • What is the worst thing you’ve ever smelled?
  • What is your most useless talent?
  • What is your absolute worst fear? [You didn’t ask but mine are goat eyes].
  • You will be given 200k dollars if you trade in one of your body parts. Which one will you trade in?
  • If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  • What is the absolute, most useless purchase you’ve ever made?
  • What was your most gullible moment or What was the most craziest thing that you believed? Don’t lie, we’ve all had one.

And that concludes the Neat Blog Award! Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to drop by once more! I’m Inskidee and I will see you on Friday! [I’m kinda proud of the scheldule I set up].

Don’t forget to drop by Lynn’s!

18 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award!

  1. Thanks for the awesome introduction. It means a lot and I’m glad that I don’t come across as boring. That’s the vibe I’m definitely going for… haha! It’s also cool that you watched Blackfox after seeing my review.

    Now, down to your answers. Nice! I’m loving the selection of Machio as a roommate. You know that he would help with anything and he’s so positive all the time. So, it was you driving the truck! I was certain it was going to be revealed that Kotaro killed Sakura…

    Cool answers all around. Thanks for taking the time to answer them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! It’s no problem! All I did was speak my mind about your blog!

      And yeap, I had a great time answering your questions. I got a little too into the vehicle question as you could probably tell haha. I enjoy doing blog award questions because then I get the opportunity to talk about things I’ve never thought about before. Thank you for nominating me and allowing me to freak out over the weirdest things like trucks and muscles.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries. My first ever tag post gave me a really interesting set of questions and I was able to turn it into a short story. It’s fun coming up with weird scenario’s and seeing what others come up with. Just like when I started the My Pirate Crew Tag – I’m still amazed at how many bloggers completed it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What can I say? The AniBlogging Community is a hella creative community. The AniManga festival was really fun to watch unfold even if I wasn’t participating. It’s one of the more recent examples of creativity amongst the community I can think of.

    Also, I’ve never heard of your Pirate Crew Tag but it sounds really interesting! I’ll be sure to search it up sometime today 🙂


  3. Leave it to Lynn to come up with questions like these haha.
    I feel like you’d need psychic powers to protect yourself otherwise Ekubo will just do whatever he wants. but maybe he could come around to being nice some other way.

    Thanks for the nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha, right? The AniBlogging community is filled with such creative minds. Also, now that I think about it from your perspective, maybe Ekubo wasn’t as great of a choice of “pet” as I thought haha. My love for Tsundere personalities has blinded me from the truth…

      Thanks for your reply and I hope you enjoy answering the questions!

      Liked by 1 person

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