Journey To Spring: Update on My Anime Watching Progress | #1

Hello everyone! This post is heavily connected to my What Anime Will I watch Next? post so please check that out for more context (but I will still explain the meaning of this post here).

Some of you may know that I absolutely suck at keeping a steady scheldule. I get side-tracked very easily and my memory is absolute sh*t when it comes to watching things and having to remember critical events. That doesn’t excuse my inconsistent behaviour on this blog though which is why I decided to finally take action to make sure me and you feel confident in Inskime’s scheldule.

I’ve decided to keep track of my anime watching progress. In the link above, I talk about the anime I plan to watch by the end of winter which will be the end of Feburary. These are the anime and manga I want to finish:

  • Good Night Punpun
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Bokurano
  • Usagi Drop
  • Girl’s Last Tour
  • Bakemono No Ko
  • Paprika

Each saturday of the first and fourth week of the month will have one of theses posts released telling of my progress with watching and reading these 7. I also want to make sure you as my viewers don’t feel let down or abandoned after that random update. It’d be weird if I just left it at that and didn’t post anything else related to those seven anime right? Hopefully this system works out and everyone leaves happy and I finish off 2019 with seven more completed series. I’d say it’d be a good winter then. Let’s begin the check-up shall we?

Oyasumi Punpun

Oyasumi Punpun

I’m most eager to read Punpun first so i’m doing exactly so. I started reading it this week and am currently four volumes in out of thirteen. I’m enjoying it alot so far and boy, is it a depressing tale! My feelings are very conflicted on the characters. Especially Aiko. I’m still deciding whether to like her personality or dislike it. (I liked her alot in her childhood years. Teenage years, ehhh not as much). Punpun’s character – although very deep and realistic – I have an immense hate for. Not his character work, but just his twisted personality Asano bestowed on him. I don’t know if the consensus agrees or not but i’ll go more into why I dislike Punpun in a future post (I think he’s getting better decision-wise though. Freakin’ God keeps on messing up his progress…but he also helps Punpun grow also…I have a weird relationship with all of these characters.



It’s a movie so i’m not patting myself on the back for finishing a small two hour screening of a movie. Although, I watched this around 2AM in the morning so I can’t remember much of the events. Just my positive emotions I felt on it. I’m gonna have to re-watch it soon so I can make an accurate review on it.

Mawaru Penguin Drum

Mawaru Penguindrum

Not much progress was made here. I got around another episode down making my total progress 10 episodes over the span of 4 months. Yes, I know, pretty amazing speed huh? My progress on Penguin Drum is the biggest disappointment of this list and I hope to get at least 5 more episodes down today without getting side tracked. I’m still liking Penguindrum alot though, that’s for shure.

And that is all I got down this week. It’s pretty sad but I have a few more months left till my deadline, so I should be fine (words of a procrastinator). I’m going to hold off on Punpun for a bit and knock down Bokurano since i’m more than halfway through it. I took a sudden hiatus on it. I don’t know why.

Thank you for reading once again! My random image from Blade of the Immortal is going to start being the header image for posts concerning Journey To Spring.

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