A Look At: Beastars – Episode 8

I’m starting to pay less attention to the main things going on and more to the subtle details. You gotta respect the amount of detail Studio Orange puts into every movement like Legoshi’s smiles, his tail (which is really important to watch), eyebrows – I mean, you could decypher events through expressions alone. Beastars never fails to surprise.

So, this episode, someone decided to kick Louis’ cool demeanor out the door and expose the inner highschool student he really is. Lets give a round of applause for Juno! Finally, someone is starting a war against Louis. I’ve been waiting since episode one. Someone needs to kick him off his high horse and expose his backstory! (We kinda learned he was attacked by carnviores as a child which is why he supposedly hate carnviores according to Juno). The Juno v. Louis war will be calm and discret since Juno doesn’t have the intention of causing chaos. She simply wants to steal the spot of Beastar from Louis and also unite carnivores and herbivores…plus, she wants Legoshi’s heart so it’ll be a win/win for her. Louis is pretty shocked by the sudden reveal of her attempts resulting in some very shocked noises, stuttering from Louis and obvious desperate attempts to escape Juno’s grasp (she knocked him down). Good job Juno, we always appreciate vulernable Louis moments.


Hold up. Its off-topic time. We need to take a moment and talk about Louis’ Seiyuu, Yuuki Ono. Of course, the anime doesn’t stop to explain just how shook Louis was at that moment. Rather, his emotions are always implied through his expressions and voice tone. Often, the former isn’t need as Ono does a spectacular job at expressing the tone of a scared, desperate child while also not sounding too exaggerated. He can also hold a cool demanor really well. Much thanks to his hard work! It’s a dream to be able to have such strong voice control.

Anyways, back on topic. I foresaw some type of war between Louis and character A so this little event didn’t come as too big of a surprise. I’m sure it’ll spin on an awful lot of drama as the series goes on and it’ll probably also be a great spark to light Beastar’s engine be it characters or story. Also, hopefully more character complexity to come with this war! Mwhahahaha.

Haru & Legoshi

The rest of the episode was devoted to Haru and Legoshi’s relationship as you probably have guessed. They meet up and walked home together, they got into a dramatic fight about how Legoshi will never understand Haru, the police thought Legoshi was a criminal, they ran, Haru scolds Legoshi for being a confusing ball of carnivore and that he should learn to be a stern ball of carnviore so Legoshi takes the character development card and embraces his carnivorous nature symbolized through him leading Haru and his escape.

I personally found that lil’ sequence to be rushed a bit faster than normal but I suppose its to be expected considering all plot / character-changing events that got done this episode and how few episodes are left in the season. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Legoshi firmly decide to make a change of his ways. Hopefully Haru will continue to induce these changes because my poor baby needs to be freed from his troubles. I also appreciate the added symbolism of running here. Anime seems to love running symbolism. Maybe I should make a post about that? Ahem, back on topic. As always, both of their growth proceeds strongly and firmly. Maybe more time can be devoted to Haru??

Also…This moment.

Context: Black out, Legoshi gets worried about Haru’s safety, finds her hidden behind a tree, Haru runs out and hugs Legoshi thinking he’s Louis.

This was also another sad Legoshi moment for Legoshi. First of all, his tail isn’t even wagging! His favorite bunny is hugging him yet he remains solemn and tail-down which really fits the situation. It shows just how much this impacts him and how even physical contact from his love prey can’t excite him. Disappoint rules him over like Alexander the Great ruled over Persia.

But that’s not whats sad. As Haru apologizes, Legoshi brushes previous moments and disappointment like nothing and smiles at her and asks if she’s okay and that yada. His tail still remains still and unmoving i’ll have you know. If we take step back and refer to the beginning moments of the episode, Haru suggests Legoshi smile more often instead of look more solemn and as you can see, thats exactly what he wants to do for Haru despite his own feeling like utter crap and disappointment. Isn’t Legoshi truly best boy? He’s a male protag that actually listens! He doesn’t deserve this treatment…

Also Juno sees everything and begins questioning their relationship. Juno seems a little possessive and kinda – oh I don’t know – dangerous? I feel like she has ulterior motives that aren’t all romancey. I don’t trust her. I really don’t.

This review was kind of all over the place but all you need to know is that this episode was also really good. If you ever ask me what my favorite episode was, i’m saying all of them. That’s the only answer you will ever get out of me. Thank you for reading. I’m Inskidee and I will possibly see you later. Actually, i’ll see you Saturday.

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