Stay Geeky – The Geeky Childhood Tag!

Yay! Another tag! Can’t wait for this tag to become the next major thing in the AniBlogging community. Let us all unite once again my fellow nerds!

This time around, i’ve been nominated by Tiger over at TigerAnime. Please do check him out and if you don’t you’ll no doubt regret it. You’ve been warned mwhaha. I really like their post on Death in Anime. It was a really clean breakdown on all the many styles of death. As someone who can barely ever sort my thoughts, I needed an organized listing like that. Thanks Tiger! And also, thank you for the nomination!

The Rules

Haha, just kidding. There are no rules. You prolly didn’t see that one coming now did you?

Where did your Geek come from? Parents? Siblings? Destiny?

I’d have to choose my mom. After all, she’s the one who got me into anime which is probably my most talked about hobby to this day. She’s also the first to introduce me to the Harry Potter series which was also something I was obsessed with. Plus, she herself is a geek of her own unique kind. I guess that gene carried over to me.

The First Geeky Thing You Got Into

I was really obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise. Like, really obsessed. It was all I ever talked about and I even made my stile of Potter merchandise and tried to sell them (unsuccessful…you guys missed out!). My style of “merchandise” was basically trimming down a stick and then calling it Dumbeldore’s wand. I was able to buy a manufactured wooden wand once though. That looked cool. My trimmed sticks looked much cooler though. I think I could say other things like the Pokemon franchise but Harry Potter is what’s most memorable. I was a big reader so I was always reading those books 24/7. Flashforward to present day me and the only works of literature I read are Edgar Allan Poe or Lovecraftian works.

Favorite TV Show as a Kid

This is too much remembering for my poor brain. I think I was a fan of Cailou? I don’t know if it was my favorite or my little brother’s however, it was always on. And I always watched it with him. Looking back, I don’t think there really was any point in watching considering all the other shows with better moral influence than Cailou like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood but whatevs.

Favorite Movie as a Kid

Such hard questions! I liked pratically everything as a kid. Name any DreamWorks or Pixar Movie and I bet you i’d have loved it (except Shrek, we’ll get to that). I’m going to go ahead and choose Wall-E. Didn’t really watch it in my kid-kid years but it was definitely a stand-out movie for me. I still like it alot. Sometimes I like going back and reminiscing about it. I can easily say that right now, Wall-E still stands as my favorite pixar movie.

Favorite Video Game as a Kid

I wasn’t really that big on video games. Shocker, I know. I mostly played Flash games on random days when I was bored. I never dedicated myself to a specific game but it’s still a big part of my child years.

Favorite Book as a Kid

Harry Potter. Duh lol.

Favorite Memory as a Kid

I had a lot of good and bad moments as a child. The bad ones mostly resulted from grudges developing into toxicity and self-doubt. If I had to choose one from my best year in elementary (fourth grade), i’d suppose i’d choose this: Near the end of the year, the teacher turned on The Goonies which pratically none of us in class liked. I sat with three of my friends in the back of class and all we did was laugh and chat throughout the entire thing. Also, I liked making things out of random objects so the tables were filled with all my weird contraptions that served no purpose (like my trimmed sticks). It was a fun day until we got seperated by the teacher…Other than that, I really liked that day.

A Character you Looked up to as a Kid

I never really looked up towards characters. I normally looked up to truly influential figures that deserve praise like firefighters, police officers, doctors -those occupations. Since my child years were mostly disney movies and PBS shows, the characters in those movies weren’t exactly inspirational since they always made bad mistakes for the sake of story conflict. Maybe if I had watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, this answer’d be different.

A Character that Scared you as a Kid

Shrek. Okay, looking back on Shrek and catching all the dirty jokes is hella satisfying and hilarious but i’ll always remember the terror I felt watching Shrek. I think one time I was watching Shrek and the Donkey (Eddie Murphy) just popped out of nowhere. It wasn’t meant to be a jumpscare but I was literally traumatized and everytime I went to brush my teeth and I looked in the mirror, I always thought of Donkey popping out of nowhere and terrorizing me. That also developed into a fear of corners since I always imagined the minute I turned a corner,. This is a really disappointgly sad story but afterschool, I went to a daycare program till my mom picked me up. There, they did activities but every Thursday, they’d get out the ol’ TV and turn on a movie.

One time that movie was Shrek.

Horrified by the intro I so faintly recognized, I tried hard to escape from the movie event and decided to wait out the movie in the hall. I was able to get out of the room through pathetic desperation and as you guessed, I stayed out there for an extended period of time but I was dragged back in by the staff eventually. I was still a curious little piece of shit then so I ended up watching the movie again and still being scared of it (it didn’t worsen, i’m just stupid). I grew out of that idiotic phase after a few months. Don’t look at me like that.

A Movie that Scared you as a Kid (Tiger’s Q)

Shrek. Duh. But for more variety, I never wanted to watch The Shining as well for more simpler reasons: Cuz’ its scarwy. Well, jokes on you kid Inskidee. I love The Shining now. It’s one of my favorite movies. This is a cool fact but if you pay attention to the background, it’s always changing. For example, there’d be chairs in the back and then a cut and then the chairs are gone (purposefully). There was this one scene where they walked down the carpet which had a pattern facing forward. Then, when they walked down the carpet later, the pattern faced the opposite direction. I think they did acts like that 200-ish times if my research was correct. Pretty crazy huh? I love Stanely Kubrick but not really since he was such a malevolent person (abused his actors and even drove one to true insanity).

That’s about all for this! I wanna follow the trend of keeping the original questions, so here you go! Besides, I also really like these questions and I await your answers!

  • Where did your geek come from? Parents? Siblings? Destiny?
  • The First Geeky Thing You Got Into
  • Favorite TV Show as a Kid
  • Favorite Movie as a Kid
  • Favorite Video Game as a Kid
  • Favorite Book as a Kid
  • Favorite Memory as a Kid
  • A Character You Looked Up To as a Kid
  • A Character That Scared You as a Kid
  • A Movie That Scared You as a Kid

Here are my nominations (sorry there’s so few and another apology if you’ve already been reccommended):

Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Stay Geeky – The Geeky Childhood Tag!

  1. Haha I’m glad you liked that post because I personally wasn’t too comfortable with it, and it was my pleasure nominating you really. I was totally looking forward to your answers!

    Cailou? Me too! Was this show that popular? I’d always thought that it was just some random cd my mum picked up at a store on a whim.

    Wall-E! If not for the fact that I had a specifically lower age range in mind, I would’ve totally mentioned Wall-E instead.

    Haha these were some great answers! It’s always cool when there are others who share the same things in common with you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! Cailou was always a show that none of my friends ever knew. I too thought it was a vague-ish show no one knew about for a while. Its great knowing you’re aware of it!

      And yep. Although I should’ve thought lower age range, how could I go without mentioning Wall-E? It’d be a crime.

      Thanks for nominating me! It was a fun tag post!

      Liked by 1 person

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