Talking about Cautious Hero and Comedy + Why It's Funny

I had my qualms about Cautious Hero at first seeing how the plot is one that can be easily overused with each episode to no end. That thought scared me as someone who eats variety on a daily basis. Surprisingly so, Cautious Hero has had only a small handful of repetitive moments like that which is kind of…

Image result for hmmmmm gif
Questionable. Kind of questionable.

I mean, an anime of that standard should be pretty shit right? I mean, c’mon, who’d expect it’d actually fulfill some of my expectations at all right? Call me carzy if you must, Cautious Hero gives me major Konosuba vibes and I mean major. Yes, i’m comparing this show to one of the major leads of comedy in anime, Konosuba. I’m also going to say that Cautious Hero may become a new fav comedy. And none of y’all can stop me.

Its a bit funny because the anime made by Konosuba’s author, Kemono Michi, feels far off from Konosuba whereas this random ass Isekai show is probably the closest thing to Konosuba yet. I think i’d have to push the blame on Seiya and Ristarte’s relationship. Ristarte is a girl who comedically gets pushed around from Seiya and constantly rejected from him also. She thinks something positive (that can be interpreted as anything) and Seiya shoots it down much similiar to Kazuma’s constant downplay on all the girls around him; namely Aqua. Both parties don’t have the best relationship at first but as the series goes on, more signs of affection appear from the both of them and then the audience is like “aw” but then more affection starts appearing and the audience is like “awwwh” and then before you know it you start….you start…actually liking the pair?!?

Image result for no gif
No, no. I must be going crazy! Ahahaha, that’s it!

Because of that small amount of likeness you maybe feel for the party, it makes it much easier for this supposed comedy anime to suddenly bring out the “cry card” and unlock the flood gates. It hits harder then because you’d have never expected a comedy anime to actually tug on your heart strings. Haha, well, little did you know, they’ve been planning this right under your nose!

Konosuba has done that “clickbait you into comedy but its emotional” move painful amounts of times. Sadly, I have yet to see Cautious Hero do this. Cautious Hero meets all the requirements to maybe get a good heart tug somewhere along the line so hopefully they’ll be able to do that by the season’s end. Literally all the “requirements” needed to pull such a tug is to just make attachable characters with lovable and developing relationships. I say “developing” because if a relationship starts out perfect, there’s really nothing to get latched on to and its even harder to make something entertaining out of that like Sakamoto Desu Ka? Sorry, but I hated that.

Okay, I was gonna end the post there but I have a question. Why is Cautious hero funny? Why am I finding it funnier than most comedies out there? Why do I enjoy every interaction when this is probably the most typical shit ever?

Oh, hey there! I’m glad you asked Inskidee! Thank goodness i’m here otherwise your question’d go unanswered! Let’s talk about that shall we?

Comedy is hard to make. Very hard. Not all people can be pleased by comedy. I’m here talking about Konosuba‘s success as a comedy while someone out there reading this is like “dude, wtf?” and I totally get that. Comedies are a weird thing and making a successful one truly is hard. If you don’t mind me, i’m going to make my own personal criteria for anime comedies. Its nothing professional. I don’t want anyone following this criteria. This is just my own personal list I think every comedy should have. It’s kind of like Russel’s Criteria for Horror if you’ve ever read that in your english classes.

Inskidee’s (personal) Criteria for Comedy


Starting at one. Variety. I think every comedy needs variety. Without variety, your pratically just playing the same joke over and over again on a broken record. Surprisingly so, Cautious Hero has just that variety you need. At first, it is a bit broken record like but oddly enough, Cautious Hero starts slowly straying away from that formula or maybe it begins adding things to that formula to spice it up. Lets say Cautious Hero is a sandwhich. At the beginning it’s a plain ol’ lettuce-ham-cheese sandwhich. You eat it once and you’re like “cool.” You eat it again and you’re like “eh.” You don’t think you can last another boring ass sandwhich like this. Oh? Then what happens? The sandwhich puts these special things called condiments on itself or maybe another accessory like bacon or shit. It’s a nice, fun sandwhich now! From there, the sandwhich continues adding interesting toppings on itself so you’ll never get bored.

Hopefully, Cautious Hero is like that. Right now, its on the beginning stages of adding different toppings on itself and testing it out. Sometimes it returns to its boring ass sandwhich phase but other times, you can clearly see it attempting to spice things up and even succeeding. Especially in Cautious Hero’s latest episodes. Those ones have been extra spicy.

Image result for cautious hero gif
you’re gonna see a lot of these random GIFS from now on…


This one can vary for anyone. I believe that an anime needs some cleverity to it. If its just plain slapstick with no clear effort gone into, i’m sorry but its a “no” from me. A direct opposite of “no effort comedy” is the breakout Oresuki. Oresuki has been rocking this “cleverness” criterium to a tee. Every episode is literally some entirely new scheme and I know i’m not the only one who still finds the running bench joke to still be hilarious and clever af. Is Cautious Hero that level of clever? Oh god no. Is it at least a tiny bit clever? You know…yeah. Cautious Hero does have those moments where it seems esepecially intelligent in setting up its jokes. Lighting, voice acting, small facial expressions, all those count in what makes Cautious Hero as a comedy tick and various amounts of times, Cautious Hero can hit those marks dead on to where it can have me laughing like hell.

When I said “No Slapstick” in that bolded statement I didn’t actually mean you shouldn’t have Slapstick!

I take it back okay! After rethinking that statement “If its just plain slapstick, I pass” I suddenly realize how false that was to me. I do watch and enjoy anime that are just pure slapstick. Nichijou is an anime that is the majority of times, slapstick, however, its difference from most majority of slapstick comedies is the evident effort gone into making it lasting and as funny as they are. KyoAni obviously tries really hard on making Nichijou have a lasting impression and they do a great job at it (as always KyoAni prevails). They adapt and make a scene that could be lame genuinely entertaining. “No slapstick” really is a stupid statement. I mean, every anime literally has slapstick, gosh, what was I thinking? Cautious Hero is indeed full of slapstick. What I like about it though is that its not brainless slapstick. You can tell thought goes into it to make it funny by using music / no music, lighting, voice acting, sound effects and etc. Plus, I have a shitty sense of humor so I find a GIF like the below GIF genuinely hilarious and stop scowling at me.

Image result for cautious hero gif
I’m actually really into this old-ish style of comedy you’d see in shows like Wile E. Coyote, thx White Fox
Image result for cautious hero gif

Art Style

I’m sure you’ve heard this countless amounts of times but Konosuba’s shitty animation is a factor to what makes it fun. I mean, its shittiness just works really well with what Konosuba is about and its atmosphere. C’mon, if Madhouse animated that shit and made it actually good looking, do you know how much lamer it’d be? It’d take the fun out of making fun of Konosuba. I find one of the key stand out points of Cautious Hero to be White Fox’s art style. Its not the best out there but it’s fun, light hearted, and relaxed. That style sets a tone in stone. I mean, just look at those above GIFS. All that’s next is to add the director’s improvements onto it’s art style and you got the best tone ever for an anime like this.

Also, in my K-on! review, i’ll go into more depth on that.

Image result for cautious hero gif
okay who tf directed that scene because hit me up and why is the animation more slick than most anime airing


This is like one of those white mom criterium but if I don’t see effort from you out on that soceer field, consider yourself done! No matter how good a comedy anime may be, I need some of dat effort! If you give me a bad comedy but its clear that the studio really is trying on its adaptation, I won’t lie, i’ll sit through that piece of shit just to make sure that anime gets the attention it deserves. Whereas you give me a great comedy that sucks at trying, i’ll probably drop it. Then again, i’ve never found the latter before. Only the former which I can safely say i’ve done. One of those anime was Noragami. Sorry NG fans pls don’t rip me apart. Of course, you’ve seen those above gifs have you not? You know J.C. staff is giving their all into making this series. Just to prove it to you, they included a dragon in one of Cautious Hero’s episodes and they didn’t even make it CGI. Let’s take a moment and just appreciate that…

Image result for cautious hero dragon
and yes! The dragon moved! It moved alot i’ll have you know!

Actually, that’s literally all my criteria is also counting the beginning paragraphs describing dynamic relationships, entertaining cast and heartstring tugs we all hate. Comedy’s tough to write so i’m always surprised when I see one come around the corner that’s on the path of hitting all my personal criteria. Do you have a criteria for comedy? Do you not? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m always looking for a good chat!

8 thoughts on “Talking about Cautious Hero and Comedy + Why It's Funny

  1. an interesting analysis overall and pretty good topic to talk about when it comes to this series where i like it fine and it’s definitely worth checking out but I think it’s also important to factor in how comedy much like anything else when it comes to entertainment is always going to be subjective where some aren’t going to find cautious hero as hilarious and are gonna say kemono michi is more funny. just an example to name. So I think when it comes to comedies like this one, the author of the source material has to present his or her work in a way people know that this is what they are gonna get which can often be a misfire. when it comes to cautious for me I think what makes it work is that it looks epic as hell cause look at some of those over the top JRPG looking attacks just very beautifully and epically animated but it’s all the more funnier when you know context of what’s going on which ranges from stupid to petty or even outright sad or causes a character to suffer. this is an example of how comedy that works at the suffering of another. for most of it Rista is the one being made to suffer in various ways cause our cautious hero is such an asshole lol there’s also some differences between kazuma and Seiya. sure their both assholes but different. it’s like comparing the tastes of Coca Cola and Pepsi. both are good but for different reasons. that’s a different topic entirely so i think you’re on point with this.

    P.S. I was hoping to maybe get some input on your thoughts for a topic I decided to look into and that’s Eureka Seven. I’m in the middle of rewatching it now and I’m looking to others in my dischord, here, and maybe some thoughts from youtubers on what makes eureka seven special to say the least. like it or hate it, something about Eureka Seven definitely gave it staying power and was a big hit when it aired to the point they’re still trying to recapture that feeling with the 3 new movies it’s got going for it. So, I’m just looking to see if you had any thoughts about it or not since aside from my own perspective I want to know if Eureka Seven left an impact on you in anyway whether it affected you personally or if you feel the story itself did something that hasn’t been seen with many others or anything of the sort. if not then you can just ignore this P.S. section of my comment lol

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    1. Oh yeah, talking about comedy is hard for me because everyone’s tastes in it is just so different. I’m sure someone with a complete opposite taste than me is gonna look at this post and Go “wtf” which totally makes sense. Comedy is just soooo hard. Not everyone will like it including posts regarding it.
      Also, regarding Kazuma and Seiya, They’re both way different functionally as you said but in the end, both reach the same emotion / comedy result as playing the of role: you know…asshole lol. The way both Seiya and Kazuma get off as asshole characters feel awfully similar to me but like you said, comedy is subjective.

      P.S. I’d love to help you with your Eureka Seven project. I’d really do. It’s just I’ve never seen it lol, my apologies.


    1. Haha, Cautious Hero is not really one I can straight up reccommend since everyones comedy taste is different. I just have a weird taste in comedy lol. If you do give cautious hero a try I’d love to hear how you feel!


  2. You keep saying JC Staff did it, but White Fox did this show.

    Anyways, I don’t think I have set criteria per se, but I do tend to like wordplay (or finding wordplay) – the sort that has viewers scratching their heads or reading the translation notes – more than the average viewer…probably because I have the background necessary to pick up on that stuff.

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    1. Oh my, thank you for telling me! I’ll go back and edit those parts out since I know I made quite a few comments on them.

      Also, wordplay in anime is definitely interesting. I enjoy the comedies that can Incorporate it naturally. It shows the effort gone into making that comedy a comedy if that makes the least bit of sense…

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