My Top 7 Anime Openings & Endings of Fall 2019 But It’s Not a Ranking Because I’m Indecisive

I wrote this a while ago so it will be in present tense.

Have I been rocking these Isekai titles lately or what? I don’t think I have to explain what this post will entail but just know, I also apologize if this is over seven lol. Also, i’ll still be numbering the OPs and EDs but just know the numberings are completely random. How I feel are in my descriptions.

7. Beastars

Of course, lets start this post off with a bang and introduce one of my favorite OPS of this season! Last season, I gave Cop Craft my choice of best opening cus’ of its jazzy tune so its no wonder Beastars also makes it up to my favorite of this season. Plus, I hear Cowboy Bebop in there…now its just begging me to love it. However, one more theme (or in this cas, Ed) stands in its way from making it rein top…

6. Psycho Pass 3

WordPress didn’t want to copy and paste the OP version…weird…

Sorry guys but I love Cö shu Nie too much to not put this on here. If you asked me to chose between Beastar’s OP or Psycho Pass’ ED, you’d never get an answer. You’d only get ignored out of indecisiveness. I’d say they’re both on par with each other for the title of no.1. What can I say? I like how Cö shu Nie sounds like unified chaos. Chaos in music is my favorite.

5. Assassin’s Pride

Okay, I know i’ve built Assassin’s up to be an utter shitshow of pure disappointment but c’mon…thats a pretty nice OP! Way too undeserving of this show. Me likes and me dig the EDM drop. This one is like, right next to Azur Lane in rankings but…not…at the same time. Gosh, I suck at this!

4. Azur Lane

This one as a show has also been kinda disappointing now that the cuteness effect has weared off as destined for CGDCT anime but like Assassin’s Pride, no matter how shitty…no matter how painful…that opening is a jam and you may not deny! I’d say this one is a close runner up to the tied Beastars and Psycho Pass. I find it pretty diddlydarn bop-worthy mostly because of the array of violins and percussion.

3. Noukin

Why do all the anime I’m not enjoying have the darndest catchiest openings? This one isn’t really good per say but its just catchy as hell. In the most random moments of my day, sometimes a random “waho waha” from this would pop up in my head. I remember I was having a conversation about horror movies with two of my friends and as I was discussing, my brain out of nowhere was like “waho waha” at max vol and I completely lost my train of thought. Just why brain? What did I do to deserve this?! I needed like, 10 seconds to recollect. Oh, the pains a “waho waha” can cause someone. It’s easily the most randomily catchy song of this season.

2. Oresuki


This is a weird fact about me but when people are near me when i’m watching anime and the opening comes on, I never skip it. I feel like if I skip the opening, i’m disrespecting the anime even though I skip it when I watch alone…weird…anyways, everytime I turn on Oresuki for a good ol’ Wednesday watch someone is always around so my brain tells me to not skip the OP. At first, I wasn’t really a fan but as I heard it more often, it eventually grew on me and here I am, loving the shit out of this OP. Like Noukin, its not good per say but its just hella catchy. Its fun and its catchy and its a JAM. This is by far the most toe-tappingest opening this season along with Noukin. See why writing these are hard? Everything is good!

1. Cautious Hero


Very unpopular opinion but i’m not a fan of Myth & Roid as much as I probably should be. I mean, they’re okay but I wouldn’t listen on my spare time except for a very small pick of their songs out there. This is not one i’d turn on while out for a run or some deadly midnight essay due next morning but I will admit, it has grown on me. I’ve been steadily liking Cautious Hero along with this OP. This is also a toe-tapping song for me. Just not as toe-tappingest as Oresuki and Noukin. Also, another weird fact (todays just full of a lot of facts) but in songs, my ears naturally gravitate towards the drum bits and i’m always looking for the most complex bits so I can decipher them. Myth & Roid has fun drum parts so thats nice to listen. It’s the curse of percussionists I tell ya!

Thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “My Top 7 Anime Openings & Endings of Fall 2019 But It’s Not a Ranking Because I’m Indecisive

  1. Haha great title! Also I agree with what you said about Cö shu Nie. I like that they can make their music sound chaotic but also make it sound refined and elegant. I really loved that song

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