To Continue or Not Continue? #3 – ID: Invaded

This is going to sound stupid but when I saw “ID” in the title I thought it literally meant an I.D. card so for the entire time, I was waiting for some type of symbolic I.D. card somehow related to Sakaido’s crime. Then, they mentioned Freud….Ah…It was that ID…Gosh, I can be so stupid. How could I have not connected the dots considering how there’s a literal mental well called “ID Well.”?

ID unfolds rather nicely for a first episode. I always appreciate it when an anime allows us as the audience to learn things for ourselves and with minimal outside help. Instead of ID info-dumping everything we need to know in the first episode and beyond, it gives us just the tiniest bits of what we need for us to gather the information of whats going on. Information is given out in tidbits so its your job to piece things together. I think being able to successfully use an ability like that in a first episode shows the hopefully bright future an anime like ID has in store. I certainly understood what ID was trying to get across (after learning it wasn’t referencing I.D. cards but lets not talk about that…).

Also, I appreciate the use of implicating psychology studies into a sci-fi element. Thats a cool aspect of ID I don’t see often. I lied. I’ve actually never seen it before. I’d never expect I’d finally get to put my Id, Ego, and Superego knowledge to use in anime of all things! I’m honestly very excited to see how Maijou (Script) will mix in the exciting psychology elements into his characters. I’d love to see how Maijou handles his characters with that in mind like the seemingly psychotic Sakaido whom seems like a character I’ll grow to love to overanalyze.

Image result for ID: INVADED
Have I mentioned I love his hair? Because gosh, I love those messy hair day looks in anime.

ID’s first episode is heavily focused on establishing its sci-fi world more than its characters which I will gladly take. Time is spent on visuals explaining the scenario of things rather than with words and drawn out explanations. Its alot like the saying: “Show, don’t tell”. There’s alot to be unsnarled in ID (from the looks of it) and this episode does a great job at unwinding the basics of its advanced world for the audience in a mature manner.

Its not like characters are ignored however. We know enough about them for a first episode. ID’s first episode did a great job at setting up future events and its futuristic world especially considering its place as a sci-fi mystery. In other words, ID’s first episode was a clean exposition worthy of another episode of attention without a doubt.

An overall solid starting episode for a sci-fi mystery. I’m not at all disappointed at the outcome of this first episode. I look forward to more.

Priority Rating: Medium+

Notice: I will be episodically reviewing this series.

Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “To Continue or Not Continue? #3 – ID: Invaded

  1. I thought it was I.D. too. Why else would they capitalize both letters? Anyhow, I agree with basically everything you’ve said. Sakaido is going to be a very interesting character.

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  2. I would say that I too thought it had been ID as in Identification, but I’m afraid I didn’t. Sorry you and Lynn are on your own.

    “I’m not at all disappointed at the outcome of this first episode.”
    If I hadn’t known better, I would think this was sarcasm… Good review!

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    1. lol, we would’ve loved for you to join the club Tiger!

      I’ve embraced sarcasm so much to the point where even I sometimes can’t tell if I’m being sarcastic or not. Looking back…boy, that’s one sarcastic sounding statement! I should probably go back and change that before I confuse myself (trust me, confusion runs rampant on this blog)

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