To Continue or Not Continue? #13: 22/7

22/7 was a straightforward concept to a seemingly “okay” idol show with an “okay” introductory to our characters, an “okay” plot and a surprsingly “okay” artstyle contrary to the promising cover art. The underwhelming art was the main surprise but everything else was just…okay.

Recap time!

A cynical Miu doesn’t like people, adults, the world and especially idols. But wait! She’s not just a cynical edgelord! She’s also overly cute. Got you there now didn’t I? Because of her blinding cuteness, she’s noticed by an idol foundation that collects cute people and forces them to group up for some…reason. Who are these people? Why are they doing this? What’s the point? This anime has made the impression that those questions don’t matter. Yep! Not at all. Obviously, we just have to throw all logic aside and just accept these illogical outcomes and foundation that led to this grouping. Cool.

Miu is paired up with seven other girls of colorful personalities. By colorful, I mean everyone is drastically different from the other because diversity equals beauty. Even though Miu was forced to come out of her pessimisstic, isolated shell, she doesn’t stray from her ideals and even goes to the lengths of mental breakdown as she tries to run from the group, only to be dragged right back. First of all, Is that even legal my good sir? What gives this nobody production the right to hold the authority to force these randos to dance? I hope this anime gives out details soon because I’m seriously doubting the writing here.

Image result for 22/7 anime
sadly, the idol group’s performances will also be heavy CGI…bummer

Now, now, Miu isn’t all doom and gloom. She loves exactly two people. Her mother and sister. Sadly, her family is cash-strapped so Miu works a part-time job to support them. Bing, bam boom, Miu gets fired from her job the next day because she’s too scary (thats a running theme with this girl, huh?). Therefore, the only “job” she can turn to is the suspicious idol job. She walks in, she screams about her ideals and how she wants money and ding, ding, ding! They all earn a letter addressing their mandatory registration in their new idol pop group: 22/7.

Like I said, this episode is just alright. Its nothing special but for a first episode, it does its job. It introduces our cynical main character, it sets up that simple idol plot – What can I say? It reaches the bare minimum of what an “okay” first episode should be. While other first episodes surpass that minimum and thus, earn praise and recognition from me like ID: Invaded and Toilet-Bound Hanako-San, this will earn neither because it’s just not worth talking about and lets be honest, no one is going to talk about this anime. It’ll just be that average anime we all scrolled by or watched and said “okay” and went on with our day. Nothing is intially hooking nor is nothing intially bad. Then again, I suppose its lack of either makes it a poor first since firsts have the job of hooking in a viewer. With that aside, 22/7’s first episode made me feel empty. I didn’t care for it because it didn’t offer anything to care about be it negative or positive.

This first episode was okay. It reaches my bare minimum standard for anime and doesn’t surmount it. Ultimately, is it worth watching? No. You could find many anime with a starting episode as middling as this so why choose this one if there’s actually nothing to talk about? I can’t bash it, I can’t douse it in flattery, I can’t make fun of it, wha- what am I supposed to do?

I’ll give this anime one or two more episodes to prove itself that its not as “okay” as it made itself out to be. Hopefully I can find something about this series. Just anything! Give me something! Become a drag show, just do anythinnggg!

Priority Rating: ???

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “To Continue or Not Continue? #13: 22/7

  1. yeah not to knock this or other idol anime down but a lot of what you just said sounds like the basic set for an Idol anime but I think it’s trying to do the whole subvert expectations that made Zombieland Saga such a massive hit.

    part of what made zombieland saga work as well in its execution and used it’s Zombie gimmick as a kind of metaphor on the idol business as a whole. 22/7 i think wants to be something similar but I think a lot of the reception it’s gotten is just due to the fact people likely saw zombieland saga and it a lot of ways feels a bit of copy and paste what was popular and ground breaking in this genre. the CG models are a common gimmick in idol anime as a whole but again what made it work for zombieland saga is in the fact they used their CGI models in the song numbers to emphasize the fact they’re zombies. 22/7 I feel like even if there’s a big WTF twist by let’s say episode 4 whether for comedy or madoka levels of WTF’s the CG models you mentioned are not really anything new or special. like maybe if A1 pictures planned it out and really thought about what can they do to stand out more they could at least save themselves a bit more on the musical numbers. like maybe instead 3D CG models actually just go all the way with 2D or do what the netflix movie Klaus did and learn to do 2D with a blend of modern digital animation that gives the look of 3D but is till traditional animation for the modern day.

    I don’t know I’m just kind of thinking since while not all idol anime is bad since before zombieland saga I found myself pretty into Idol master when it started at first then stopped after the first or 2nd movie then I think Hibiki Euphonium I think the other was called where even though I wasn’t as into it, it was unique in the sense it treated itself like a magical girl anime despite being an idol focused anime series which is a pretty unique to the identity of it. so yeah while I likely won’t be watching this personally I will at least pay attention to any news on if this manages to pull something new or do something with a dark or unexpected twist in general to give it a unique kind of identity over being an anime that’s just copying what worked for something else.

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    1. What sold Zombieland Saga for me was it’s unique premise and WTF twist you mentioned. Although I’d absolutely love to see 22/7 go for a twist as sudden and mindblowing like Zombieland or Madoka, I have a feeling 22/7 won’t take the jump. It’s come across dedicated to it’s simplicity. Its hard to imagine 22/7 as the type of anime to take that fierce leap into the unknown…unless 22/7 is trying to throw us off purposefully to snag the “WTF twist” and run once we’re convinced…Okay, now I just convinced myself I need to watch the next episode. My bet is on 22/7 not taking the twist and staying the average Joe it is. We’ll just have to see.

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