To Continue or Not Continue? #14: Interspecies Reviewer

Looking at the synopsis, I was awfully skittish on how this first episode would go. Will it be horrendous? Will it be a magnicificent extravaganza of vibrant fetishes? Nonetheless, I looked to the brighter side of things and hoped Interspecies would have a reeling first. Thus, my expectations for Interspecies rose a little higher than expected. I’ve always had an issue of raising my expectations illogically and then getting slammed with the hard reality of how the anime /anything actually turned out. Thus, I end up disliking the anime / anything more than I logically should simply because I didn’t get what I wanted. Petty, I know.

That was off-topic. Back to the matter at hand! Interspecies had an intersting first for an ecchi anime lingering in a solid “average” state of neither “good” nor “bad” based on what I was looking for in this first episode. For an anime partaking in the infamous ecchi genre, I think this episode showed flair for its different and intriguing plot when compared to its distant ecchi ancestors. On the flip side, my personal takes on this first episode are speaking a different language…

Two horndog pervert scoundrels imbeciles (I only have so much vocabulary!) want to fulfill their life dream of fucking every species known to exist and then review them so the public knows who’s fuckable and who isn’t. This episode can be easily described in one word: fucking. That’s basically all that happened. This episode gave us the general taste of what the rest of Interspecies will entail and the casual execution (ex. directing, art, pacing) of Insterpecies. Considering I didn’t have a problem with the layout or execution of this episode and its lovely plot, I won’t mind this series. On the other hand, people who did have a problem with this first episode will have trouble liking the rest of the series. Correction, you’ll probably have massive problems with this series. We all know Interspecies will never dramatically escalate into something bigger and better as it’s run extends so now is the time to make your fateful decision. Ya either breakup with the concept and all relative or marry it and see it through till the season’s end.

Image result for interspecies reviewers characters
my brain is wired to think elf ears kid is a child so I’m always weirded out everytime I hear him spout a dirty remark even tho he’s probably like, 20 or smth

And of course, I’m hosting a wedding for Interspecies. You’re all invited!

Our two horndogs meet a rare breed of angel (who is a hermaphrodite; I’ll take a guess and say all angels are and our horndog homeboys will be dramatically disappointed unless they swing any and all ways), and together, all three of them continue the rest of the episode fucking people in the red-light district. I’m not a fan of the extreme ecchi sides of anime nor am I a diligent hater of the genre. I don’t mind it but I do have a feeling as I watch more of Interspecies, I’ll grow to tire of it’s rinse-and-repeat impression its emmiting. I’ve already found Insterpecie’s first episode to hang off the cliff of boredom. I’ll hold onto my almost nonexistant hopes that Insterspecies will do something different besides fucking for an entire episode. Its nice but for this marriage to continue, we need some varity bud! I’ll wait. But not too long.

Plus, as I mentioned in the introduction, I had very high hopes and convinced myself I’d by stunned and invested in Interspecies at first glance. The utter falseness of those hopes scream at my brain to dislike this now that I’ve seen this disappointing first (in comparison to my expecations that is). Thus, any flaw I find in Interspeices I’ll most likely make out to be like the end of the world and obnoxiously dramatize. That’s why I tried to go a little light on the negatives this time around so my biased emotions wouldn’t carry me away.

Image result for ishuzoku reviewers wallpaper
I can’t wait for the memes + controversy

Interspecies offers an interesting enough first episode that isn’t too bad to drop but isn’t too good to say I enjoyed every bit. I’m definitely eager to see where Interspecies plans on going from here but otherwise, I’m in for a lot of episodes of pure fucking. I don’t want to drop this though considering my high expectations for the anime before review. The most unsatisfying thing is seeing an anime not meet my expectations or crashing mid-way…you can imagine how I felt watching Guilty Crown and Carole & Tuesday. This is fine. We are fine.

Priority Rating: Medium-

Thank you for reading! Lynn and Yomu over at Ecchi Hunter have a hilarious post reviewing this first episode also! Not only do they review it, they go as far as to even review Interspecie’s species alongside our mains! I found that extra to be really innovative and downright fun. I just felt like sharing their review with all of you. Thank goodness for the convenience of this post!

3 thoughts on “To Continue or Not Continue? #14: Interspecies Reviewer

  1. Thanks for sharing. We had a laugh coming up with our own reviews for the species in episode one. I do worry that this format for the show will get fairly old fairly quickly, so at least injecting out humour will make it more entertaining… for us at least.

    I’d agree that it was mostly average and had a few laughs. Not too sure how they’re going to drag a whole season out of it though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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    1. I enjoyed your style of humor! I got a ton of laughs out of the post – really brightened my afternoon! Even if the format doesn’t continue because of reptitivity, I’m happy you two shared! It really was a delight.

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  2. I already did my review of it and there seems to an obvious intent at trying to be as unapologetic as it can be with it has to offer on almost every regard which is about the best way I can describe it. compared to the manga the anime is at least more visually entertaining with how they do the reviews and the animation of Passione is definitely an enjoyable one to look at.

    the target audience is pretty clear right from the get go and for that first person’s comment on how they’ll drag out a whole season the only reply I have to that is look at the manga then ask how the manga lasted this long in the first place since going by the comments of youtube and manga sites there is clearly a fanbase that’s been supporting this for a long while. so it’s not a matter of how it’ll drag out but more of how it will execute itself out for the entire season run.

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