To Continue or Not Continue? #15: Science Fell in Love, so I Tried to Prove it!

Yes! Just 5 more series to go! So far so good! As projected, I loved RikeKoi exactly as much as planned and maybe even a little more (I had very high standards for this first ep)! We’re literally watching two scientists try to explain emotions with science…using each other…as romantic guinea pigs…Oh my gersh, can this get any better? This stupidly intelligent stuff is what I live for and RikeKoi assures that by producing an excellent first episode that blends with my fav term, “stupid smart”, hand-in-hand!

Himuro finds she’s fallen in love with her friendo scientist, Yukimura (this is how the first minutes opens up haha). As the episode goes along, we discover that Yukimura also has a secret crush on Himuro. You’re probably wondering: “Why doesn’t Yukimura just confess since Himuro did?” The thing is, these nerds are so nerdy to the point where they don’t even remember what it was like to reason or even experience with this weird thing called, e-e-emotions. Phew, that was close. Almost gagged saying that. Both adorable geeks spend their time in their lab trying to solve the engima of love and just why they feel this way. As much as I would have loved Love is War but with science, I also appreciate this concept fullheartedly. It sounds like one I won’t get old of for a while. It speaks to my science-loving heart vividly.

All compelling and lively plot aside, RikeKoi did it’s job well as a comedy this episode. I really have to thank whoever is behind these character designs because boy oh boy, did they make this episode so much more hilarious! Jokes are stand-alone funny but the fitting character designs enhance them even more! Whoever designed Himuro, I love you and your brilliant mind behind her composition. I can’t get enough of looking at her. First it was Hanako, now its RikeKoi.

Image result for rikekoi anime himuro blushing

Cough, anyways, back to my slight professionalism. This episode was not only funny, not only good-looking, not only compelling, but it was also insanely cute! Of course the character designs are a big factor but we also have to take into account of the VAs that are just so into it. Jokes delivered by the characters feel fitting for them and although its only the first episode, I’m way too absorbed into these two and their relationship. Ultimately, all factors combined, they result in a couple filled with cuteee! Cute with reason too!

RikeKoi’s first episode doesn’t fail in delivering a compelling and hilarious concept, characters I’m already emotionally invested in, an art style I feel guilty for loving this much and VAs you know I’ll be looking up after writing this post. I may have a huge bias with these odd “Love is War” type rom-com plots and especially characters like Himuro and Yukimura (both are my go-to “types” in anime). You bet I’m totally gonna be on this science-filled train!

Priority Rating: High

Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “To Continue or Not Continue? #15: Science Fell in Love, so I Tried to Prove it!

  1. I still need to sit down and watch this one but going by reactions it definitely sounds like a good laugh and time especially when all i need is this for the summary.

    How do know if we love someone and prove it? WITH SCIENCE OF COURSE!

    XD that’s all I need to recommend this anime to people lol

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