AR: Sakura Trick – Two Girls Kiss For Twelve Episodes…The End

Ever since Citrus and Bloom Into You, I’ve been tailing the Yuri genre closely and attentively. Those stalking endeavors have lead me to this next Yuri, Sakura Trick. Although quenching my Yuri anime depression through Sakura Trick was top priority on the to-do list, there was something else about Sakura Trick that intially piqued my interest. Thus, it slowly became a question I wanted to immediately solve…

What is the trick? Typically, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) symbolize renewal, innocence, purity, love and passion. Cherry Blossoms enjoy falling out of nowhere in Sakura Trick whereever love or intense passion is present. If cherry blossoms signify Yuu and Haruka’s flourishing romance, the “trick” part expels that and for solid reason. Narratively, Yuu and Haruka hide their relationship throughout the series and pretend to be “only friends” to the point where even sometimes, they aren’t sure themselves. Thus is where the pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place and the mystery of “What is the trick?” is solved.


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oh my god I can hear him

On the contrary, I see a different definition. Sakura Trick’s primary stablizer, kissing, also “tricks” us as the audience along with Haruka and Yuu’s peers. The only thing Sakura Trick has to offer that no other Yuri can is excessive kissing between our two mains. Thus, Sakura Trick is easily able to earn the love and attention of fans. Sakura Trick dramatizes this specialty of their’s and puts special, uncontrollable attention into it to make sure it’s watchers continously come back for more. Not only are the characters being tricked, we’re being trick with the frightening-to-abnormally cute appeal of our characters. By having our two mains dramatically and unrealistically kiss every episode and be cute regardless of tone, us as anime flies are always swarming back because who can’t get enough of cute girls kissing y’know? Imagine the drop in viewers once you take off kissing from the cover. Good thing you tricked us, your valuable income source! Honestly, smart move. Review-wise, not really…

Image result for Sakura Trick
first kiss of the first episode was great though

I make it sound like I was immune to Sakura Trick’s “trick” but c’mon. You really think I have such endurance to yuri couples? You guys know me by now, if I fall to anything, its going to be highschool girls holding hands. I’m a grown woman baby yet I screech at the sight of two highschool girls calling each other’s names without honorifics. It takes me till after the “moe high” wears off to realize that Sakura Trick held nothing for me and now, as I’m writing, means nothing to me. Effervescent emotions I felt watching Sakura Trick were only for a quick moment. In the big picture, Sakura Trick is far from memorable and taking even more steps back, it was all one big trick as forementioned. Makes me feel a lil’ betrayed inside. If you want to feel momentarily light and fluffy, Sakura Trick is a fine pick as it excels in dousing the audience with fluffy, over-dramatic kissing with every episode. If you’re searching for a story, this ability of Sakura will come off as a shallow attempt to earn a viewer’s attention. Awfully more so than that of regular moe personally speaking. Gosh, someone tell me why I feel more betrayed than normal, I don’t understand!

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also, apparently only six people exist at Yuu and Haruka’s school lol

Let’s expand our horizon past the kissing parts. Additionally, characters were also on the dull, repetitive side with zero change in sight thanks to the virtually stagnant plot. Furthermore, comedy ends up falling flat thanks to my lack of interest towards the characters. Jokes don’t come off strong. Instead of feeling like an attempt to entertain us, jokes feel like an attempt to make sure we don’t leave. Even though the last few episodes started picking up the pace and Haruka and Yuu’s relationship started seeing change, the damage had already been heavily dealt. Plus, by that time, Sakura Trick didn’t have the capacity to suddenly start being serious with itself. Not only was the kissing inappropiate since episode four, timing both comedically and uncomedically was atrocious. It was far too late for Sakura Trick to redeem itself and there’s sadly no going back to it’s potential-filled first episodes.

In the end, Sakura Trick never goes beyond moe nor does it succeed in being a light comedy. You can thank its dull, unprogressive characters and lacking plot for that. Sakura Trick overdramatizes and crams in sexual scenes (scenes are abnormally relaxing like drug-intakes / inappropiate for the tone) in order to earn more attention from us, the viewers, who are a key source of income. Without the sexiness, Sakura Trick has nothing propping it up story-wise and financially. These cons are reoccuring amongst anime of the masses however, I feel to define them in this review specifically because of the amount of potential Sakura Trick held at it’s start. I really thought Sakura Trick could be anotuer big-hitting Yuri for me. It’s truly a shame Sakura Trick didn’t take itself seriously enough to be a decent romance.

If you’re looking for a watch to please you – if only for a moment – take a stab at Sakura. If not, passing this up is a better alternative. On a positive note, Sakura Trick gave me the flutters and smilies countless of times when watching it. Then again, when it comes to Yuri, I’m always getting the smilies. Its been a month and I still can’t get over Bloom Into You. Still squealing at Yuu calling Touko without honorifics to this day.

Rating: 5/10

Thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “AR: Sakura Trick – Two Girls Kiss For Twelve Episodes…The End

  1. i remember watching this when it aired originally and I don’t know I always felt like it was relying too heavily on just the yuri and kissing. It’s not often you’ll find me saying I enjoyed a yuri or yaoi anime or manga mostly cause Japan follows a certain formula more than the US does(surprising I know lol) but regardless of sexual preference I look for character and story or at least one of those 2 to help sell in what’s happening and maybe it’s cause I’ve been looking at the wrong ones but a majority of them just feel so formuliac and do near the exact same set ups that I do feel like Japan just isn’t too big on same sex stories at least not in terms of making a genuine story out of it where they can just treat it like it’s a regular build up like with any other couple and I never feel like they grasp on people’s confusions about discovering their gay since that’s usually a big deal for people.

    Yuri on Ice at the very least was entertaining for me where as Sakura Trick kind of just rinsed and repeated a lot of stuff all season, and Citrus and banana fish play out the same tropes where one has to be surprised they are getting gay while the person they are getting it on with kind of has to be this tragic or depressing person who feels like no one will understand them or had a sexually abused life and the other people that give involved have to be assholes and… okay I’m going on a tangent there. It’s not that I don’t think there are good yaoi and yuri stories from japan it’s just a lot of the ones that get pushed to the forefront just feel so similar that I don’t know how people can note the differences enough to call them good or classic. if there are others out there like yuri on ice where they can be gay and entertaining and have an interesting story and characters then I’m fine but when others do the same thing or in sakura trick’s case rely on the kissing for surprise shock value or something then it gets old fast.

    I guess kind of like how America these days makes it such a big deal they put more focus on it than the characters themselves in the stories, Japan has the opposite problem where it focuses on certain characters but not enough to really show why being gay is a big hurdle for them or even explain why they need one person to be forceful on another person they just met in some cases to justify the relationship. I’m sure there’s a middle ground balance that can be found when people see relationships are the same regardless of gender where that all takes time and build up and the same fears exist where one person worries the other may not like them in the same way they do or don’t want to ruin the friendship they have over something that may be one sidedly romantic. but this is just me and how i view things, and Sakura Trick I think for it’s time when it got released it was relying on being this shock value of having a yuri couple as the main focus to the point not much really happens.

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    1. I definietly agree with your thoughts on same sex stories not only in Japan, but in asian cultures in general. I’ve read plenty of Yuri / Yaoi stories that hardly differentiate from a fantastical level of homosexuality. In other words, those stories hardly address realistic problems accompanied by being homosexual as you described. Even characters and plolt in general, regardless of realism, are typically on the same level as its peers with some exceptions. To me, it all matters on how well and beautifully that story is portrayed and, to be frank, most eastern homosexual stories I’ve read feel like re-reads of the same thing.

      Despite the rather poor rep homosexual stories have built up, I, for some reason, still chase like hell after them. It’s like a disease haha. A (mostly) fun disease.

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    1. My pleasure! Just glad you didn’t waste your time on it! Then again, I was in a sour mood that day so maybe I went a little too hard on this series. After all, binging a show in two days is definitely not a pleasant experience…yet I keep doing it. My mind is weird.

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      1. Sure. Sorry to hear that you had a sour mood watching that anime. There were times when I had similar feelings, but I think that happens more often with some documentaries which I thought was bizarre. One I can think of was when I reviewed Ruby Ridge and the timing of me watching it not long after a dangerous tragedy a few years ago really didn’t help.

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