I’m Bored, Watch me Try to Analyze ID: INVADED’s Cover Art

Hey everyone. I’m bored as you can see. I suddenly remembered I wanted to take a shot at analyzing ID’s cover art before the season started. Oh well. I’ll still do it even if I’m five weeks late and it’s technically not much of a prediction anymore. It’s my blog, I’ll do whatever I want.

In case you didn’t know, Eir Aoki, director of ID, has also directed fan favs such as Re: Creators and Fate/Zero. Both are rather known for their cover arts foreshadowing events primarily using character placement and eye direction or at least, from my observations. Take one good look at ID’s cover art. Anyone can tell that that’s obviously the laziest cover art to ever drop on Earth. Geez, at least try a little.

Image result for ID: Invaded cover art

Okay, no. My obnoxious sarcasm aside, Aoki really put thought and strategy into this poster’s placement. It’s just begging me to break it down y’know? Both posters and openings always trigger that unfortunate curse on me. Let’s begin and my apologies if I seem unenthusiastic. In my head, I’m proofing this all with a dead-pan voice. Prolly because I didn’t have a coffee. Okay, definitely because I didn’t have a coffee. If a person chose a specific selection of my posts, the moods of them are so different from one another. You can have one that’s optimistic but barely addresses anything and then you can have another that’s informative but so so boring. My mood swings smh.

For my small predictions segment, the ones with an *astrick in front of it are not confident. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the cover art. I always enjoy reading what other people have to say. Really broadens my awfully short horizons y’know? I’ve been saying “y’know” an unhealthy amount lately. Okay, I’m just gonna stop myself rght there. I already know I’m about to go on an awful tangent the longer I continue.

What do we Know?

  • The head in the middle is Sakaido, the brilliant detective tasked with solving the mystery of Kaeru’s death in a virtual world. He’s also presumably a psychopath.
  • The girl on the outside is Kaeru who is always dead in Sakaido’s investigations in the virtual world.
  • Deuteragonist, Hondomachi, is tasked with solving criminal cases. Just recently, her frontal lobe was impaled in which way we don’t know affects her…yet.
  • Guy farthest to the left is Matsuoka, in charge of Hondomachi.
  • Guy next to Hondomachi is Momoki, a vital part in solving criminal cases. He seems to be in main charge of most everything. He also shows the most interest in Narihisago, Sakaido’s user and doesn’t take a fair liking to him.
  • The person looming atop hem all is Narihisago, Sakaido’s physical form.
  • The person next to Momoki is Tougou. I’m unsure of her role besides the fact she’s obviously a part of the crime-fighting squad. She doesn’t seem important as of now.

My Predictions Currently

  • Let’s address Kaeru’s positioning here. Normally, she’s dead and in Sakaido’s virtual reality. Here, she’s good and healthy and outside of Sakaido’s reality shown through her abnormal placing away from him. This could be interpreted as many but if I’m taking a guess, I’d say she’ll become a mental enemy to Sakaido at some point in time to where it also affects his actions in the physical world or the vice versa. Her foot is also slightly lifted indicating a step forward. Just what will she do in that forward step? Also, Is it concerning she also faces a person’s most vulernable area, the neck? Or maybe I’m just looking too into it? Regardless, I think it’s secured Kaeru will become a threat to Sakaido and Narihisago.
  • *I find it interesting that everything (besides) Kaeru is in Sakaido’s head. It could mean anything from shallow to complex to fashion statement. A literal take would just means them partaking in crime-solving investigations through Sakaido’s mental connection to the ID Well but, it could also be a more symbolic movement such as everyone in Sakaido’s head fitting like a sock to Sakaido’s ulterior motives or maybe Sakaido’s manipulative grasp on everyone in his head or maybe their perspectives and mindsets gradually molding into Sakaido’s. After all, ultimately, Sakaido is is a big bad just like the Perofrator or Gravedigger. He just earns slightly more freedom for being a smart boy. Screw it, I’ll settle on fashion statemnt for now.
  • Sakaido’s eyes are looking towards the negative. Like a timeline y’know. Up is positive, down is negative, indicating Sakaido probably has negative, ulterior motives as forementioned. Directors like doing that timeline junk like how if a person looks to the left of a timeline, that symbolizes reminisce of the past and vice versa. Sakaido’s negative motives are already a given though considering he’s already – oh, I don’t know – killed people. Whatever, I have my bet his psychotic tendencies will strongly escalate. I mean, he can kill people with words and worst of all, the criminal agency or whatever sucks at compressing that urge of his. Imagine what else this fool can do.
  • Hondomachi also looks as equally resolved as Sakaido. A key point is they’re both looking the same direction. Maybe over time, Hondomachi will also start going down a psychotic / machiavellainous route similar to Sakaido’s. It wouldn’t be surprising considering the hole in Hondomachi’s head, the fact she can enter the ID Well and most likely will and the fact that she’s interested in the psychotic Narihisago as an individual. The ID Well and Narihisago sound like a plausible causes for negative change.
  • *Now that I’m look closely, everyone is looking at Sakaido. Eh, they don’t matter to me. Never cared about Matsuoka and redhead chick anyways. They can go be them.
  • Contrary to Hondomachi and Sakaido, Momoki looks up, up and away! Obviously, he’s not gonna be a part of their fiesty shenanigans. It kind of looks like he’s looking at the looming Narhisago doesn’t it? He’s the only one looking at his physical appearance rather than his ID appearance (oh geez, you can get so many interpretations from that alone). Whilst Sakaido (presumably) has everyone wound up in his virtual shenanigans, Momoki is calm and collected and definitely anti-Sakaido for sure. I have a feeling Momoki will somehow step in and actually and I mean actually – not put him in a glass wall and call it a day – isolate Sakaido as Sakaido begins causing more problems. After all, it’s already been shown Sakaido is definitely not Momoki’s favorite person and typically, opposite line of visions to the masses means betrayal / rebellion of some type.
  • *Let’s talk Momoki and him looking at Narihisago and not Sakaido. Actually, let’s not. That can literally be so many things especially considering I’m not solid on what Sakaido’s head exactly symbolizes. See, I love doing these predictions but the harsh reality is I ultimately suck at them because I can never decide from the billions of possibilities in my head!
  • Typically, when it comes to Aoki’s cover arts, the big bad tends to loom over the entire cast symbolizing their control over them or their intimidating presence. Here, Sakaido’s Super Saiyan form, Narihisago, is looming over everyone. It’s not surprising considering Narihisago is the antihero but it is interesting. Going back to the bullet about eye direction and Sakaido’s head, symbolic manipulation in the form of eye direction doesn’t sound too far off now that we’ve clarified Aoki’s biggest trend with his big bads is a “controlling presence” as forementioned. “Looming over” is much like a pupeteer over his puppets.
Image result for puppeteer looming over"
Remmy is the most frightening antihero of them all. Isn’t it stupid how I actually remember the rat’s name, it’s been years since this movie
Image result for Sakaido"
how does anime manage to make the most worst-sounding hair styles ever actually good-looking.
  • Finally, the symbolic enigma of Sakaido’s unraveling scarf *breathes in*…looksvery good on him and fits his appearance like chef’s kiss.. Not only does he rock an amazing bed head, he rocks a scarf. I need someone to cosplay as this guy. I would pay literal money to see bed head Sakaido irl. I WILL PAY MONEY.

Okay my children of the candy corn, that’s all for this post. The main goal for this post was to just spread my thoughts around in order to hear other’s thoughts on the topic. Comments are much appreciated but until then, I’ve been your host Inski and thank you for staying at Hotel Inskime. Bye bye.

I seriously need to stop calling this blog everything but it’s official name. I’ve been calling it the Inskihole lately, this is not okay.

5 thoughts on “I’m Bored, Watch me Try to Analyze ID: INVADED’s Cover Art

  1. Analyzing things is always so much fun to do (though I never once tried to analyze a cover art). And you make some really interesting and valid points! But I’ve yet to watch the show so sadly I can’t agree or disagree. But I will agree that usually the mastermind or the puppeteer would loom over them all.

    Cover art aside, it’s nice to read your posts even when you don’t sound upbeat or optimistic as you put it. I could still feel your personality so it’s still engaging and nice! It’s more tiring to sound excited when you’re chilling anyway.

    Also, you’ve been calling your blog Inskihole? HAHAHA how unusual

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is! Even if I’m probably wrong most of the time, It’s great fun taking stabs at things left and right! Most of the time they’re blind and in the dark stabs but ever so rarely…I may just hit something. It’s nice hearing you agree with the big bad and puppeteering!

      Also, thank you! It’s nice knowing I’m still able to get across even if I’m not actively trying to be optimistic. This post actually felt more relaxed than usual…maybe I should continue to stop drinking coffee? No, that’s an evil idea, scratch that.

      And yep, caught me red-handed, I’ve been calling this ol’ thing the Inskihole. When it comes to names, I can never stick with just one because there are just so many good ones out there! All my plants don’t have names because I always call them by different names whenever I see them. It’s even sadder considering I only have two plants…

      Liked by 1 person

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