Jibaku Shounen Hanako-San – Episode 4

I just drank a huge bottle of Coke and normally, something that sugary would get a person hyper but instead, it made me feel super tired which is weird. Normally I’m always super tired so naturally, Coke has zero effect. I don’t known what happened today; Did I drink magic coke today? Was there actual coke in this Coke? Someone get me a lawyer.

Sadly, we’re not here to talk about the enigma of my coke and me feeling like I’m going to fall asleep on my keyboard right now. We’re here to talk Toilet-Bound Hanako-san and it’s fourth episode. I’m going to be a cool kid and put the TL;DR in the front of the review…

It wasn’t very good in comparison to Hanako-san’s previouses.

Since the previous episodes, Hanako-san has been excelling in its artistic aspects. It’s solid, it’s crisp, it fits the tone and most importantly, it fits the manga format Hanako-san proffers. The bad news is the manga format does not fare well in action / fight scenes. When it comes to fight scenes, Hanako-san digresses to power point presentation equivalent to that one My Hero Academia: S4 battle that did a fantastic job coloring manga panels inside the lines. The minimal movement in Hanako-san doesn’t make the fight as compelling as it could’ve been. It’s a bummer considering the main fight’s impact (Mizusaki v. Hanako) was a crucial part to the emotional delivery of this episode. Please note, I’m not asking for huge, elaborate movements shipped from the Kuroko no Basket franchise. I’d just like for Hanako-san to add a little more spice and pazazz to our currently dull fight scenes. With the way fights are now, I worry for how Hanako-san will handle larger, more pivotal fights. Especially so since Hanako-san seems more action-based than Slice of life-based.

Here’s a pleasant positive about Hanako-san this episode though. Yako (former second wonder) had a gorgeous design. I really loved looking at her design even if her only screentime was a few static(ish) frames. It’s a shame she became a rather plain-looking fox; her design was so quaint and solid too!

Image result for toilet bound hanako san fox"

On the topic of Yako, let’s discuss her backstory from when she was a not-so-evil person. Y’know, before she became a manequin-seeking monster. Here’s the rundown: Yako, as a ghosty child, had a crush on her teacher who didn’t ignore her and badmouth her as others did. Yako became fond of the teacher easily and wrote her experiences w/ him in her journal. One day, her teacher suddenly disappeared and she was left alone. She found out that he had died by falling down the stairs and thus, became spiteful of the world. As of the present, she seeks to bring back her teacher through sending middle schoolers on errands to create a manequin for her. If they fail, they become a manequin.

Between action, comedy and heartfeltedness – the three Hanako-san can successfully wield – this episode aimed to scratch the latter off the most. A lot of time was spent into making Yako’s story click for the audience and developing her character into a character worth getting emotional over a short time span. Sadly, although I respect Hanako-san’s valiant efforts, Yako’s backstory and it’s delivery was only, at best, average. The only thing I felt sad about was Yako having to turn into a fox and losing her sick design. Otherwise, her being stripped of her status and her struggles of getting over her teaher’s death are empty and meaningless to me. The only way to have made scenes w/ Yako as emotional as possible was for Hanako-san to excel in an emotional situation uniquely affecting – something that defines Hanako-san as Hanako-san and not as any other mediocre anime. That doesn’t mean Hanako-san did a poor job this episode. As I said, it was only a mediocre-at-best episode.

Image result for toilet bound hanako san"
gotta love this scene in the op

Since more time is spent on being heartfelt in Hanako’s fourth, comedy is short-lived. Barely anything got a smirk out of me since all Hanako-san did this episode was play to typical comedy tropes. Excuse me for being ruthless but gags were the definition of ‘half-assed’ and the only comedy Hanako-san succeeded in fulfilling was the ‘being-cute-for-giggles’ style if you can even call that comedy in the first place.

Overall, Definitely not one of Hanako-san’s strongest episodes in multi-tasking or single-tasking (w/ heartfeltedness) in general but not the worst I’ve ever seen.

As I said, Hanako-san offers a mediocre-at-best showing with only casual heart tugging. The remaining of the aspects that contribute to Hanako-san’s evolution into a more-than-mediocre display tumble and turn like Hanako-san’s comedic and action sequences. Hanako-san introduced itself with solid first episodes – almost enough to consider Hanako-san a big runner for the season. Unfortunately, it seems to be dying down alarmingly. Hopefully Hanako-san can pick up the pace. The excitement high is wearing off buddy. If I must, I will sit you down and we will have a therapy session about your problems, Hanako-san. Don’t test me.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Well sugar highs can be followed by sugar crashes, which might explain why you’re feeling extra tired after that huge bottle o’ coke. But hey, what do I know eh, all I do is play games, watch anime and blog a little.

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