ID: INVADED – Case File 07

Welcome back to the Inskihole everyone. Bouncing off the greatly done episode six comes a fairly disappointing episode seven that can hardly hold a candle to the wide success episode six brought with it. That isn’t to say it’s bad but, in all honestly, I was left with an air of disappointment.

To start, we should probably address an unavoidable point to this episode: the xtreme plot twist that Momoki is actually John Walker. What’s the evidence you ask? John Walker’s halloween costume and the deceased body of the Mizuhanome’s founder buried in Momoki’s residence.

I want that cane

Obviously, this reeks of a set-up framing Momoki. I fail to believe that my cover analysis post could be anything but valid thus, Momoki shalt be innocent! Okay, no. In all seriousness, this reveal was abrupt and there’s no intricately embedded reasoning pointing to Momoki being Walker. It seems slapped on in order to keep ID’s continuous pace . I feel ID is better than to sloppily slap a resolution to the driving conflict of the story in a way like this. Therefore, I’m lead to believe this is a simple framing. Plus, it’s just way too straightforward and self-serious to actually make us believe Momoki is Walker. It’s not cleverly executed at all. Looking at the demographic ID is targetted towards, this is the equivalent of a person trying to throw you off their scent by riveting their eyes and whistling.

Image result for chika whistling
Chika’s got me fooled.

Although this may be a heavily faulty build for future conflicts and the true mystery of Walker, I can look past it in hopes the prominent objective of ID gets through to me.

Meanwhile, we can’t have Narihisago’s sole definition to his audience be “Psycho Serial Killer” throughout the entire series. He needs more pazazz and exploration to him y’know? Thus, episode seven takes intiative and focuses on Narihisago and, specifically, his Id well.

The Investigation Squad investigates the Challenger’s death, which was brought upon by Narihisago three years ago. They find that even after three years, Narhisago’s intent to kill is stronger than ever. Thus, the Suicide Squad delves deeper into the Challenger and Narihisago’s past and concludes that it’s time to see what’s popping in Narihisago’s unconcious. Who knows, he might be having a party in there without them. It’s only expected for them to feel left out.

sis someone needs to get you a new outfit

They send Hondomachi into Narihisago’s ID well which, in essence, contains everyone he knows spread on numbered tiles that get struck with lightning every 9 seconds. The lightning is not like the other girls though. It never strikes the same place twice. After a few minutes in Narihisago’s well, Hondomachi (ID name: Miyo) concludes Narihisago was trying to save her from the lightning by strapping her down to Kaeru’s dead body (that was struck by lightning). That’s cute. Miyo investigates further along Narihisago’s mind and discovers another well! …It’s an Id Well inside an Id Well! Woah. Spooky.

We’ve known Hondomachi’s curious ass long enough to know what she’ll do now and instinctively, she jumps into the well headfirst. Momoki, knowing of the backstory of the Well, immediatley objects but as referenced, he gets arrested. In his place, the redhead chick I forgot existed takes over. Her abilities as new director are currently unknown.

I frankly have no complaints about Narihisago’s Well except for one thing I just can’t wrap my head around. As I said, the tiles in his ID Well are mysteriously numbered but it turns out, they have a sequence. They just happen to be a sequence of the numbers in Pi and somehow, a fellow investigator connects that to Narihisago’s daugher’s death. Okay…? That’s nice but…why? Why make such an extravagant attempt to say that his daughter is connected to the whole ordeal? I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to conceive it as an intelligent remark but really, it feels ludicrous and self-serious. It was hardly necessary.

I am serious please get new clothes you look like you’re wearing a disposable poncho

Overall, I don’t have any compliments for this episode. Just complaints. It wasn’t ridiculously bad but it definitely felt below the bar ID set for itself. The running issue with ID tends to be logical errors or occassional trip ups in its flow of events. The only difference this episode made from the others is that there was nothing outstanding to lift it up from the gloominess of its few blunders.

This has been Inski and thank you for reading.

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