Jibaku Shounen Hanako-san – Episode 6 (Happy Valentines!)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s whether you’re with your S.O. or not. I wish you all the same! I typically never celebrate Valentine’s day. I suppose that trend has seeped over into my virtual world of blogging. My apologies for such a lame episodic post on Valentine’s of all days.

Nevertheless, my lameness won’t stop me from putting this episodic review out! I feel super proud saying that. Probably because I completely forgot this series existed yet I’m somehow managing to squeeze in this weird review thingie (if you can even call it that this point) at the last minute of the day yet again…I see you scowling, stop it. I gotta say though, sometimes procrastination can be really thrilling and fun! Strenous, but fun.

Enough banter. I forgot we’re here for anime and not my rantings on procrastination and lameness. Toilet-Bound offers yet another poor episode to add to it’s three episode streak…Just kidding! Almost fooled myself there, damn, I’m good. This time around, Toilet-Bound takes it upon itself to straighten itself out and deliver a solid, constructed episode. Say goodbye to my typical Inskidee negativity, time to bust out that positivity! It feels like it’s been too long. Valentine’s day really does something to me…

What I really love about Hanako-san’s sixth episode is how chill and flexible it is with it’s comedy. Normally, Hanako-san takes confident and rather forceful stumbles into comedy. You can tell Hanako-san is really trying to get us to crack a laugh and thus, it pulls outrageous stunts and flambunctious wit that don’t sail very smoothly. It’s comedy style is just too over-cooked to be anything outstandingly hilarious or even funny.

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun / 無題 / February 14th, 2020
Why have I never heard of Pixiv before? I’m kinda mad at myself. Artist: 冬木

Albeit this episode wasn’t at all an ROFL-type episode, Hanako-san took it’s comedy down a notch and thus, gags flow smoothly. Even if Hanako-san is rinse-and-repeating the same jokes we’ve been seeing left and right, this episode’s lax attitude reverbrates amongst the jokes and makes them ‘convincingly’ seem effortless. I say ‘convincingly’ because, in all honesty, Hanako-san’s specific comedy style takes effort. It doesn’t have a natural speciality in the comedic art, therefore, Hanako-san needs to be delicately nurtured to comedy success. However, in this sixth episode’s small 20-minute frame, it almost seemed as if Hanako-san was a natural-borne at light comedy! It looked ‘convincingly effortless’. Right off the bat, Hanako-san fixes it’s biggest issue since episode three and the issue I had the most fun pestering to boot. What do I pester now? I need to nag something. Can I poke at Hanako’s VA to stop being such a good VA? He’s too amazing. All nagging obsessions aside, Inskidee likey this episode’s fun leisure. She likey a lot.

Image result for Hanako san anime
actually tho, whoever Hanako’s VA is, hit me up

In Hanako’s sixth, we finally learn more about the mysterious Hanako. Yippee! I love the timing here. Before turning on this episode, I was just thinking about how nice it would be if we got Hanako’s backstory (or at least a smidgen of it). On the flip side, before watching, I was also worried about how his backstory’s reveal would be handled. Hanako-san has flunctuating quality. Who’s to know when we’ll get a good or bad apple? Thankfully, Hanako-san focuses all will and concentration into making Hanako’s backstory tick and it does a damn well job. Every event towards Hanako’s backstory was strategically placed and no steps taken in this episode were unnecessary including additional comedic bits like Tsuchimori’s Embarassment Game. Those kept things lively. Tsuchimori’s presence (Fourth Wonder) especially kept things animated. His curt, cold attitude blended with our hyperactive kids made an entertaining dynamic. Before I knew it, I reached the final fourth of Hanako-san. That means a lot for an impatient someone like me who’s constantly checking the progress bar on everything under the sun.

Hanako’s backstory goes according to Hanako-san’s malicious plan and thus, as a victim to the plan, I come out of Hanako-san’s sixth very emotionally scathed. You got me Hanako-san, I’ll admit it just this once. Hanako’s backstory is revealed sharply and much better than I had expected. Now I’m starting to become interested in Hanako’s character. His backstory’s prompt implementation feels like the icing on his character cake. It’s taken me this long to grow curious (and emotional) about Hanako. Consider me emotionally invested in Hanako’s characterization. Big turn around from previous apathy-filled episodes, Hanako-san. Big turn.

There’s really not much to add except those few positive points. There’s also nothing severely negative about this episode either. For once, I can easily say Hanako-san did an up to bar job with it’s sixth. Hopefully we can create a

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