What Will I be Eating Up This Spring Anime Season?

It’s time to wave our inevitable farewells to 2020’s wintry season of buxom monster succubi, volleyball feels, cute toilet boys, scaly gyoza alligators and gosh — there’s no way I can list all of them. They’ve all had their fair share of show in the spotlight. Some performed delightfully, even attracting audiences to its premium “Late Night Manga Show” while others crashed atop its audiences’ expectations. Regardless of execution, it was fun being there for the seasonal ride.

Yes, winter was a fine season for anime indeed but enough living in the past! The winter season’s success or failure is hereby declared irrelevant because that’s how I hear trends function! Trust me, I’m very well informed — especially as a citizen largely disconnected from social media.

Now that another anime season has dropped the curtain on its debut, it’s time for me to commence my traditional ritual of isolating myself in my gloomy hole for yet another agonizing search of new seasonal anime to suffocate myself with (even though I’ve already been doing that due to the Coronavirus pandemic). However, such search comes with an insurmountable amount of excersise. That’s right — the pre-anime research period. Oh, woe! The pure torture and labor of having to click and scroll equates to walking barefoot across scorching sands! Just however will I power through this blasted trial of enduring the sheer agony and irritation of slightly moving my pointer finger?

In short: I’m too much of a lazyass to research. Spring has caught me in a lazy mood so I might as well take my ass partially blind.

Speaking of my being a lazyass, I won’t be doing TCNCs or episodic reviews this season. No other excuse here. I’m just an indolent poof. If I feel like it, maybe I’ll suddenly drop one however, judging by how I’ve been holding up these past weeks, I suspect spring will proferr my least amount of posts.

The Upcoming Shows I’m Most Excited For

Kaguya-Sana: Love is War S2

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai?: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

Wow, it took me a while to grow attached to this one. After Kaguya-sama’s first season ended, I went along with my day without batting an eyelash. No anime depression or anything. Crazy, right? Flashforward a few months later where Kaguya-sama is no longer relevant in my life and now I’m starting to feel a lil’ empty. I blame it on Spy x Family for eerily reminding me of Kaguya-sama — I don’t know how either! I know they’re nothing alike in concept, yet, I can’t help placing the two side-by-side. I’m itching to jump into Kaguya-sama’s manga but the second season is already so close! Sigh, why must I be hit with Kaguya-sama homesickness now, when the second season is already so close?! Anime is a meanie pants.

Digestion Rate: More Chika, more Kaguya, Must. Have. The. Entire. Cast

Hamefura: I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta...

Ah, yes. The infamous Isekai titles are making a righteous come-back. This is shameful to admit, but I’m beginning to love the sheer stupidity of these Isekai titles. At first I was annoyed, but now? I’m literally browsing anime seasons just to find Isekai titles. Last night, I found one called Reincarnated as the strongest wand In another world, I’m forcing a girl to be a magical girl against her will!. I’d buy it to be completely honest.

After doing a speckle of research (shocker!), Hamefura seems to have a lot of clout despite me having never heard of it. Admittedly, as stupid as I thought this anime would be, I found myself quite interested after only a quick read of the synopsis. I haven’t heard of an Isekai as conceptually abstract as this sounds in a while. Plus, I’ve heard the main character controls a BISEXUAL harem. That’s something I gots to see and you can’t stop me.

Digestion Rate: Bisexual harem earns immediate consumption by default



I’m making a new rule for myself. Anything Trigger must be consumed! I’ve loved Trigger’s rugged art style since I first laid eyes on it and judging from BNA’s PV, I can’t wait to fall in love yet again! It’s an original anime by Trigger which hopefully means another member to Trigger’s unique anime club. Despite my anticipation, the “original” title does raise tints of doubts. For example, if I have to see another giant spaceship waifu magically pop into the narrative one more time, I…

Ahem, anyways! The plot is passable, but I’ll be accompanying BNA for the art. Upon watching the first episode, I think I have a gist of how this may end…

Digestion Rate: Rule 01 – Anything Trigger must be consumed!



The plot is something I’d wholeheartedly ignore on paper. It’s a good thing it’s an anime plot. We still have visuals, cinematography and audio to account for its seemingly lacking concept. Thus, I think I’ll be in the Gleipnir ride for the art and directing. The bear from the PV and cover art alone already gives me major heebyjeebies. I love it when art can pull a R.L. Stein on me and give me the goosies. The science and psychology behind fear is fun to mull on and thus, I never pass up an opportunity to even be slightly scared. Although I’m aware I’ll most likely become more indifferent the longer I watch this (not a big fan of battle royale/death game types), I think it’s worth to give this twisted-lookin’ thing a try. The directing and art piques my curiosity.

Digestion Rate: It creeps me out so I will naturally eat it like any normal human being would.

Tower of God

Kami no Tou

Hold up. Is that Tower of God? Let me just clean my nonexistant glassess real quick…Holy shit! It’s Tower of God! I’m gonna cry — I never thought this day would actually come! Sure, I joked about it a lot but it’s actually here?! Let me just wipe my nonexistant glassess again…

I’m teeming with excitement like, it’s Tower of God everyone! I know we’re already freaking out but diddly darn it, freak out harder! Trust me, if I could, this entire section would be in full caps. I recently saw the trailer and you have no idea how happy I was to see the original character designs exactly replicated in this adaptation. After all, the primary reason why I started reading ToG was for the art. I can’t wait to see ToG’s nutso story gracefully unfold before me for a second round and I can’t wait to write posts gushing all over it. I wanna write up a comparison between ToG and Hunter X Hunter. I think they’re awfully similiar in some peculiar sense. I just can’t seem to put my finger on what peculiar sense…Also, did you know the person behind Made in Abyss‘ killer OST is contributing to ToG’s soundtrack? Stop it, ToG. I’m actually gonna cry if you keep on surprising me like this (well, I already cried but I’ll cry again — don’t test me).

Digestion Rate: I’M NOT CRYING



I saw the protagonist plug the audio jack in her ass so consider me sold! Now you know the secrets to what reels me into literature. Let’s establish another rule to accompany the lonely Trigger rule – If an audio jack is inserted in thy ass, it shalt be watched. If I ever bare children, I’ll be sure to pass down such insight. Past the ass-plugging, Listeners offers an interesting premise questioning life in a world of no music. MAL says “two mains intermingle with the history of rock music” which is really all I need to get me invested. The ass-plugging is only a small part— if it involves rock now, sign me up! I can’t wait to see how Listeners handles this straightforward but seemingly flexible concept.

Dugestion Rate: Rule 02 – If an audio jack is inserted in thy ass, it shalt be watched.

Those are my inaugural must-watches of Spring. Not too expansive but —I’d say— just right. Here are the others I’ll be stalking in the shadows w/ small additional notes.

  • Re:Zero S2 – Ngl, despite me disliking Subaru’s ass, I was really looking forward to Re: Zero’s second season. It’s a shame, but I rather the crew not risk their health for this adaptation [TRANSITIONED TO SUMMER WATCHES]
  • No Guns Life Season Two – I was indifferent towards the first season but for the sake of scratching it off the list, why not?
  • Yesterday Wo Utatte – I see crows. Who doesn’t love crows? I’ll watch an anime w/ crows anyday *maliciously turns towards Haikyuu! metaphors*
  • *Kakushigoto – The concept sounds like pure wholesomeness. The only thing I fear is too much repetition or lack of flair.
  • *Appare-Ranman! – Whatever the hell this is (synopsis was a mess upon reading it), I’ll take your entire stock.
  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History’s Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants – You could’ve kept the first six words as the title but it’s okay. I can learn to appreciate typing out an entire thesis statement when I go to write titles [TRANSITIONeD TO SUMMER WATCHES]
  • The 8th son? Are you kidding me? – A captivating title followed by a seemingly boring premise. However, I give everything under the sun a chance only to swiftly brutalize it afterwards. Thus are my ways.
  • Arte – I’m personally not very curious about Arte’s peculiar historical aspect but everyone seems to be heavily invested it. I’m starting to believe I’m missing a crucial detail here…I’ll give it a chance out of peer pressure.
  • Tamayomi – I hope they’re gay for each other. Oh yeah, and softball. I like softball. I also like gay softball. Just putting that out there.
  • Nami yo Kiitekure – HIROAKKIII SAMURRAAA!!
  • Vlad Love – Vampires? I’ll take your entire stock. [TRANSITIONED TO FALL WATCHES]
  • *Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited – A nice concept and director I very much appreciate (Director behind hit show, SAO). My only issue is the amount of colons in the title. Kinda annoying to look at.

I picked out a lot I was skeptic on. Let’s see how many I’ll end up with by the time the third week of the spring season ends. Considering I typically drop five to six anime per season, I’ll probably end up with— let’s say—11 series under my wing. I’m feeling the number 11 today. Thank you for reading.

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