How are you Doing, Anime? | Spring 2020 Check-Up

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Here—A Kobayashi’s GIF to warm your soul during this rough time.

Heyo, heyo. As we’re all (most likely) aware of, a substantial number of anime have been cancelled this delightful spring season. However, I’ll still be “checking” on them anyhow ’cause why not? I enjoy rambling about things when I can.

  • Anime Indefinitely Delayed:
  • Appare-Ranman!
  • Fugou Keiji
  • Our Days at Breakwater Club

Moreover, since I slowed down on posting some months ago, I’ve taken it upon myself to add AniList links to posts I publish henceforth. Quality over quantity, amirite? Personally, I like this method of working at my own pace whilst simultaneously putting in more effort relative to what I did prior. It’s more satisfying this way. Granted, I don’t earn as hardly as much interaction and views as I did before enacting this method, but over the course of blogging, I’ve found myself becoming less interested in my Stats Page too, so right now? I’m just straight vibing. If I suddenly disappear, just know that’s because I’m “WOrKinG aT my OwN PacE” which is really just 90% indolence and 10% productivity.

Gleipnir [Episode 6]

First and foremost, I’m glad I stuck with this one. Granted, my thoughts on Gleipnir’s over-bloated concupiscence haven’t changed in the slightest, but I’m relishing Gleipnir’s action sequences. Not only do they have outstanding production values, but they’re also composed very well. For example, the action choreography is diverse and as such, it doesn’t rely on monotonous back-n’-forthes between punches/kicks. Battles truly feel like bona fide battles—such as punches seeming genuinely painful, battles containing zero abrupt, ill-befitting pauses, and dialogue only finding a moment of comfort after said danger dissipates. Small stuff like that bring life to Gleipnir’s action sequences, and that’s really the only reason I’m glad I stayed.

Everyone’s freaking out over Clair—which I can understand—and I too feel like I should be freaking out, however, Clair feels lacking not in her personality, but in that she doesn’t have a suitable partner to complement her distinctive personality. All she has is Shuichi—my go-to science fair model of every timid protagonist archetype graced upon anime. If Shuichi had pronounced character traits built upon that archetype or deep, influential struggles, I’d be fine, but the thing is: he doesn’t. And that’s my major take-away.

Kakushigoto [Episode 7]

Alas, I’m still finding myself largely unamused by Kakushigoto’s style of satire. It can be amusing—don’t get me wrong—but otherwise, Kakushigoto’s comedy is primarily defined by dull repetition, in my humble opinion. I think Kakushigoto shines best in its life lessons on family, bonds, and love more than anything else. Somehow, Kakushigoto finds the luxury to effortlessly transition from that of absurd, satirical comedy to heartfelt messages without so much as a falter in—dare I say—every aspect. It’s all so cohesive and well-baked, really. I couldn’t care less about Kakushigoto’s comedy, but I’m more than sold on its stellar conveyance regarding theme—which is honestly the last thing I thought I’d ever be interested in. Kakushigoto seems to bear a sad undertone come each episode too, so I’m curious to see if Kakushigoto intends to conclude tragically or not. That’d make for a great finish, though.

Wave, Listen to Me! [Episode 7]

Oh boy, I think I just found my big winner for this season! Of all anime I could’ve chosen, Adult People do Radio Things has been continuously stealing my heart week after week whether it wants to or not. Naturally, there’s more dialogue than you can wish for, but after watching the Monogatari series for over a month, I feel like I’ve gained an insurmountable power— the power to tackle any amount of aimless banter. So far, Listen to Me! has been hitting all the right spots in my funny bone. I don’t think I’ve gone an episode of Listen to Me! without bursting out in laughter! However, no matter how much I may be over-indulging in Listen to Me!’s comedic efforts, what truly sells the show for me is Minare’s vibrant personality. It’s definitely one I haven’t seen in a while—especially from female leads. It’s more refreshing than I initially expected and twice as fun and addictive. Minare along with her talented VA, Riho Sugiyama, truly feel like that of a radio show host’s immersive personality, which really only augments the authenticity of Listen to Me! further. They both make episodes feel too short, I tell ya!

Arte [Episode 7]

Recently, this show has been feeling aimless, for lack of better wording. It’s going about its day finely, but it lacks substantial strength in its story-telling—namely in its themes. While Arte primarily tackles the potentially intricate topic of cultivating your own identity no matter the obstacles (i.e. Arte persevering through discrimination to become an artisan), Arte has only explored the slim surface of said topic. Consequently, all it can do is perpetually iterate that same, basic surface episode after episode ad nauseam. When Arte does attempt to vary between its methods of conveying theme, its presentation only grows more awry. To demonstrate, during Arte’s early episodes, Arte introduced a romantic conflict between Arte and her mentor, Leo, in order to integrate importance in traditional themes regarding perseverance. However, Arte made said romantic efforts needlessly pretentious and—what’s worse— the prime focus between the two ideas. In response, when the latter took focus, it felt off-putting and empty. Unfortunately, that’s not the first such happens in Arte—though, it is an extreme example relative to its peers.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! [Episode 7]

I hate to say this to Katarina and her lovable Mystery Gang, but Hamefura may be getting a teeny bit o-o-o-o—give me a moment please—o-old. It may be getting o-old. Granted, I’ve caught up with its manga counterpart, so maybe I’m just growing weary of repeating it second time ’round. I’m finding Katarina’s density and her harem’s unequivocal love for her gradually becoming drier and drier as episodes stretch on. What at first felt too short to view weekly is now beginning to feel trite. Despite my minor gripes, the experience I’m sharing with Hamefura’s anime is vastly different from the more positive one I shared with its manga counterpart, so those differences have been fun to analyze. Though, I’ve been having unrivaled amounts of fun with Satoru’s Hamefura alternative: It questions the alternate setting where Katarina remembers her past personality at age fifteen, rather than her childhood. Needless to say, I’m loving it.

Yesterday no Uttate [Epsiode 7]

I’m digging the introspective issues Uttate’s character have encountered thus far as struggling individuals, however, I just can’t find myself relishing (most of) Uttate’s romantic facets. Occasionally, they can feel terribly forced and unwelcomed. For example, Uttate’s sixth episode spent a vast portion of its time debuting its key female of the episode, Yuzuhara, who served an almost sole purpose to spark aimless love rivalry. What could’ve been an episode of chiseling out/tracing the mentality of Uttate’s characters was ultimately sacrificed to maintain the obnoxious buzz of Uttate’s dry, pretentious romance. In this moment and a few unsaid others, it just distracted from Uttate’s central theme—which I suspect to regard realizing self-actualization—and instead, focused on perpetually crafting needlessly prolonged, over-bloated parcels of romance exclusive of any intrigue whatsoever.

However, other times, Uttate’s romance and characters (as individuals) were quite complementing. Take Uttate’s seventh episode, for example. Both romantic efforts and the characters’ individual struggles worked in harmony and consequently, Uttate’s seventh presented a sweet blend between the two that actually didn’t try to judo flip one another into the shadow realm at a moment’s notice. Currently, it’s hard to say which side is more apparent than the other so until then, whatevsies.

The 8th Son? Are you Kidding me? [Episode 7]

This wack title still makes me grin, by the way. Yes, yes—I have a shitty sense of humour, I know (dramatic hair flip).

After spending a tedious half-season with 8th Son, there’s one thing I’m confident I dragged away from its story-telling prowess: 8th Son really hates show over tell. But, I can understand where it’s coming from. I mean, pfff, who cares for watching action-packed battles unfold or stylistic allegories unravel when you can just listen to some randos explain it with unrivaled monotony? I mean hey, the monotony is unrivaled—there’s a world-changing plus. Not to mention, 8th Son can be really kind to its viewers too! For example, 8th Son likes to occasionally leave out crucial details to its story just to spare us of any further exposition! Aww, isn’t that sweet?

Y’see, I’d expect something this remarkably messy and detrimental from the likes of BNA, per se—a series that was more than strapped for time—however, it’s just downright hilarious here considering 8th Son has all the time in the world and it’s spending it burying nuance in the sand and frolicking in a mansion. But hey—it’s all out of sheer kindness, remember?

Tower of God [Episode 7]

I’ve learnt to set aside my biased influence from its manhwa counterpart so I could view and comment on this anime fairly, and now that I’m attempting to observe with as little bias as possible, I really don’t understand how I came to love ToG’s manhwa as much as I did in the first place. I know a lot of people are loving this series, so I apologize in advance if I appear offensively critical. Please know—it’s never my intention to shoot anyone’s opinions down.

First and foremost, it feels as if there’s no bind to reality when it comes to the Tower’s components and the people within whatsoever. I understand how that particular aspect can serve a dual purpose as to pronounce ToG’s fantastical elements, but it just feels nonsensical and impetuous more than anything else. In theory, the world of ToG is something I’d most definitely have my greasy hands all over by now, however, ToG conveys it in the blandest way perceivable through stale exposition and empty visuals. Aside from the residing potential ToG’s setting held, I fail to see any other merit to the series. It chooses to impatiently rush itself along in order to cover as much source as possible—discarding all scent of nuance along the way and so far, there have been zero distinctive/compelling traits in each and every character introduced among ToG’s seven episodes. No one, and no single relationship, comes across as the least bit attractive. Ultimately, there’s really no reason why I’m watching this apart from my dislike towards dropped series in my lists. I probably seem stupidly critical right now, but that’s fine. I really can’t find any distinctive merit to this series.

Edit: Editing Inskidee here—that was a lie—I just remembered a merit. Kevin Penkin is doing a great job as composer. His tracks as stand-alone tunes are stellar. Though, in my humble opinion, Penkin’s compositions often have trouble complementing ToG’s visuals and events. But other times? It works super-duper well.

Tamayomi [Episode 7]

Y’know, I’ve never seen an anime that looks so terribly shitty to the point where it’s ROFL funny…until now. If you’ve been reading this post, you’re probably aware I have an utterly shit sense of humour so naturally, you bet your ass I was shaking with laughter whilst watching this mess! I don’t even care about the plot anymore. I just want another episode of shitty animation, disproportionate character designs, ugly-ass backgrounds, and—oh, the list is infinite. If two-thirds of the shows this season weren’t airing, this would easily be my top pick for comedy.

Oh yeah, and baseball. This is about baseball. Subpar stuff.

Listeners [Episode 7]

I kinda disconnected from this show a while ago. Like, around episode two. But I’m still sticking with it. Why? Anyways, Listeners is meh. Maybe it’s horrible, maybe it’s not—I simply don’t care about it enough to consider the minor details or any details. I’m really taking the moniker of “informal blogger” to the highest level of lazy, aren’t I? Oh well. Also—if you don’t mind me going on a swift tangent—when it comes to seasonals I don’t care about, I usually leave them till the dead of night to watch. I (typically) don’t fall asleep during them, but I find it best to watch them in the night ’cause afterwards, I’m in the perfect mood to sleep. Listeners is the perfect show for that.

BNA [Completed + Mini-Thoughts]

Yikes, this was a wreck. Personally, I felt BNA should’ve been two-cour rather than one-cour. If it was two-cour, I think would’ve had more time to distinguish its themes and details. Anyhow, the bottom line is BNA bit off way more than it could chew. With so many political themes crammed into episode after episode, it’s no surprise BNA concluded as a convoluted mess of fragmented—and occasionally self-contradictory—ideas. Because its conclusion was so remarkably premature for its vast plot structure, BNA’s resolution was also a fiery mess. To demonstrate, Barbara developed a method (or serum, technically) to cure beastmen: by combining the beast factors of two species, they neutralize each other and thus, mental entropy is extinguished. I’m sorry, but huh? How does that connect to any preceding point made in BNA whatsoever? All that explanation exuded was rushed, messy writing. By the time BNA neared its twelfth episode, it was like its story wasn’t caught up at all. It got even worse when BNA attempted to execute an elaborate twist, which only fell flat out of lack of proper set-up and timing. I won’t say which though—you can see for yourself.

Moreover, relationships in BNA were as equally as undistinguished and frail. For example, Nazuna and Michiru’s relationship was at first, traditionally antagonistic, however, within the span of an episode or two, they abruptly transitioned from that of antagonistic rivalry to mutual approval. Before you know it, tada—they’re besties forevsies again despite detesting each other’s respective viewpoints only episodes ago! The shift was just so jarring and logically unbacked. It was hard for me to find any authenticity in their relationship whatsoever. As individuals, Michiru and Nazuna weren’t quite spectacular either. We never got a deeper insight into Michiru and Nazuna than what we saw on the surface—solely because there simply wasn’t enough time to care for minute details.

Houkago Teibou Nisshi [Episode 3]

I’m not usually one to like moe, but this has been quite the quaint, educational watch. As someone completely clueless about fishing, I’ve learnt a thing or two. It’s too bad it was suspended, but I rather suspension than the team’s health.

Fugou Keiji [Episode 2]

Not much else has happened, since it’s only been one episode and all. Katou, Kanbe, and the music are still looking hot as hell though.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War? [Episode 6]

Truth be told, I’m finding this a lot more enjoyable than I did the first season. It’s the full package of raw laughter, giddy giggles—you name it! I’ve been loving this new season, and I’m extra glad to see more incorporation of romance, even if only minimal. It’s starting to make me think Kaguya and Shirogane might actually have a chance together. No—let’s not get ahead of myself. That was dangerous.

Appare Ranman [Episode 4]

Can I just say, like Gleipnir, Appare Ranman also has pretty high production values. I mean, did you see that one action scene? Sure, it was rather short but damn! It looked pretty damn smooth. While Appare Ranman does have a dabble of glaring issues such as occasional appearances of anachronism, Appare Ranman has—nonetheless— been a light, effervescent watch. I won’t die if I don’t see Ranman break out of hiatus jail, but the thought is pleasant.

Well, this has been my check-up on the whole spring anime bizz. How are you liking this season? Do you absolutely disagree with the points I made—maybe a point that regards a certain Tower of God, per chance? Do you feel like throwing a table at me? I’d love to hear what you think!

10 thoughts on “How are you Doing, Anime? | Spring 2020 Check-Up

  1. I’m really missing Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater, which was my favorite new show of the season. I’m enjoying 8th Son, though. Villainess, too, although I preferred the chibis–things dried out quickly once the characters aged. . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I found myself enjoying Breakwater a lot more than I expected. It’s a shame it had to leave, but that’s okay. Maybe one day it’ll get unsuspended!

      I personally don’t have much of an issue with the chibi-things in Villainess, though I get where you’re coming from. If I’m gonna nit-pick, it’d be nice if the chibi-things aged alongside Katarina too. It feels a tad off that they haven’t, but whatevsies!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry, I was actually referring to the younger versions of the cast. I thought the show was actually a bit more enjoyable before the kids grew up. If there’s a second season, I hope it will go back and show us the [mis]adventures of young Cat and her crew!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah – I misunderstood, my mistake. Though, I have to admit, the younger cast really was adorable to watch! Their innocence and chidlish antics were so hnnnggg, cute! The snake moment was mangifique.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. a lot of this spring’s anime weren’t really of interest to me. tower of god I know was a thing when I was a korea but I dropped it cause it took so long to get started. like 90 chapters was an entire prologue. this took a lot longer than one piece to get itself moving and the anime’s 12 episode run even when it tries to make it visually interesting still isn’t even the actual story. as I said they have to cover 90 chapters of a prologue where unless they skipped a ton of stuff in the adaption I can’t say I followed it through. maybe god of high school will do better since the action was more interesting in that one when it airs. but anyway these 2 and I think 1 other seem to be Japan trying out some experiments to see if korean comics will catch on as anime since I know there have been anime based on other series from other countries before and they do work with korean animators on a regular basis so them trying korean comics as source materials is something I think makes sense. so we’ll see how this goes for them even though I don’t think crunchyroll is the best partner for them to be having.

    BNA I’m not gonna I am disappointed with. where I get the ideas it was going for but as you said they were executed badly and definitely rushed is all I can say.

    the others I wasn’t as interested to watch this season so I’m mostly taking this time to look over anime I missed and haven’t checked out yet that have been out for a long time now. so I guess overall spring 2020 anime has been kind of a let down for me at least. here’s hoping summer 2020 covid19 or not will have something better.

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  3. Blasphemy, Tower of God also has a lively color palette! Uh, yeah…

    And I do like those few moments, when the direction brings you into the headspace of a character we might barely know, but who evidently feels stressed or distraught. Y’know, those brief but intense interludes when lighting, music, sound direction all combine to unsettle you, before quickly cutting away to vivid colors & fun times. Come to think of it, they did that when Yoru formed the contract with the Holy Water Beast, too. I can’t recall any anime using that trick in recent memory, I find it quite compelling if only for its novelty.

    All in all, I share your take on the show, which I honestly tend to doze off through. As someone who hasn’t read the source material, I must say I find the discrepancy between your pre-season hype & current lack of enthusiasm quite interesting. Hopefully you’ll be able to make sense of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh, I see what you mean if I look at it through that lens, and that offers a bright patch to the visuals I didn’t consider, thanks! Though, when I said “empty visuals” I was primarily referring to the visuals when exposition/dialogue occurs. While intentionally meaningful moments in ToG can do its job at being visually impactful as you noted, I feel like it all vanishes once we’re not at moments of such prestige – like moments of exposition or casual dialogue. Then, it just feels awfully dry and empty.

      No idea what to say about my discrepancy with my pre-season hype and current enthusiasm either! I’m just as interested as you are, since I could’ve swore I was in love with the manhwa just a couple of months ago…Though, it has been a while, so maybe I can use that as an excuse…


      1. No doubt, I frankly wouldn’t bother with this show, were it not for the COVID-19 + Ramadan killer combo. I’d just get the OST at the end of the season, if only as an offering for Based Lord PENKING.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww as I was watching BNA for my Saturday viewings and doing it episodic because I watch it as a Saturday morning Cartoon I really hoped it would be good. Episode 4 for me so far and I really like where it was headed but I did figure it might do a bit to much.

    As far as the cure you described, it was mentioned that a animal can not crossbreed or carry more genes in the fourth episode. Like how if a Tiger and a Lion like each other very much their kid will be either or.. because Beast DNA is not.. able to mix. While I think it is a lame cure.. I’d argue that since two beast DNA’s can not give acces to other animals.. they just lose the ability to transform and are not really cured?

    Still a shame though, I did not know it would resolve in one season. Kinda makes me sad.
    Luckily I can stare at the gif to cheer me up!

    I am surprised on how much anime you are able to keep up with though. Props!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On the bright side, before episode seven, BNA is really good at being a fun, adorable watch! Though, I can’t say the same once it actually gets serious in its second half…

      Ah, through your perspective, the concluding cure doesn’t seem too horrible – though I personally still find it a tad off-putting. To answer your question, the entire mental rampage thing for the beastmen originates from high levels of stress, so the cure is supposed to prevent that rampage when they get stressed out. Though, I think the initial thought of beastmen suffering mentally-deficient rampages from stress in comparison to th humans, who don’t, kinda contradicts the whole equality theme. It’s like the show purposefully makes out the beastmen as a far inferior species, y’know? Guess it’s a result of having a tight schedule.

      And thank you! I surprise myself too…

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