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Hi, It’s time for a fourth re-write and welcome to a little about myself and the blog.

My main focus for this blog is to talk about and review anime. It’s all in a good day’s fun and as someone who enjoys writing and making (failed attempts) at psychoanalyese and pretending to be smart at literature, I figured a blog would be a great start. My intention for my posts aren’t meant to be taken seriously; All I want is to have a small chat about our favorite topic, anime! I’m always looking for a good conversation.

My personality type is ISFP and I like drawing abstract figures and eyes. Not ears, not nose, eyes. I’d like to say there’s a deep reason as to why but there really isn’t…i’m just odd. I’m also afraid of goat eyes. There’s a few things you didn’t want to know about me!

Regarding my consistency problem, I still haven’t developed a consistent scheldule to my posts. But if I do set a schedule for something like episodic reviews, i’ll do my best to make sure they hit the required date even if I don’t want to do it. I’d hate to lie people who’ve stuck around this blog despite there being much better ones worth reading out there. So truly, thank you to whomever has decided to drop by and welcome to the blog! I look forward to seeing you around. (I like this rewrite the most).

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