About Me

*dramatic spin followed by flambunctious hairflip* oh hey, didn’t see you there hun. Welcome to the Inskihole’s About page!

My main focus for this blog is to talk about anime and maybe some other miscellainious. Sometimes I may call those peculiar talks “reviews” or “ARs” but pay no mind to that. They’re really nothing as fancy as the title makes them sound — I’m either smh’ing at a show, gushing/crying over it, or going on a tangent. “Review” is too prestigious of a word for casual ol’ me. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now which is pretty great for my standards. I’m horrible at retaining long-term hobbies so hey hey! High-five anyone? Okay, then. I’ve had fun blogging and interacting with fellow AniBloggers. They’re all suppeerr welcoming and approachable and I mean, all. Do not test me. Even if I’m more of an outside spectator when it comes to AniBlogging activites (in which I prefer), it’s easy to see just how kind this bubble is. Genuinely. However, a lot of my words come from my subjective experience in social media which…aren’t the best. Who knows? Maybe I’m subconciously over-hyping the community here but it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll compliment and appreciate what I want to appreciate.

So, let’s talk about mwah since that’s what I assume you’re here for. It’s not called “About Me” for nothing, right?. My pronuns are her/she and you can address me by Inskidee (or, if you somehow learn my real name through, oh I don’t know, AniList, you can address me by that publicly) but Inski is also very accepted! If you wanna get crazy, you can even call me In. Not crazy enough? Call me “I”. I’m a Pisces (March 9th), so to answer your question, yes, all of us Pisces all nutso. And finally—for a spectacular finishing touch sure to leave your mind, soul and body in utter awe—my tooth brush is white with tints of dark purple on it. It’s old-fashioned.

That concludes my About Me. Thanks for dropping by and if you’re currently here mid-spring 2020, exclusive update time: I’m making renovations on my blog’s appearance and by renovation, I mean I’m destroying its appearance and building it back up. I’m turning the wood background to the night sky because I’m sick of its brightness; I’m getting rid of my classic, orange “Iinskime” logo at the top because, once again, I’m not feeling optimistic colors…I’ll miss you though, Inskime logo (╥_╥). There’s a few more changes I’m making but I figured I’ll mention those at a later date, in a place more noticeable. For now, good-bye!

Note: I’m adding my classic orange logo here because I miss it already…

lmao I had this ever since I created Inskime — I sound like a grandma