About Inskime

Picture Borrowed From Kuru

This is my third re-write of this about page and this time I’m going to make it actually about me and not about some weird off-topic fact about myself.

As you all probably know, my main focus for this blog is to talk about and review anime. Why? Well, why not? It’s all in a good day’s fun and as someone who enjoys writing and making (failed attempts) at psychoanalysis, I figured a blog would be a great start and my blogging experience has been fun and insightful! (I’m loving this community!)

Now, here’s some things about me I can think of off the top of my head. My gender specifies as female and I am still in school working my ass off to make my hardcore asian parent proud. My Peronsality Type is ESFP and my Big Five Traits consist of: moderate openess, low concientiousness, moderate extraversion, high agreeableness, and high neuroticism. I have an interest in psychology which is the basis for why I write so much psychoanalysis that make no sense and I actually hate reading. I love reading opinions, blog posts, etc. but reading literature is something I just can’t do partly because of my terrible memory and party because reading is a bother.

My posts don’t have a specific scheldule at all. They come at entirely random times but one trend i’ve noticed with my blogging style is there tends to be a three-day gap in between. Tends. Not all the time, but tends. I write blogs for the fun of it and I never intend for this to be a serious blog that forces you to believe in my opinion. I just want to have a friendly interaction about our favorite topic, anime. I look forward to seeing you around every now and then!

My Brainless Anime Rants are Waiting for You