Review Galore: Toilet-Bound Hanako & ID: Invaded

I finally conjured up a way to put my episodic reviews on track so here it is! A compound post! Not much of a “galore” but at least its something that’ll make this site a little more smoothie groovy.

ID: Invaded Episode 2 + 3


ID: Invaded’s episode two continues to devote itself to explaining the concepts of its world in a subtle, delicate matter as the first episode did. ID’s best quality so far is it’s nimble ability at strategically hiding information around it’s episodes in dialogue, interactions, visuals etc. I adore the massive amounts of info ID can display without even deliberately talking about it. ID’s second episode did a better job at juggling the mystery at hand (Perofrator’s Location) along with stealthy world-building when compared to the first episode. If every mystery plays out as Perofrator’s did, I think I’ll have a great time indulging myself in ID’s concepts and various mysteries.

Despite ID creating compelling mysteries from left to right, ID shines best in the psychological limelight. In ID’s third episode, we see Sakaido drive a pyrotechnic to suicide using the power of words and harsh psychology. Watching Sakaido tear that pyrotechnic to near shreds was beautifully yet horrifically instense. Although the dialogue and voice-acting was consuming, Aoki’s directing further enahnced it from his fierce cuts to the dark ambience he’s been building up ever so quietly since ID’s first.

I held qualms for how the moment between Sakaido and the pyrotechnic would play out. The amount of possible negative outcomes emerging from the event outweighed all positive solutions I could think of. Thankfully, ID handles Sakaido’s moment of psychopathy and machiavellainism very well. Much better than I had expected. In this instance, we finally firsthandidly grasp what makes Sakaido so frightening amongst people and why he’s imprisoned with serial killers. Aoki uses our knowledge of Sakaido’s mortifying status and thus creates an intelligent instance of nimble directing, fluid interactions, a deep fall in insanity and one of the uncomfortable suicides I’ve ever seen in anime. What hits even harder is Sakaido’s level-headedness throughout the entirety of Mr. Pyrotechnic casually, oh I don’t know, brutally killing himself. Good job Aoki, now I’m scared of Sakaido. Aoki did an excellent job at making this as impactful as possible for the audience and definitely giving me the major heebyjeebies towards Sakaido. He feels more alive now.

Toilet-Bound Hanko-San – Episode 2

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Okay, Hanako’s art design is still looking as flashy and beautiful as ever and oh my gosh, I’m going to die of cute overload! This episode worked on building up its world as ID did. We learn more of Hanako and youkai’s origin along with excorsist boy’s origins, restrictions and goals for himself and his clan. It was a rather straightforward display of info, but nonetheless, it Hanako stayed the light laughter it is. It was a quaint episode filled with youkais, Hanako making scary faces again and – it was just a light, feathery comedic progression for Hanako alright? There’s not too much to say. The director is still rocking Hanako’s tonal shifts from light to dark though. That special ability is going to come in handy in the future. The only thing I can confidenty sayI dislike about Hanako is the fandom. Even My Hero Academia’s fandom is scared of it! That says alot.

Thank you for reading! I will be posting my reviews for ID on Mondays and my reviews for Hanako-San on Fridays.

To Continue or Not Continue? #20 (Finale): Overflow!

Dummy Inskidee made a crucial mistake and didn’t look into this anime at all! I saw the cover on MAL, thought ” looks like delightful ecchi”, and marked it down as To Watch for Winter 2020. Next thing I know I finally have to watch it for my final TCNC and I find myself having to watch it on a gosh darn hentai site. I just wanted a comedy ecchi anime and ya give me a hentai of all things! You just had to jabait me like that. Even MAL was bamboozled. It’s Rating is still “Mild Nudity” instead of “Hentai”.

Sadly, it was too late to back out of the TCNC game now that I’m so close and set. Thus, I finished watching Overflow. This won’t be your casual anime review fellas. It’ll be a good ol’ hentai review! The second one at that! Buckle up because half of this review is about me more than the hen!

To start, let’s get a big bad issue out of the way. I don’t like hentai / porn. No, it’s not for some childish reason that its “too inappropiate” or “bad” and all that yada. Everytime I accidentally stumbled into a hentai hole or deliberately watched one out of curiosity, it was always a thing I could never indulge myself in. If anything, it felt more time-wasting sitting down and watching two or more have sex. There’s nothing for me to gain when watching hentai and visually, art is normally mediocre. I don’t have much a reaction nor crave for it. I’m not saying that watching hentai is bad though! Everyone has their own preferences and I’m open to them! We don’t judge here at Inskime. I suppose these are just the emotions and thoughts of someone with a low libido. However, sex and adultery in literature is a much different topic. That’s for a different post on a different day.

Image result for overflow anime
the first 30 seconds before shit went down

Now, back to the review. As you can project, this episode was rather lack-luster for me. The animation was fluid and all and character designs were alright for a hentai. I just don’t find anything genuinely entertaining or indulging about watching two people fuck for seven minutes. It’s just how my mind works. As I said, it’s not bad at all if a person enjoys the contents of hentai! I just want to make that fact statement clear. Clearer than anything else. I’d hate for someone to feel insecure about their tastes because of my own personal bias. Sniff, it’s not you…ITS ME.

All indifference towards hentai aside, Overflow offers fluid “action” and gets straight to the point. It stays in the vanilla realm and does what it needs to as a hentai with no extra flare nor less. It’s middling at best both visually and auditorially. However, a person could find infinite amounts of hentai out there better than what this first episode offered. Infinite amounts. Stopping just to pick this up for a measly seven minutes isn’t worth your precious time.

For my low libido ass who frankly doesn’t care about hentai, I was well-prepared to give this a pass anyways! The sacrifices I do for this blog.

Priority Rating: None

Thanks for reading! It is finally the finale which means no more inconsistent posting from me for the next months! Here are the final listings of what I’m watching and what episode I’m on. All that’s left is for me to figure out how I’ll squeeze in my episodic reviews. Maybe I should compile them in a single post and then find a schedule for them? I’d appreciate any reccommendations, I’m in a bit of a rut thanks to my horrible prepartions for this TCNC week.

  • Eizouken! – Ep2 ; A Content Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Toilet-Bound Hanako – Ep2 ; A Content Continuing ; Reviews? Yes.
  • In/Spectre – Ep1 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Dorohedoro – Ep1 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Runway de Waratte – Ep2 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Ishuozoku Reviews – Ep1 ; An Iffy Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • ID: Invaded – Ep3 ; A Content Continuing ; Reviews? Yes.
  • RikeKoi – Ep4 ; A Content Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Darwin’s Game – Ep3 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Bofuri – Ep2 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • If my Fav Idol Went to Budokan, I die – Ep2 ; A Content Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • 22/7 – Ep2 ; Dropped ; Reviews? No.
  • Jeweler Richard – Ep1 ; Dropped ; Reviews? No.
  • Pet – Ep2 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Infinite Dendrogram – Ep1 ; Dropped ; Reviews? No.
  • Overflow – Ep1 ; Dropped ; Reviews? No.
  • Breakers – Ep2 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Number24 – Ep2 ; An Iffy Continuing ; Reviews? No.
  • Natsunagu – Ep2 ; Continuing ; Reviews? No.

I have finalized that I will keep my amount of episodic reviews the same. I don’t believe I’m ready to shoulder more than two so I’ll keep them at that length. Thanks for reading and if you’ve been following my horribly scheduled TCNC week, thanks for somehow dealing with it!

To Continue or Not Continue? #19: Runway de Waratte

The english name, Smile on the Runway, is also nice but I really love how the Japanesse title sounds! It casually rolls of the tongue and it also looks professional! I think it’s the “de”. It makes it sound so sophisticated and taut.

My apologies, I almost wasted this entire TCNC on talking about the title. Runway de Waratte has a solid start that packs quite the punch; surprisingly so considering the unpopular and sometimes even disrespected topic of modeling. Runway de Waratte takes the stage in displaying the struggles of chasing dreams and finding inspiration in the glam form of modeling!

We watch as 5’1 (she’s the same height as me!! Twinsies!) Chiyuki is consistently denied her dreams of becoming a Runway Model. Chiyuki has a “manly spirit” (if someone said that to me, I’d have a forced shut down on all mental functions) and never backs down from achieving her dreams even if they’re “impossible” as pros and even her esteemed father have said. She meets a cash-strapped Ikuto who wants to follow his passion of fashion designer without earning a higher education aka, college. Chiyuki admits Ikuto’s dream impossible until she finds herself sorely contradicting her own efforts. She stops, picks herself up, considers, inhales a big whiff of inspiration and strides forward into her dreams regardless of how thorny the path may be with Ikuto’s fashion flair at her side.

The next day, she makes a change in her ways and wears a dress developed by the one and only Ikuto. Because of the great mould Ikuto produced in order to accompany Chiyuki’s “manly spirit” (I will shut down for you Chiyuki), the Judges find Chiyuki to have just the ever so slight possibility of becoming a model despite her horrendous height. Thus, she’s accepted.

Meanwhile, Ikuto’s fancy-ass dress is blowing up the internet but it turns out, he wasn’t even getting the credit for his dresses’ fame! Tsk tsk. It was going to Chiyuki’s father’s company. Chiyuki ain’t gonna have this absurdity so she sorts it all out and thankfully, Chiyuki’s father isn’t a daddy-issue-deliverer and gives Ikuto the credit he deserves and even goes to the length to offer him a job position! The end.

Related image
I like how she has a nose but doesn’t at the same time

Like I said, this episode was a solid watch. It didn’t stutter in its lines, its layout molded together with Runway de Waratte’s story nicely and our characters are a good fit for each other and a story of this caliber. However, Runway de Waratte seems to be nothing special other than “solid and confident”. There’s nothing intially reeling or eye-catching that’ll make me say it was great or compelling. There’s no reason for me to crtitisize this first episode nor douse it in flattery. It was solid and well-coordinated and I’m interested to see where Runway de Waratte plans to go with itself. It’s worth attention most definitely, but not worth my endless pools of praise unfortunately.

What is worth endless praise are these character designs though! Ezola is also a fairly new producer with only three works out now including Happy Sugar Life and Sounan Desu Ka?. I think I’ll grow to like Ezola. So far, I haven’t minded how their works have looked and with Runway de Waratte’s release, the question of minding it or not is an unnecessary thought since I’ve already feel in love with it at first sight!

Image result for runway de waratte anime
This is the most realistic shock I’ve seen in a while. Normally I’ve been seeing absurdly abnormal frenzies. IEven if she’s crying she still looks beautiful! Girl, you should see me mid-ugly cry. Not beauty at all.
Image result for runway de waratte anime
even Armin bowlcut looks good!

The point is, everyone looks insanely good-looking and their eyes are even better than good-looking. I can’t think of a good synonym so lets go with a good ol’ “astonishing gorgeous”! I have a problem with obsessing over how good anime eyes look and my problem is only growing the longer I’m watching anime! Gee, thanks Runway de Waratte.

Runway de Waratte proffers a solid, well-coordinated episode even including a small, inspirational message to boot! With that said, Runway de Waratte starts strong and confident and I’m sure the right crowd could grow to love this series. Although Runway de Waratte did not falter in its first impression, I believe Runway de Waratte has nothing more to offer me besides a collected, composed watch. Unfortunately, emotional attachment towards this series seems far off my reach. I’m not the primary target audience here but I can definitely see how this can rein the top of someone’s list. I will be the casual watcher who sits down, watches, gets up and says it was “good”. Yes, that watcher.

Priority Rating: Medium

Thank you for reading! TCNC week is nearing the end! Finally I can get out of this double-post-a-day sequence. Now all that’s left is finding a way to politely sneak in episodic reviews…hmm..

To Continue or Not Continue? #18: Dorohedoro

And in enters the last dark anime to complete the dark triad of ID: Invaded and Pet. Dorehedoro presents a gory introductory episode that’s one to give a person goosebumps with everywhere destructive punch or vivid peel. As an introduction to a dark action series, Dorehedoro did a swell job presenting its relentlessness in the Seinen genre and mercilessness as a fellow action show.

To start, I want to take a moment and appreciate the art. Although it makes frequent switches from a 2D to a 3D frame, I have to give props to Dorohedoro for trying its best to make it a smooth transition. For example, rather than an off-putting change in layout from one frame to another, Dorohedoro makes attempts at strategically setting up crowds and landscsapes that offer a fluidity in its transition from each 2D to 3D frame. Evident thought goes into it and thus, Dorohedoro is far from bad-looking. If anything, if we break Dorohedoro down, its honestly kind of beautiful.

Related image
beautiful, that mirror almost looks like my mirror

Dorohedoro does a good job at both hooking an audience with it’s bloody fist action and casually introducing and setting up its world. I say “casually” because Dorehedoro doesn’t go out of its way to sit us down and have a one-on-one about whats going on like it thinks we signed up for a therapy session. We learn through small talk amongst bystanders, important, natural dialogue both building Dorohedoro and deliberately breaking it with some good ol’ conflict and most importantly, we learn visually. Very, very visually. I’d like to post screenshots of heavy gore in Dorohedoro but I’d have to post the entire episode then.

Even though Dorohedoro doesn’t set-up a therapy session for us, it doesn’t over convolute or keep plot points and conflicts indistinct. Its not too hard to grasp that the primary goal is to find the sorcerer who turned Mr. Crocodile into a crocodile. Along the way, Mr. Crocodile and blonde friendo (I suck at names) kill “Sorcerers” in order to find the Sorcerer Mr. Crocodile is searching for so he can be a smooth-skinned human again. “Sorcerers” are the big bad and they get pissed that Mr. Crocodile and blonde friendo have the gall to interrupt their totally not malicious “Practices”. The Sorcerers’ goal is to find the sorcerer that made Mr. Crocodile a crocodile so they can kill Mr. Crocodile. Okay, that is one confusing sentence. You see, Crocodile is immune to the Sorcerers’ magic as of now because of the magic effect he has on. By killing the caster of the magic effect, the magic effect will dispel and Mr. Croc will be vulernable to magic.

After grabbing a firm hold on Dorohedoro’s plot, Dorohedoro goes on to display daily life in the “Hole” and the lives our murderous fools lead in great visual depth as everybody brutally kill each other like its just another Monday. Dorohedoro brings an immersive world with that fab gory side dish!

Dorohedoro doesn’t hesitate in showing the audience “a good time” in which I mean by mercilessly ripping people to shreds without batting an eye. Fun! Dorohedoro doesn’t beat around its gory bush and establishes its world, restrictions and conflicts cleanly and efficiently along with strongly solidifying the position our two mains are in. Dorohedoro starts strong. It’s second episode seems to have a bright future thanks to the job Dorohedoro’s first episode did!

Priority Rating: Medium+

Thanks for reading!

To Continue or Not Continue? #17: If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die

See, the original plan for this show was to watch this first episode, dislike it, drop it, and then move onto the next. I wanted to watch it out of curiosity yet, for time managment’s sake, I also wanted to dislike it to get a load off. Why, Inskidee?! Why can’t I follow one measly plan? It was just oneeee! My experience watching this was actually so much more enjoyable than I had projected. So much so to the extent to where this is among my most looked forward to series for Winter 2020! Even if I wanted to dislike Budokan, this is a series I won’t feel like I’m wasting my time on the longer I watch it. I’m happy liking it and I’m happy I wasn’t constantly checking the episode length for once! In fact, Budokan’s episode flew by way too fast.

Enough of my meaningless chitter-chatter. It’s time to blurt out my thoughts!

These type of romance set-ups are my ideal romance stories. The good ol’ clingy-girl-chases-reserved-girl-but-somehow-they-fall-in-love type set-ups. In real life, its unrealistic and sounds goddamn obnoxious. Lucky for us, anime has always embraced the ability of making things look better than they are. I mean, have you seen how great food looks in anime? Anime makes those relationships an entertaining blast and Budokan as an individual does a great job reeling me in with Epiriyo (clingy girl) and Maina (reserved girl) growing relationship.

Budokan’s first episode portrays the life of a hardcore idol fan.Epiriyo, who “fell in love” with idol member, Maina, at first glance. She buys tickets first, she spends countless of dollars; all just to see Maina’s face or smell her. Thus is the extremity of addictions and love. Maina is indifferent to her behavior…or so it seems. By the end of the episode, we find Maina appreciates Epiriyo’s attention and love. Gosh, Epiriyo is a hard name to remember and say.

Image result for If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die
here is a screenshot I found online since I forgot to take my own!

It sounds like a cute romance or even platonic story between the two. Correction, it sounds like a very cute and lively story considering my unconditional love for this class of romance. I’m interested to see where their relationship will go since so much could happen from their polar opposite jobs and career status to their contradictory personalities. Woo wee, That’s gonna be some dynamic. A dynamic I definitely want to see in play.

Also, this episode was hilarious. I’ve never been much of a fan of idol anime nor idols in general. Yet, for some reason, all the comedic moments in this first episode hit the right notes in my weird heart. A single fucking nosebleed got me cackling for 30 seconds. Thats right, a nosebleed! Oh, how far low Inskidee has dove in taste. Nonetheless, shameful or not, I was laughing like hell through 1/3 of this episode and if I could, I’d be binging the show right now. I think the timing, topic and context of the jokes and gags is what made this first episode tick. This episode wasn’t even logically that funny yet my vocal cords couldn’t stop cackling. Looking back, the jokes were middling but going back, I laugh like its the funniest thing since sliced bread.

Art and Animation Also Slapped me in the Face with “Surprise”

I will be honest with each other here. In all the idol anime I have seen and tried, most of them look either average or bad. Especially when our specified idol group begins dancing and singing. From there, the art degrades to VRCHAT character model / CGI galore. It was natural for me to expect that Budokan would also look pedestrian.

Guess what? There was actually no CGI anywhere and I mean anywhere! Even during the idol show! In fact, Budokan looks remarkably beautiful even when compared to all genres of anime. The landscapes and character designs are gorgeous and straight-up addicting to look at. Chiefly the eyes. I’ve always loved eyes in anime and Budokan’s eyes only further remind me of that unconditional love!

Image result for If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die
Image result for If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die anime
love Maina’s character design and her eyes!! Now I see why Epipryiyo is obsessed with her
Image result for If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die anime
not sure if I’m rocking this guy’s character design tho, I’m getting war flashbacks looking at him
Image result for If my Favorite Pop Idol made it to the Budokan, I Would Die anime

There’s been a plethora of beautiful shows this season. I’m glad to add another one to my list!

I’ve found no flaws in this debut. It was comcical, it was fun, it was engrossing and most importantly, it was an inside-and-out gorgeous episode! I can tell I’ll have fun with this as it goes on. It’s been one episode and I’m already invested in Epiriyo and Maina’s nonexistant relationship. Here’s to another anime for me to look forward to every Thursday!

Priority Rating: High

Thank you for reading!

To Continue or Not Continue? #16: Breakers

See, this one is gonna be fun to talk about because do-do-do-doooo, a brand new studio is animating Breakers! They go by the name of Albacrow and Breakers seems to be their first work they’ve produced. For a start, I don’t think Breakers looks too bad. I love the character designs of pratically every person introduced in this first episode and animation-wise, Breakers had a small pick of good moments and by small, I mean two. Breakers is heavily CGI-reliant and at the same time, not. Because of the indecisiveness, Breakers switches between the two often and even makes an attempt at combining them together. The result was a horrendous looking mix of a 3D and 2D models in the same proximity.

Breaker’s art style is ultimately very rough around the edges but nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Albacrow. They have the basics down when it comes to designing characters and backgrounds. All that’s left is refining and filing down out the rough edges. With that in mind, Breaker’s art and animation was indeed leaning more to the “bad” side but not at all as “bad” as people have said. That’s just my opinion. If Albacrow had been around the community for longer, than I’m sure my thoughts would differ.

The concept of Breakers is also interesting. I’ve only seen so few of movies focusing on para-athletics. Breakers seems worth to add to that small list. It’s a shame an episode of Breakers is only half of a typical episode and not only that, but Breakers also seems to be giving individual arcs to each one of its characters. With the inconsistency and abrupt pacing of this episode and the second, its safe to conclude Breakers take on utilizing individual arcs for its characters won’t come out even minimally clean considering that these small two episodes had to put in their all to just barely pass the threshold of “meh”. Ultimately, I feel Breakers won’t bring the impact it wants to bring regardless of how unique or sensitive its topic is. Breakers is an anime I’ll never have a special attachment for and to add, its not one I’ll even be yearning to watch every Wednesday. If it wasn’t for Albacrow holding the reins of Breakers, this would be a “drop” with zero hesitation. I want to see where this new studio goes with Breakers and just how much potential Albacrow has as a fellow anime studio. The curiosity is killing meeee.

Breakers introduced a “below-average” first episode that was rather abrupt and fast-paced. There was very little to bite on in Breakers first episode so thats sadly all I can offer for review. The fast-pacing and chopiness of it is to be expected considering Breakers has its run-time cut in half in comparison to the norm. Its art is nothing special either consisting of only the slightest fluid animation sequences and polished character designs while the rest is rugged, awkward and almost flat-out bad. Despite that, as a new studio, Albacrow doesn’t give off a horrendous first impression with its art and animation. Considering how Breakers is their first ever (and Original) work, its worth giving Breakers just a little more time of day and a little more ease when it comes to…basically everything lol. This is totally me being nice and not wanting to use this as an opportunity to watch Albacrow make decisions as an anime studio…totally not for my meaningless observations…

Priority Rating: Low

Thank you for reading!

To Continue or Not Continue? #15: Science Fell in Love, so I Tried to Prove it!

Yes! Just 5 more series to go! So far so good! As projected, I loved RikeKoi exactly as much as planned and maybe even a little more (I had very high standards for this first ep)! We’re literally watching two scientists try to explain emotions with science…using each other…as romantic guinea pigs…Oh my gersh, can this get any better? This stupidly intelligent stuff is what I live for and RikeKoi assures that by producing an excellent first episode that blends with my fav term, “stupid smart”, hand-in-hand!

Himuro finds she’s fallen in love with her friendo scientist, Yukimura (this is how the first minutes opens up haha). As the episode goes along, we discover that Yukimura also has a secret crush on Himuro. You’re probably wondering: “Why doesn’t Yukimura just confess since Himuro did?” The thing is, these nerds are so nerdy to the point where they don’t even remember what it was like to reason or even experience with this weird thing called, e-e-emotions. Phew, that was close. Almost gagged saying that. Both adorable geeks spend their time in their lab trying to solve the engima of love and just why they feel this way. As much as I would have loved Love is War but with science, I also appreciate this concept fullheartedly. It sounds like one I won’t get old of for a while. It speaks to my science-loving heart vividly.

All compelling and lively plot aside, RikeKoi did it’s job well as a comedy this episode. I really have to thank whoever is behind these character designs because boy oh boy, did they make this episode so much more hilarious! Jokes are stand-alone funny but the fitting character designs enhance them even more! Whoever designed Himuro, I love you and your brilliant mind behind her composition. I can’t get enough of looking at her. First it was Hanako, now its RikeKoi.

Image result for rikekoi anime himuro blushing

Cough, anyways, back to my slight professionalism. This episode was not only funny, not only good-looking, not only compelling, but it was also insanely cute! Of course the character designs are a big factor but we also have to take into account of the VAs that are just so into it. Jokes delivered by the characters feel fitting for them and although its only the first episode, I’m way too absorbed into these two and their relationship. Ultimately, all factors combined, they result in a couple filled with cuteee! Cute with reason too!

RikeKoi’s first episode doesn’t fail in delivering a compelling and hilarious concept, characters I’m already emotionally invested in, an art style I feel guilty for loving this much and VAs you know I’ll be looking up after writing this post. I may have a huge bias with these odd “Love is War” type rom-com plots and especially characters like Himuro and Yukimura (both are my go-to “types” in anime). You bet I’m totally gonna be on this science-filled train!

Priority Rating: High

Thank you for reading!

To Continue or Not Continue? #14: Interspecies Reviewer

Looking at the synopsis, I was awfully skittish on how this first episode would go. Will it be horrendous? Will it be a magnicificent extravaganza of vibrant fetishes? Nonetheless, I looked to the brighter side of things and hoped Interspecies would have a reeling first. Thus, my expectations for Interspecies rose a little higher than expected. I’ve always had an issue of raising my expectations illogically and then getting slammed with the hard reality of how the anime /anything actually turned out. Thus, I end up disliking the anime / anything more than I logically should simply because I didn’t get what I wanted. Petty, I know.

That was off-topic. Back to the matter at hand! Interspecies had an intersting first for an ecchi anime lingering in a solid “average” state of neither “good” nor “bad” based on what I was looking for in this first episode. For an anime partaking in the infamous ecchi genre, I think this episode showed flair for its different and intriguing plot when compared to its distant ecchi ancestors. On the flip side, my personal takes on this first episode are speaking a different language…

Two horndog pervert scoundrels imbeciles (I only have so much vocabulary!) want to fulfill their life dream of fucking every species known to exist and then review them so the public knows who’s fuckable and who isn’t. This episode can be easily described in one word: fucking. That’s basically all that happened. This episode gave us the general taste of what the rest of Interspecies will entail and the casual execution (ex. directing, art, pacing) of Insterpecies. Considering I didn’t have a problem with the layout or execution of this episode and its lovely plot, I won’t mind this series. On the other hand, people who did have a problem with this first episode will have trouble liking the rest of the series. Correction, you’ll probably have massive problems with this series. We all know Interspecies will never dramatically escalate into something bigger and better as it’s run extends so now is the time to make your fateful decision. Ya either breakup with the concept and all relative or marry it and see it through till the season’s end.

Image result for interspecies reviewers characters
my brain is wired to think elf ears kid is a child so I’m always weirded out everytime I hear him spout a dirty remark even tho he’s probably like, 20 or smth

And of course, I’m hosting a wedding for Interspecies. You’re all invited!

Our two horndogs meet a rare breed of angel (who is a hermaphrodite; I’ll take a guess and say all angels are and our horndog homeboys will be dramatically disappointed unless they swing any and all ways), and together, all three of them continue the rest of the episode fucking people in the red-light district. I’m not a fan of the extreme ecchi sides of anime nor am I a diligent hater of the genre. I don’t mind it but I do have a feeling as I watch more of Interspecies, I’ll grow to tire of it’s rinse-and-repeat impression its emmiting. I’ve already found Insterpecie’s first episode to hang off the cliff of boredom. I’ll hold onto my almost nonexistant hopes that Insterspecies will do something different besides fucking for an entire episode. Its nice but for this marriage to continue, we need some varity bud! I’ll wait. But not too long.

Plus, as I mentioned in the introduction, I had very high hopes and convinced myself I’d by stunned and invested in Interspecies at first glance. The utter falseness of those hopes scream at my brain to dislike this now that I’ve seen this disappointing first (in comparison to my expecations that is). Thus, any flaw I find in Interspeices I’ll most likely make out to be like the end of the world and obnoxiously dramatize. That’s why I tried to go a little light on the negatives this time around so my biased emotions wouldn’t carry me away.

Image result for ishuzoku reviewers wallpaper
I can’t wait for the memes + controversy

Interspecies offers an interesting enough first episode that isn’t too bad to drop but isn’t too good to say I enjoyed every bit. I’m definitely eager to see where Interspecies plans on going from here but otherwise, I’m in for a lot of episodes of pure fucking. I don’t want to drop this though considering my high expectations for the anime before review. The most unsatisfying thing is seeing an anime not meet my expectations or crashing mid-way…you can imagine how I felt watching Guilty Crown and Carole & Tuesday. This is fine. We are fine.

Priority Rating: Medium-

Thank you for reading! Lynn and Yomu over at Ecchi Hunter have a hilarious post reviewing this first episode also! Not only do they review it, they go as far as to even review Interspecie’s species alongside our mains! I found that extra to be really innovative and downright fun. I just felt like sharing their review with all of you. Thank goodness for the convenience of this post!

To Continue or Not Continue? #13: 22/7

22/7 was a straightforward concept to a seemingly “okay” idol show with an “okay” introductory to our characters, an “okay” plot and a surprsingly “okay” artstyle contrary to the promising cover art. The underwhelming art was the main surprise but everything else was just…okay.

Recap time!

A cynical Miu doesn’t like people, adults, the world and especially idols. But wait! She’s not just a cynical edgelord! She’s also overly cute. Got you there now didn’t I? Because of her blinding cuteness, she’s noticed by an idol foundation that collects cute people and forces them to group up for some…reason. Who are these people? Why are they doing this? What’s the point? This anime has made the impression that those questions don’t matter. Yep! Not at all. Obviously, we just have to throw all logic aside and just accept these illogical outcomes and foundation that led to this grouping. Cool.

Miu is paired up with seven other girls of colorful personalities. By colorful, I mean everyone is drastically different from the other because diversity equals beauty. Even though Miu was forced to come out of her pessimisstic, isolated shell, she doesn’t stray from her ideals and even goes to the lengths of mental breakdown as she tries to run from the group, only to be dragged right back. First of all, Is that even legal my good sir? What gives this nobody production the right to hold the authority to force these randos to dance? I hope this anime gives out details soon because I’m seriously doubting the writing here.

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sadly, the idol group’s performances will also be heavy CGI…bummer

Now, now, Miu isn’t all doom and gloom. She loves exactly two people. Her mother and sister. Sadly, her family is cash-strapped so Miu works a part-time job to support them. Bing, bam boom, Miu gets fired from her job the next day because she’s too scary (thats a running theme with this girl, huh?). Therefore, the only “job” she can turn to is the suspicious idol job. She walks in, she screams about her ideals and how she wants money and ding, ding, ding! They all earn a letter addressing their mandatory registration in their new idol pop group: 22/7.

Like I said, this episode is just alright. Its nothing special but for a first episode, it does its job. It introduces our cynical main character, it sets up that simple idol plot – What can I say? It reaches the bare minimum of what an “okay” first episode should be. While other first episodes surpass that minimum and thus, earn praise and recognition from me like ID: Invaded and Toilet-Bound Hanako-San, this will earn neither because it’s just not worth talking about and lets be honest, no one is going to talk about this anime. It’ll just be that average anime we all scrolled by or watched and said “okay” and went on with our day. Nothing is intially hooking nor is nothing intially bad. Then again, I suppose its lack of either makes it a poor first since firsts have the job of hooking in a viewer. With that aside, 22/7’s first episode made me feel empty. I didn’t care for it because it didn’t offer anything to care about be it negative or positive.

This first episode was okay. It reaches my bare minimum standard for anime and doesn’t surmount it. Ultimately, is it worth watching? No. You could find many anime with a starting episode as middling as this so why choose this one if there’s actually nothing to talk about? I can’t bash it, I can’t douse it in flattery, I can’t make fun of it, wha- what am I supposed to do?

I’ll give this anime one or two more episodes to prove itself that its not as “okay” as it made itself out to be. Hopefully I can find something about this series. Just anything! Give me something! Become a drag show, just do anythinnggg!

Priority Rating: ???

Thanks for reading!

Journey to Spring: We're Going to Pretend I Didn't Just Forget This Existed | #5

I was thinking about my blog one casual midnight morning since I’m trying to change up the set-up a little bit to appear more diverse and I was suddenly reminded: Oh. My. Gosh. It’s Monday and I completely forgot about Journey To Spring! Classic Inskidee was in denial so I double-checked the date of the last one (I post these every 2 weeks) and it turns out I not only missed Saturday, I missed an entire week! None of you probably noticed yet here I am bringing attention to my horrible memory and time management…Well, now you know! Inskidee sucks at scheldules! (Who am I kidding? I know you knew! Don’t pretend you didn’t.)

Strikethrough means completed, Bold means there was a change in its status (progress, completion, etc) and underlined means they were the original goal

  • Good Night Punpun
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Bokurano
  • Usagi Drop
  • Girl’s Last Tour
  • Bakemono No Ko
  • Paprika
  • Masturbation Master Kurosawa
  • Madoka Magica
  • Rec
  • Our Happy Hours
  • Three Days of Happiness
  • Annarasumanara (Webtoon)
  • The Enigma of Amigara Fault
  • Uzumaki
  • K-on!
  • K-on!!
  • What are you doing at the End of the World? Are you Busy? Will you Save us?
  • Carole & Tuesday
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm [DROP]
  • Bloom Into You
  • Citrus
  • Asagao To Kase-San

First of all, we need to get this out of the way…

Penguindrum (24/24)

Mawaru Penguindrum

GUYS I FINALLY COMPLETED IT! And it’s been six stupid months! Finally! I may not be able to accomplish my original goal for JtS but gosh, am I satisfied that I finally finished Penguindrum! As expected, I loved Penguindrum and I also loved Ikuhara’s ability at utilizing his symbolism. You should see my notes, they’re almost as wack as Ikuhara’s directing. I had a great time looking into Penguindrum and now I can finally understand why people say its such a masterpiece. I can see how its on that level. I hope you’ll enjoy my review! I know I definitely will. I’m gonna be copy and pasting my notes over onto it so expect major confusion and chaos.

I (Also) Finally Completed the “Yuri Big Three”!

I know I’m definitely over-celebrating but this is my best few weeks for anime this blogging year! I mean, just-just look at this progress! I know all of you who finished long series like One Piece in a matter of a few months are scoffing at my inadequte performance but guys…Six. Months. That’s record time! This needs to be written in stone.

Thankfully, I continued that streak of zooming through series. I decided to finally read these following Yuri manga literally because of one comment. I’ve been meaning to read them but I never had simply because I’m lazy. Al over at alsmangablog (check her out!) commented about the Yuri manga, Bloom Into You, on one of my posts describing how I’ve been meaning to read it. For some perculiar reason, that was encouraging enough for me to read the manga in a matter of a day and a few more! Thanks you Al, for that comment I took way too seriously haha! Much appreciated!

*Bloom Into You (50/50)

Yagate Kimi ni Naru

This one was also really good and I mean really good. It was a delight reading this and coming to the realization I’m a grown child baby woman squealing to two highschoolers kissing. Screw it, I’m not ashamed, I loved reading it okay! From Yuu and Touko’s growing and morphing relationship to Touko’s hard-hitting and too relatable identity conflict, I loved it to pieces. Esepecially Touko’s character. Like Penguindrum, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading this wholesome manga (and also watching the anime immediately afterwards because I can’t get enough of this cute couple and that one asexual.

*Citrus (50/50)


I was on a Yuri high after Bloom Into You so I went on ahead to re-read an ol’ fav of mine, Citrus. Sadly, I didn’t love it as much as I remembered but that doesn’t mean it was horrible. For some reason, I always end up loving Yuri couples to bits and pieces more than I should. Asagao to Kase-San was literally one episode and I couldn’t stand having to break away from it. Citrus was a compelling read with, I hate to say, a rather disappointing end. Nonetheless, you bet I’m reading that side, Citrus+

*Asagao to Kase-San (1/1)

Asagao to Kase-san.

I know we as the audience were thrown right into the fray for Asagao’s first and only episode but like Natsunagu!’s first episode, I really enjoy shorts that start out of the blue nowhere. I like not knowing a speck about these characters or their relationship. It’s fun watching them go through daily life and be a cute couple. The fact that we’re lacking deeper attachment isn’t a problem to me. In its place, I savor watching these two randos live their lives as we peacefully look in through a window. Don’t worry all, there’s no way I’m stopping here. There’s a manga with my name out there waiting!

Carole & Tuesday (24/24)

Carole & Tuesday

No small description this time around! Lucky for you, I have a review on this already! Its quite negative though. Just a lil’ heads up.

Ascendance of a Bookworm (3/14)

Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen

I heard so much good about this one. Alot of the good stated as long as you can put the annoying main character behind you, absorbing yourself in the rest of the series wouldn’t be hard. Thus, I gave it a few more tries. I’m so sorry but I can’t with Myne. She’s like the personification of nails scraping across a blackboard. Can you imagine that sound? Everytime she spoke with her shrill voice or wailed about hehr book addiction, I took a bullet to the head. I’m sure this series is probably as a good as people say but as someone with the lowest tolerance ever, I couldn’t even last a mere three episodes let alone one episode. Sorry.

WorldEnd: BONUS UPDATE – I’m Also Falling Into a Pit of Collecting Books (Again)!

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

I haven’t read in a while unless you count some Edgar Allen Poe here and there. I decided to finally get back into reading novels and to start, why not light novels? And why not pick up one I’ve heard so much about, WorldEnd? I normally read digitally so as I was reading WorldEnd, although it was captivating, I found myself getting a massive headache. I can read manga fine online, I can read articles fine, but when it came to books? No, sir. I couldn’t do it. Thus, I went out to buy a physical copy of WorldEnd and more Edgar Allen Poe because he’s Poe – we love him.

Thus, I made a horrible mistake. I’ve fallen into the hole of collecting books once more. I have a bookshelf full of books I barely pick up and all of a sudden, I can already imagine it filling up the minute the inner collector in me isn’t satisfied with just one measly book. My point? Get ready for alot of complaining about my wasting money on books I’ll prolly never re-read…

For once I had a strong week with my lively friendo, anime. Now I just need to knock out the one’s I’m actually supposed to finish by Spring. Thank you for reading and once again, my apologies for my scheldule being so wonky this past week.