AR #15: Bungou Stray Dogs [S1 – S2]

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I was looking at my many poorly-written drafts on WordPress and saw that I was supposed to release this post two months ago and I had written so many paragraphs on one topic like wth Inskidee. So, here’s an entirely revamped version of that and hopefully it’s much better than that extra-ass draft.

I remember watching this anime fairly recently only because of it’s genre: Supernatural. If I find an anime I really like, I go into a phase of only looking for anime of that genre for a while so I don’t get the infamous “anime depression.” Before I watched Bungou, I had finished the Fate/Zero (which I absolutely loved) so following my pattern, Bungou Stray Dogs was the next on my list in terms of the Supernatural genre.

And here’s an unpopular opinion but I actually disliked both the first and second season.

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Wait! Let’s be rational about this!

Let’s kick things off with the first season. We follow the orphan boy, Atsuhi, who was kicked out of his orphanage. He casually meets a suicidal Dazai who drags Atsuhi into his world of solving crimes only everyone in his crime firm has a supernatural power (tada!) and as you guessed it, Atsuhi has one also which is his ability to turn into a mythical tiger.

The first episode was incredibly reeling. It was a well-made exposition whilst also keeping the audience interested with the smaller “shounen” type aspects like the mystery of who the mythical tiger was and small smigens of action. The first episode was well set-up and was a great start to the series!

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guess what? I couldn’t find any relevant pictures so this post is gonna be all best boy Chuuya gifs! Hurray!

And that was the only good part about the first season… The rest after that extraordinary first episode was quite disappointing. I think the main let down for me was the Comedy. I’m fine with a little bit of comedy here and there in shounens but I found the comedy in this show horrid. Most jokes had inappropiate timing and didn’t at all feel right in the situation for example, a serious dialogue is going on key to the narrative until all of a sudden the anime pops in some gag ruining the setting and mood. There are right times for comedy and there aren’t and Bungou Stray Dogs fell straight down a hole for it’s comedic timing.

Otherwise, the comedy is basic for a shounen with the only downside being the horrid comedic timing which is why watching events unfold was cringey and kind of annoying as there was always a familiar gag every few minutes. I’m normally not one to look at a comedy in shounen anime but this one puts a negative impact on the characters and story. Bungou Stray Dogs just sucks when it comes to comedy.

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Yes, you tell him off baby

Characters were also quite basic for a shounen. Demon Slayer and Fire Force both have the typical shounen characters we are all used to but what seperates it from the medium is how heartfelt they can be when they want to. Both are good at controlling the viewer’s emotions to where the unoriginality is irrelevant.

Bungou Stray Dogs however cannot do this. Never once in the show was there a scene that struck my heart or felt genuinely heartfelt. Some characters were interesting, most were dull, and most were downright unmemorable which is a key factor as to why this anime doesn’t feel as heartfelt as it could’ve been.

Now, not all about this first season is negative. I found myself falling in love with some of the characters such as Dazai and Chuuya (the cute beans) but not only were they likeable, they had a mysterious aura surrounding them which makes them some of the better characters. Although Atsuhi goes through an amount of character development, his character never struck any chords or felt like something other than a typical shounen protagonist. His character development consists of going from a lil’ whiny bit*h who’s always in conflict with himself to a slightly less whiny bit*ch with a dash of courage. Granted, Atsuhi’s problems are a little more detailed than a casual shounen protagonist’s intrapersonal problems but in the end, Atsuhi’s character never feels like something special as Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) and Bakugou (MHA) do which are both characters from a typical shounen plot done correctly to make them intriguing and fun to watch grow.

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The fight scenes were also entertaining. Although we lack interesting characters, Bones manages to make fight scenes interesting with it’s great animation and various superpowers displayed but then again, it’s Bones, Bones is always good.

And um…yeah. That’s the only positive stuff I have to say for this first season. This feels more like a bashing session than a review >.>

The second season didn’t vary much from the first season. Dazai’s mysterious past is revealed which can normally be bad for a shounen anime but this anime executes it solidly and fluidly and before we know it, we’ve uncovered every nook and cranny of Dazai within a few episodes and even get to see some development and depth on his part without it flowing unnaturally or feeling boring!

This season is when Atsuhi goes through a bit more development along with his antagonist, Akutagawa which is…cute. Kyouka is given a bit more MEaT and a handful of characters are given more depth in the second season. You could say this second season was a decent clean up from the first season.

The Second Season is definitely a step up from the first however, some fatal flaws from the first are still present like the terrible comedic timing and large quantity of basic characters even if some characters were given depth (BSD likes to do something good and then cancel it out with something bad) But hey, best boy Chuuya is in this second season which I suppose is a big plus!

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So, what are my thoughts? Both S1 and S2 have their small positive points about them but overrall, the anime is more negative than positive. Comedic timing brings it down by much, sterotypical and dull characters take you out of the experience, and it lacks the heart that most typical shounens are saved by. Fight scenes are clean and the plot has variety to it rather than just being “Let’s go after the Mafia” day in and day out and characters are slowly being built upon. Although the second season was a huge step-up from the first season, i’m not exactly intrigued to watch the third season anytime soon. This anime has well secluded it’s place as the typical shounen we are all used too

(Quick Note: If the third season is also an even large step-up from the second season, i’d love to hear your thoughts on it whether they contradict mine entirely or not!)

Overall Rating: 7.5

Thanks for reading! I tried to balance out the positives and negatives because even if this show was flat, I still enjoyed watching it for those solid 24 episodes. I didn’t want it to seem like I hated the show with a fiery passion. I’m still trial and erroring my blog after two months sniff.


Game Changer Episode: Given | Episode 9

Once again, Inskidee is late le sigh. I’ll never change will I? Today I want to talk about our favorite gay boys of the summer season, Given! They really put the “hot” in summer if you know what i’m saying hehehe (i’m sorry).

Alright, so let’s get onto the post and I have quite alot of positive things to say about this anime! It’s a bit sad knowing that in a few days, the second-to-last episode will air…sniff.

My Thoughts Before Episode 9

Given is a great romance drama that uses a perfect sequence of events and almost never fails to bring out the emotion in it’s audience. It flows fluidly and before you know it, you’re almost finished with the anime…and that’s all. I am well aware that Given is a good anime. And that’s all. The me in the past wouldn’t sit down and write a post about how godly Given is and all the emotional impact on me and yada yada. It was just that good seasonal favorite you’d come across ever so rarely.

My Thoughts After Episode 9

Given is still a fantastic anime. The only thing that’s different after this episode is Given really showed off just how well they can play off forcing our emotions out of our reluctant bodies without having some crazy coincidence or some unrealistic freak accident. They use their raw characters and smidgens of backstory we have to develop an absolutely beautiful execution of a music performance whilst also expressing character emotions and development at the same time without it feeling like an awkward attempt at trying to be cool. The smallest expressions in this episode carry alot of weight from Uenoyama’s panic when the strings break to Uenoyama’s grin during the performance. If you pay attention, alot of thought and dedication is put into the actions of characters and characters as a whole. Hell, this anime would be good if it had no dialogue because that much blood and tears is put behind the smallest most simplest actions.

Let’s talk about best boy Sato. Sato was always a good character from the start. His emotionless, apathetic behaviour wasn’t a sign of a flat character but an intentional behaviour pattern so the first music performance he does carries the emotional impact it has rather than him doing the performance as normal, functioning human being with no problems. As we go along Given’s story, Sato starts off with a small variety of emotions and with more encounters, more emotions start flooding out of him piece by piece till the climax of his character which is him finally being able to express all his emotions as he wants and inevitably sings about Yuki, who he misses immensly. Aka, he finally opens the flood gate to his heart <3.

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As psychologists state, getting out all your emotions helps you control yourself better and you yourself feel less of a weight on your shoulders than you did shutting all your emotions in. Sato making his lingering guilt and attachment known to the audience was a huge leap for him and from here on out, we’ll be witnessing a completley changed Sato which the anime absolutely can’t go wrong with becuase the bean Sato is already moving on to a new love interest and letting go of Yuki. As a wise Brendon Urie once said, “If you love me let me go.” <3.

Within 9 episodes, his character arc is wrapped up nice and tidily and is all set-up for the next scene and conflict he will take on. Let’s take a moment and applaud the Mangaka for they’re crazy perfect execution for character arcs.

Whilst wrapping up Sato’s character in this 9th episode, the series also builds upon Uenoyama subtly. Now, i’m not talking about that surprise kiss all us fangirls were waiting for (we all knew it was gonna come from the first ep. just admit it) but i’m talking about the subtle motions of him that don’t include outwardly stating how he feels.

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For example, his immediate conclusion that the band was doomed when Sato broke his strings symbolizing that he dreads having to go up and listen to Sato’s lyrics about his past lover. He tries to make up for that hesitation as he feels bad by quickly running to the shop to get new strings but it’s obvious the thought of Sato singing still haunts Uenoyama even as he attempts to support Sato. His smile whilst they were playing symbolizes that Uenoyama has come to accept Sato for who he is which enables Uenoyama to finally play without worries. Uenoyama is aware that Sato has finally gotten over the hurdle he’s been trying to get over and because of that, Uenoyama applauses him silently and subtly and also let’s his own worries over Sato go as Sato has grown all on his own (which is why Sato breaks down). That’s right, it’s a double character development! Pretty crazy, huh?

Or you know, I could be looking too into this. I’m in the process of a psychoanalysis for my book report so maybe i’m carrying that over onto here a bit too much? Just a tiny bit hehe? Off-topic but sometimes I find myself adding emoticons onto my essays by instinct; this blog has changed me haha.

Kay kay, back on topic. Let’s topic about the song. I love music anime but the sad thing about them is that most music anime tend to not appeal to me when it comes to large climatic events that involve the characters using music to help them. Thankfully, I really like this song in Given! The instrumentals are nice but damn Sato Seiyuu! I’ll be watching out for his roles more often because he has a marvelous voice i’d love to hear more in characters like Sato. The Seiyuu’s voice fits perfecting with Sato’s character as it brings Sato’s character to life to where I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw someone like Sato in real life so huge applause to that voice actor for enhancing the experience and increasing the effectiveness of making us all cry like babies over a 2D anime bean singing about his dead boyfriend.

Related image

Seiyuu’s name is Yano Shougo, give him a little hello!

There is legit so much I wanna put in this one but I feel like it’s already dragged on for too long. All in all, Given is an amazing anime that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy much but in the end, like always, I hella did. Can’t wait to see how the next two episodes handle themselves. Just the thought excites me. Until Then!

(okay i’m so sorry but I need to add this. Sato says he hasn’t cried in a long time a few episodes ago and with this episode, when Uenoyama kissed Sato he finally cried like why is nobody talking about this guys this is so iconic I can’t-)

What Will I be Eating Up this Fall Anime Season?

Hi, hi everyone! For our one cour series, we only have two weeks left till they are ending! I’ve grown way too attached to them than I had planned with this Summer Season. It’s sad knowing that Araburu, Demon Slayer, and Kanata No Astra will be leaving soon I-

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don’t mind me sniff

I find the best way to get over my profound sadness is to look forward at the future. What will I be expecting of this upcoming fall season? What will I be possibly including in my Lettuce Wrap in this season? (yes i’m continuing it help me). From MAL’s webpage, this upcoming fall is looking very promising and thank god, we are very low on Isekai this fall! Hurray!

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why is this so wholesome, I need to put this on the home page

This Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious”

Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru

Shush. Shush. I know I said we lack Isekai this season but c’mon, the amount this season is just way too small. There’s like, only three. Three! I can’t go from an Isekai-filled seaosn to this Isekai drought! As a someone whose used to eating up the Isekai trash like there’s no tommorow, going a season without any Isekai is a no-no. I’m looking at this synopsis (which is literally the title) and i’m not too interested but hey, if this aired this season it would probably be the most original Isekai. Let’s be honest, the most original Isekai of Summer 2019 was an Isekai with a fanservice mom in it so there’s no way you have a better argument countering the intense originality of this synopsis.

Digestion Rate: 75%



wagaowgnaiowg p[q41-4a;! How is no one not freaking out about this? It’s Beastars everyone! Where are my fellow fangirls? …Anyone? Beastars has been on my to-read list for ages now and because of me being the reluctant douchebag I am, i’ve never gotten to it after two years of it being there, catching dust. I’ve heard so much good things and despite the Zootopia furrycon show this could be, I know it won’t be. I have such high hopes for this and I am dying for it to come out. I might as well be writing this with blood because I am suffering waiting a month for this baby to come out.

Digestion Rate: Yes

My Hero Academia Season 4

Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season

If I don’t include this I feel like all of you are going to rip me to shreds so here it is, MHA Season 4! Kinda regret reading the manga because now I can’t go 100% on the bandwagon seeing as this will be the best season for MHA, I certainly will be watching it but sadly, there will be no TCNCS or Lettuce Wrap for my super hero children. (Y’all going to love it lowkey and my baby Kirishima is finally gonna get the attention he deserves)

Digestion Rate: 100%

Kabukichou Sherlock

Kabukichou Sherlock

The genres are comedy, mystery, and drama…this could be either alright or insanely bad. It’s a production I.G original so i’m eager to see where this is going. I’ve always been the hugest fangirl for I.G’s artstyle so i’m probably going to watch this no matter how sh*t it is. Plus, Inskidee ain’t never skipping out on a mystery in an anime, no sir.

Digestion Rate: 90%



Every season needs some type of mature title to captivate those looking for a real meal to dish out and this one seems like one of them. Coming off as a myster-thriller with mature and intense synopsis, I have high hopes for this. Even the cover art looks hella captivating. I want to come up with so many theories right now solely on the cover art but I…must..surpress…until…fall…

Digestion Rate: 100%



Oooo, this one looks fun! The synopsis comes off pretty interesting as well. I don’t wanna reword it as it’s already worded pretty nicely so here it is for you all:

There are people who can get into people’s mind and control their memories. This power is used to eradicate mysteries and cases or worse, to assassinate. The potential of the said power is strong enough that it is able to destroy people’s mind, however, can backfire and eat up their own heart. To counter it, chains are used to lock and protect each other’s weak and dangerous heart. From one’s growing fear and disdain, they’re consequently called as a “Pet.”

I can see how this could be a psychological melodrama but then again, depending on how it’s executed it could also be the horrible dumpster fire of the season. I’ll just have to see for myself won’t I?

Digestion Rate: 80%

XL Joushi

XL Joushi.

Yes! There’s always that weird-ass show synopsis that makes you quiver in either fear or laughter and boy, this looks like a treat! As someone who always jumps at the trashiest show of each season, I will definitely be on this show like no tommorow! Eromanga was our dumpster fire, Domestic Girlfriend was our (fantastic) dumpster fire, will this be the next dumpster fire for all of us fangirls to craze over? I have just about the same hype for this as I have for Beastars and I don’t regret saying that.

Digestion Rate: Yes Yes

Rifle Is Beautiful

Rifle Is Beautiful

Le sigh. We’re doing this again anime? We’re bringing back these random sh*tpost anime aren’t we? Any sane anime fan in their right mind would look at this and immediatley pass it up or block it from existence. That’s what any sane mind would do but…do I look sane? I have a feeling I might enjoy this much more than I think I will like I am with Hensuki rn. I get How Heavy are The Dumbbels You Lift? vibes from this for some odd reason. This looks like a lame dad joke no one would laugh at…except me because i’m a sad person.

Digestion Rate: 100%

That concludes my to-eat list of Fall 2019! I’ll definitely be watching more but these are my top priority. Here are the series that won’t be TCNC’d or Lettuce Wrap’d not counting third and second seasons.

Anime I’m skipping Out:

  • Z/X Code Reunion
  • Actors: Song Connection
  • Africa No Salaryman
  • Null Peta
  • Shin Chuuka Ichiban!
  • Kandagawa Jet Girls (still deciding on this but leaning towards no watch)
  • Aikatsu on Parade!
  • Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth
  • Ahiru No Sora ( I feel so guilty for not doing this)

There’s going to be a ton of anime this season and seeing how I have already dropped so much is disappointing on my part. If I can handle more than 20 series this season, I may consider going back to these but in all truth, with juggling school and anime reviews at the same time; it’s very unlikely of me TCNC’ing the crap out of these bad boys. If I hear any positive feedback (especially Ahiru) i’ll be back in a jiffy.

That’s all for today! Decided to do a new thing and hopefully it serves a purpose in the future haha. Thanks for your time!

How Moe has Become a Crutch in Anime

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omg it’s too cute someone help I can’t brea-

Moe. Let’s talk about it. Sit back, relax, and get your cup of coffee as you read me talking about cute anime girls for a solid 3 minutes (what has my life come to). Now, you may be wondering…what is this Moe term? Well, I’m glad you asked! Moe professionally defined is girls acting “youthful” or “innocent” but the more common term you’ll see us anime degenerates using is: “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.” Still a little lost from my crappy definitions? Here are some visual representations!

Related image

This is moe

Related image

This…is not. But that’s a great picture, I might use that in later posts.

So, that’s basically the Moe Genre in a nutshell (side note: it’s pronounced moe-a) Now let’s talk about the real reason why you’re reading this post. Now that this season is coming to a close, I think it’s safe to say that some alot of anime rely on the cute girls factor to carry it’s popularity.

Sometimes we have those good shows that can be both Moe and have a good story and character cough, K-On, A Place Further Than The Universe, cough, and other times we have shows that gain mass popularity because of it’s cuteness but when it comes to an end, you realize all it ever was was just spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of cute with no deeper depth to it other than: “Here are some cute anime girls for 20 minutes!”

Image result for how heavy are the dumbbells you lift cute

How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift? is one of the many examples of an anime solely relying on it’s cute girls to carry it. Granted, it’s a fun, enjoyable ride but when you sit back and look at it after a solid 20 minutes of watching anime girls weight-lift you come to wonder…what was even the point? Looking at all the events of the episodes it’s safe to say that the point of this episode was to watch anime girls be cute…and that’s all. Looking back, episodes feel sorta empty after finishing them. The Cute effect doesn’t linger as long as emotional moments would in anime. The Cute is there for a few mintues, and then it’s gone. Woosh. Poof. Gone. It’s not a memorable emotion to where you’d immediatley remember it right off the bat. It’s more of an emotion you feel but not an emotion you hold closely to you or feels heratfelt. It’s there for a solid episode, and then it’s gone.

In my Attack On Titan Review, I talk about how the first season felt like empty shock factor with no emotional attachment to the characters. It’s exactly the same thing here but with the moe genre. It’s empty cute factor. It’s simply cute to be cute with no extra meat to it. It’s just a momentary cute effect much like AOT’s momentary shock factor.

Even though moe is sometimes a crutch for popular anime, I can see why it’s ever-so addictive to watch. Everyone is always looking for a little cute to come along and bring in the happy on a sad, moody day and these cute anime do the job. You could say these cute anime are like pills to temporarily make you feel good but as i’ve said, it only works for a certain amount of time before losing affect. I’ve been overdosing on a little too much on these types of anime recently hehe.

Image result for paper Miss kobayashi's dragon maid wallpaper

I love moe shows that actually have a story and major conflict in them. It’s sort of like a bait-and-switch. You’re expecting some cute girls doing cute things in your anime and boom! Explosive melodrama, lies, betrayals; it’s like an all out cute-girl genocide (wtf Inskidee). I exaggerated there a tiny bit but major conflict in moe is so gosh darn enjoyable when it rarely flys by.

Let’s use one of my favorite anime, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, as an example. The story is plain and simple. Tohru comes to Kobayashi asking to be her maid but surprise! Tohru is a dragon. Follow the lives of Tohru and Kobayashi as they met many other dragon friends and foes along the way as Kobayashi gets immersed in her world and side note, they are all females so next season, yuri bait maybe?

The story is exactly what you see in the title so don’t expect a clickbait show like, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid managed to surprise us all in the end by actually being a heartfelt story that the audience is bound to remember. The major conflict were the simple daddy issues we are all used to in anime but because of the well-built up wholesomeness and cuteness in the characters we’ve grown attached to in prior episodes, the conflict hit harder than it would have with a regular shounen cast. The cute girls you’ve grown so attached to being thrown into a messed-up situation and with that they start feeling like actual characters rather than “CUte ANimE GirL.” The supposedly “cute only” show becomes a memorable, hearfelt, emotional ride that you’ll never forget. Those are the type of moe shows that don’t rely on moe only to lead it’s success; rounded moe shows.

It’s hard to make a show only about Moe girls without any different/serious point to it. K-On and A Place Further than The Universe both explored character emotions and inspirations. Even Nichijou was able to stay [somewhat] appealing with it’s comedy aspect. (i’ll get to this one in a later post) However, making a good show entirely on “Cute Girls do Cute Things” is impossible because in the end, that’s all it will ever be and soon we’ll forget it because there was nothing memorable to latch onto.

This was a shorter post than normal but I hope I got my point across! No intense rage fueled this post, I just felt like the rein of Moe should be addressed as I am finding myself slowly disliking the shows purely about cute girls (the darker anime are taking me over, gee, thanks Vinland Saga). How do you feel about the moe genre? Feel free to let me know!

Thank you!

AR #14: FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

Image result for flcl

So after finishing Evangelion, I decided to continue my Mecha Binge and went right onto FLCL, a controversial OVA series and after just finishing it all I have to say is…damn. I’m going to need to split this up in sections again cus’ this was quite a bit to digest.


Within 6 episodes, FLCL managed to cram in a pretty complex story. The story was extremely fast-paced and never gave you time to breathe so audiences can’t expect a detailed explanation of what happens during the story. You just have to hope you pay enough attention to the dialogue and understand the events played out. As someone who gets easily distracted, it took me a bit of time to understand what was going on as each moment moved on to straight to the next without giving time for the viewer to digest the information. My cycle watching this went something along the lines of one episode, five minute break thinking things over, next episode, break, etc. Unlike Evangelion, I didn’t find this story to be a perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. Although I did understand it, it was leaning more on the convoluted side than complex.

A question I always find myself wandering back to is whether I could watch this solely on the story alone and I honestly don’t think so. Granted, the story is fairly original and has a good impact on the character and emotions but seeing as this anime is based on character growth, interactions and emotions, the characters are carrying this more than the story. If the characters were crap, I would’ve dropped this in a heartbeat even if it’s only six episodes.


Yep, let’s begin talking about our favorite, the characters! Within a small frame of six episodes, this anime well managed on developing our characters and putting depth to them. I won’t be talking about the side characters this time around as – c’mon, who can develop every character within six episodes? – but I should address our three main characters that go through alot.


Image result for Naota flcl
he oddly looks like Shinji whts wrong with me.

Naota, Naota, Noata. There is so much symbolism and metaphors in for him in this anime; it would be impossible to list them all. Naota’s growth is remarkable for an OVA series but the thing I love about this anime is that it never stops and explains characters. It gives off small hints on the character’s mental state and how they feel without stating it openly which is what I love about it. This anime challenges the audience with small details that carry a ton of weight.

Naota is a sixth grade boy with a brother (Takasu) who has moved to America as a professional baseball player. He isn’t present in the anime but boy, is he a crucial factor to both Minammi and Naota’s development. Naota has always admired Takasu’s maturity so with that, he also follows his example and acts “mature” but in the wrong way. He views everyone as “immature” because they let their emotions guide them and openly express them hence Naota closes off his emotions in an attempt to act “mature.” One sign the anime gives off is Naota’s preference to sour foods when he actually hates them. He only eats them to seem “mature” and follow Takasu’s lead (since his brother liked sour foods) which shows the true childishness in his actions which is constantly displayed with the phrase, “You’re such a Child” which he comes to accept by the end.

So yeah, it’s like Naota was purposefully trying to be a one-note character all for the sake of mighty, “maturity.” As the series goes on, he slowly starts changing and experiences more emotions marked by the sudden “sproutings” on his foreheads (I have no idea what to call them haha) and when you reach the mid-way mark of the anime, Naota starts becoming a more various character in terms of emotions and stops calling people “immature.” He gives up eating sour foods which is one of the more subtle details in his growth.

One major thing constantly displayed in the anime is Naota’s feelings to having to live up to his brother’s example. Naota follows up his “maturity” and then he’s faced with choosing between hitting a baseball which he doesn’t because of the fear of not being able to live up to Takasu’s legacy (pro baseball player remember). Eventually, he does hit the “ball” with his bat which symbolizes him breaking away from his mindless following of his brother’s example which is the same episode when he finally decides to stop pretending to be mature (thank god!).

And this is all in six episode guys. Six Episodes! It’s amazing how they could fit this more character development and small hints so fluidly and evenly. Round of applause!

Image result for clapping gif anime

omg this was a long character segment


Image result for haruko flcl

Gosh, I never liked her. From her debut, I looked at her psychotic pink hair and her Vespa and immediatley knew me and her would not have a pretty relationship and for once, my predictions were right! She really was a selfish thot all along!

Haruko is a breathe of fresh air from all the white knight female protagonists we have. She was like an antagonist disguised as a protagonist but still a protagonist all at. The. Same. Time. Haruko never liked Naota or saw him as a person to respect. All this time, Haruko was using Naota as a husk to obtain Atomsk’s power which Naota has the power to summon cus’ of his N.O Channel being stronger than normal. If Naota didn’t have the strength of his N.O Channel, well…Haruko would’ve dumped his ass.

Naota’s N.O Channel only truly activates when he is under a lot of emotional pressure (that’s when Canti or some robot comes out) so during Haruko’s stay at Naota’s, she provoked him endlessly sexually and physically all so Atomsk could come out of his shell which also was a major fuel to Naota’s development I didn’t mention.

It’s not like Haruko’s character is super detailed or developed. Her only goal is to be able to obtain Atomsk’s power and to do that requires using Naota. She’s selfish, cruel, cold; you name it, but because of that she’s such a good character. Her character serves as a great catalyst for Naota’s development and plot whilst also having a personality that’s often not common for protagonists. The anime sacrifices her development for the sake of other’s development whilst also still keeping her an interesting and new character. If you read my Stranger Things Review, she’s like a better Dustin.

So yeah, I hate her with a fiery passion but nonetheless she’s a good character we don’t see often in anime for protagonists. Plus, six episodes. It all happened in six episodes.


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poor girl sniff

She was Naota’s brother’s ex-girlfriend that Naota’s brother left behind for America. Minammi being the clingy, childish girl she is attaches herself to Naota who she views as a replacement for Takasu. She never called Naota by his real name and references him as “Takkun” until the final episode. She gets bullied on a daily and lives in the wilderness which drives her to becoming a chain-smoker and arsonist (not outwardly stated, but definitely referenced). Episodes go on and as Naota grows up, Minammi is left behind once again because Naota as he has come to embrace his emotions and heads off with Haruko; like his brother. This is the climax of her character as she becomes angry, vengeful, jealous; you name it.

Yeah, the poor girl leads a rough life and goes through a handful of various emotions in the series so if you’re looking for a little depression in your anime, this is a great choice. She undergoes character development through the series and eventually embraces Naota for who he is and accepts Takasu’s uninterest in her. She gets out of her stagnant state of despair and pursues her dream of photography rather than being the depressing high school student under the bridge. She’s probably one of the most satisfying characters in anime for me despite my lack of detail. I just love her character and raw emotions that much.

I wrote a lot for only six episodes, yikes. I should probably end it here haha. What are my thoughts on this OVA series? Despite the many flaws in the pacing and story, the characters certainly excel at being characters. Especially Naota and Minammi who undergo the most development. Haruko’s personality for a protagonist is refreshing when compared to all the one-note tsundere protagonists we see now in the days. FLCL isn’t a masterpiece but damn, was it a good ride!

Rating: 8.8

By the way, The Pillows freakin’ amazing (that ED theme tho, mwah)

Game Changer Episode: Demon Slayer | Episode 19

Yep, that’s right. Inskidee is taking a look at a controversial episode for the Demon Slayer series. I know i’m super late to this wagon but this seems like a fun episode to comment on and boy, has alot happened in this episode. Let’s begin.

My Thoughts Before Episode 19

Demon Slayer is another one of your typical shounens except done right. My Hero Academia has a simple storyline and supposedly “standard” characters off the bat but as you get more into the story, more depth is added and a deeper message is slowly uncovered and before you know it, My Hero Academia becomes one of the most iconic anime. I see Demon Slayer as something like that. Despite it’s simplicity, predictability, and repetitition it still manages to stay entertaining whilst also being slightly more deeper than a simple run-and-gun turned anime. What i’m trying to say is this could’ve went the Fairy Tail or My Hero Academia path and luckily, it seems to be going the MHA way.

That’s my opinion on the anime overrall before Episode 19. The few episodes before Episode 19 felt slow. Every event was going smoothly and steadily but all of a sudden, it’s like the episodes short-circuited and died in it’s fluidity. It wasn’t a tremendous jump to where i’d make an entire hate paragraph on it, but it felt awkward and slow. Episode 19 was a nice change of pace back to the smooth and steady flow.

My Thoughts After Episode 19

Although episode 19 is a huge increase in quality of episodes, (not art quality, things like story pacing and characters) I think people have been making a bigger deal out of episode 19 than it was.

Before you go for my throat and start a riot, allow me to explain.

First, let’s go over what happened in Episode 19 again since i’m writing this so late. Tanjiro was in a dire position againist Kizuki #5 when all of a sudden, Nezuko jumps out of nowhere and saves Tanjiro which makes #5 jealous hence, it becomes a fight over the Imouto. Imouto is taken hostage and Tanjiro is put into another dire position but this time, he has a useful flashback and gains a SpeCiaL fOrm oOh and turns his water into flames which serve as a great counter to #5 but sadly it’s not enough. Coincidentally, Nezuko awakens from her daze and breaks free and suddenly unlocks a Secret Blood Art which is also a form of flames (flames because their family’s tradition is flames or sh*t) and they win, yay yay!

I know this episode is trying to potray the importance of family values and loyalty, I get that but experienced anime viewers are used to that. Normally how well an anime is executed can save originality, but even the level of Demon Slayer’s execution was something we’ve all seen and are used to. We’ve all seen the run-of-the-mill sudden power up for your loved one and kill a strong enemy move and this episode does the exact same thing we are all used to. In my opinion, I think the main reason it’s made out better than it is is because of the sudden boost in quality compared to the last episodes (not animation quality). Plus, the imouto reappears after being gone for a solid five episodes which is the equivalent to being splashed with holy water.

Don’t get me wrong, Episode 19 was still a good episode but nothing more. There isn’t anything mind-blowing or attractive I can latch onto as it follows the same procedure all shounens do. It feels alot like a rewatch of all the major climaxes i’ve seen in anime except fancier looking which leads me to the next topic…

Despite the simple and repetitive path this anime is going, I think what really keeps this anime alive is the fabulous job Ufotable does with the animation. Words can’t describe how clean and fluid the art and animation is but I mean, it’s Ufotable. They’ve always been the masters when it comes to the perfect amount of CG and camera movement that doesn’t hesitate to body-slam Berserk 2016. If theres one reason I binged this anime in five days, it would be because of the animation and art which feels so serene and gorgeous. I lowkey live for the Water Breathing Form and Zenitsu’s Lightning. You can’t say the animation looks bad after looking at these GIFS.

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The characters oddly don’t feel like shounen characters. The anime takes them much more seriously than as expected. We have Tanjiro, the kind soul, Inosuke, the violence hungry Bakugou, and Zenitsu, the crybaby. Looking at these main characters, they seem simple and are simple yet the anime develops their problems into something we find ourselves actually caring about. Let’s talk about Zenitsu. Yes, Zenitsu, our basic cowardly character who’s secretly strong but the anime twists that and actually makes that generic stereotype sound like a reoccuring problem that affects the people and his daily life around him. Zenitsu, a supposedly one-note coward character, has a ton of emotions to him uncovered in about two episodes. The anime made it out like it was a problem that needed therapy to solve. A full episode was dedicated to delving the audience into Zenitsu’s psyche and thought process and before you know it, the audience ends up feeling sympathy for the tropey character – or at least I did.

So, what are my thoughts? Demon Slayer’s Episode 19 was an upgrade from the recent productivity of episodes but overall, Episode 19 was not as great as audiences made it out to be as it still felt like the same shounen procedure we were all used to. Nonetheless, Demon Slayer manages to stay entertaining and grabbing whilst also having a few strong points here and there. I blame the animation for always grabbing me by the neck and dragging me back. Demon Slayer is good but not amazing which i’ll go more into depth upon completion.

By the way, that ending song for episode 19 was beautiful. I just wanted to say that. How do you feel about Demon Slayer? Till next time, byeo bye!

Game Changer Episode: Kanata No Astra | Episode 9

So, as some of you may know I don’t plan on doing episodic reviews on this blog but I do plan on talking about episodes that change an anime entirely so here’s a quick introduction to Game Changer Episodes (GCE) which is just me expressing my thoughts on certain episodes in certain anime.

What I Thought About Kanata No Astra Before Episode 9

Kanata No Astra was just another shounen for us as shounen dumpster moths to go crazy over. It goes through the exact same procedure a classic shounen would except with a dash of steady character development. Although space stories are hard to come by in anime, Kanata No Astra didn’t exactly do anything different from the classic “lost in space” story. The story isn’t super original or interesting but I will admit, it was refreshing to see another “lost in space” anime. Nothing different happens in Kanata No Astra than in every other basic shounen. We have a traitor, we have an amazziinnng male lead, we have everyone crushing on someone, we have a beach episode, we have a child because every shounen needs a child and we have the weird anime side-kick (talking about that funky dog puppet). The previous episodes proved that this was just Space Shounen.

Thoughts After Episode 9

And then smack! I was hit with the inevitable episode 9 and let me tell you, this episode disproved everything I said up there about this being a basic space shounen. This episode cleaned up alot of things us as viewers were wondering while also strengthening characters and the story.


A quick reminder if some of you may have forgotten: The Astra Crew are clones of their parents that the parents planned on raising up only to use them as another body for the parents which explains all the daddy & mommy issues all of them had. I had a gist that Funi and Quitterie were the same person, but damn! All of them? It served as a great twists that smacked me right across the face. This episode served more as a “reveal” and “close up plot holes” episode that was done extremely well. The show easily added the douchiness to the parents +100, we were given the Astra Crew’s reactions to the reveal which felt painfully realistic (especially Quitterie, gosh, I love her.), and to top if all off, this episode ended off with yet another sudden twist.

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yes you have that mental breakdown girlfriend

Planet Astra

I would’ve been fine had the episode ended off with the sudden “clone” reveal but this went beyond my expectations and added another thing for us to think about in the dead of night. A quick reminder of the episode; It turns out the Astra Crew were never headed for earth, but this planet called “Planet Astra” which they claim is their home planet. The only one that knows what actually is going on is the survivor who is in total shock. Before I talk about my reaction to this sudden reveal, I should address how well Studio Lerche played off the reveal. I am a huge sucker for eye zooms when it comes to shocking moments in anime and Lerche does a damn well job at them. The excessive sweating of Polina, the eye movements and zooms, the camera movement; Lerche does a great job at setting the moment to where the audience feels shocked along with the characters.

Now, to my opinion on the reveal. I think this sudden reveal serves as a great break away from the repition the anime has been following. I found the story pretty repetitive. Go to a planet, diasaster happens, character development, leave planet, happy ending. Episodes followed that pattern to no end with only a few variety here and there like Ulgar’s Twist and the Astra Crash. The ending to this episode brought more variety to the bland story which was unexpected and refreshing which makes me intrigued as to what the next episode has in store as i’m sure it won’t follow the same pattern haha.

How Kanata No Astra is Not a Basic Shounen

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The main protagonist, Kanata, actually has flaws in his character. That’s righ,t flaws! I don’t mean flaws as in plot holes, but flaws as in purposeful flaws to make him a better character. In this anime, every character needs one another to help them become a better character in general. One character doesn’t serve as the catalyst for other’s development in exchange for their own, every character’s actions helps each other in one way or another. The Clone Reveal exposed how our cast really felt and we were shown the negative sides of characters that seemed like they’re perfect. Kanata was always that one perfect character in a shounen but this episode well proved he has many flaws in his leadership that are slowly being fixed by the help of his peers which feels like a realistic setting that I find easy to relate with when it comes to working with people

Normally with a cast as big as Kanata No Astra, it’s easy to expect only 2-3 characters will be decently developed. Over my time watching anime, it was a common trend to see an anime with a large cast only be able to develop a small amount of characters within in 12 episodes so I lowered my standards to a level that isn’t too high or too low for one-cour anime. Kanata No Astra did what I thought was impossible and managed to give depth and develop to basically all it’s characters. It wasn’t flawless, but damn was it amazing to behold! There are eight goddamn characters, yet all of them felt finely developed whilst also not feeling too try-hardy or plot-holey. This is my first anime to where I see eight characters all having an equal amount of depth and development in the small time frame of 12 episodes.

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don’t mind me, just adding best girl Yunhua in here

The thing I talked about the most in this post was the amount of plot twists which I should go into depth about. Shounens tend to suck at setting up an unpredictable, good plot twist/mystery. Most end horribly or they are either incredibly predictable. I found Kanata No Astra’s twist the primary factor to why I see it so different from other shounen. Kanata No Astra knows how to handle it’s mysteries and twists to where you’ll always see different opinions and theories on each mystery or twist. Kanata No Astra restored my faith into the Mystery Tag on shounen anime as it’s handled just so darn-well to the point where i’m creating a seperate category entirely for episodes like these.

Of course, Kanata No Astra still has elements of a shounen but when it comes to simplicity and uniqueness, Kanata No Astra is seperated from the mass majority to where clumping it into the likes of Fairy Tail and Black Clover is out of the question.

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What are my thoughts? Within a single episode, Kanata No Astra proved that it can pull of decent plot twists whilst also keeping the story and characters in line. Kanata No Astra seperated itself from basic shounens with it’s decent mysteries and characters. Kanata No Astra was never my top priority in the past when it came to this season’s anime but now, I look forward to how Lerche will pull off the next episode. I called this anime a Fire Force in Another World in my Lettuce Wrap but I think this episode proved itself to be something much better and memorable than a simple shounen. (this post still looks like an essay even with images T_T)